John Lee Dumas – Why podcasting needs to be part of your content marketing strategy

For The Content Marketing Academy 2014 I would have loved to invite my favourite thought leaders to come along and speak to the delegates, but for a few different reasons this just wasn’t going to be possible for the first content marketing conference in Scotland.

So I reached out to a few people to ask them if they would be kind enough to record a short video to add value to the conference as a whole.

John Lee Dumas was one of two people that helped us out and he kicked off the afternoon session with this video.

What I wanted John to do was to really get across the power of podcasting and why 2014/2015 is the year to make it part of your overall content marketing strategy.

In this 7 minute video John does exactly that.

I hope you enjoy the message and as always please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Click here to watch the short video by Marcus Sheridan, who started off the morning session at The Content Marketing Academy 2014.

PS Big shout out to John for taking time out of his busy schedule to help out and get involved!

Full video transcription

Hey, this is John Lee Dumas, I am the founder and host of Entrepreneur on Fire which is a seven day a week business podcast where I interview today’s most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs and share their journey. I’ve interviewed now almost 700 entrepreneurs and that grows by one every single day, but it always wasn’t that way for me.

In fact way back in the day I was an officer in the US Army, then I was in corporate finance, commercial real estate, residential real estate, trying to find my path. At 32 years old I did stumble into podcasting as a consumer listening, fell in love with that medium, and then in September 2012 I was like, I’m going to give this a go, I’m going to start my podcast. It’s going to be different, it’s going to be unique, it’s going to be a seven day a week podcast and it’s going to be me interviewing entrepreneurs and sharing their journey.

I want to be very straight with everybody listening here right now. I had zero broadcasting experience when I started, I had no online presence whatsoever when I launched my career with Entrepreneur on Fire as a podcast host, and my first 50 episodes plus definitely prove that, so for people that are kind of sitting in the room right now saying, what is a podcast, it sounds like it’s pretty crazy, I need a studio, I need microphones, I need lights, I need cameras, I need action – you need none of that!

Right now I’m standing in my living room talking to a microphone and this microphone right here is what I use to produce Entrepreneur on Fire which is now a podcast that gets listened to in over 845 countries every single day, has been downloaded over 8.2 million times and consistently generates over 800 thousand listens every single months and growing, so for me, podcasting was my springboard to growing an online presence, to growing an online audience, to connecting with the movers and the shakers in the entrepreneurship world.

If you had told me that within 90 days of launching Entrepreneur on Fire I would already have interviewed Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mari Smith (a Scotland native!), Chris Brogan and others, I would have said that you are absolutely crazy, but sure enough, I launched a podcast, now I had a platform with a small, but growing audience, that these entrepreneurs were willing to come and chat with me for 25, 30 minutes on Skype and just have a blast and share their journey, and that is the essence of podcasting, is the ability to share your voice, your message, if it’s a topic based show, or maybe you do want to interview the movers and the shakers in your niche, in your industry, and podcasting is your platform to do just that.

In my opinion – and I am a little prejudiced – podcasting is THE number one medium for any entrepreneur that’s starting their journey to do all of those things, to grow an audience, to grow a presence, to have a platform. I’ve done it with Entrepreneur on Fire. Again, just a mere 22 months ago in September 2012, I launched with nothing, no audience, no experience, all of my past careers had nothing to do with the online world. Now Entrepreneur on Fire is sitting at almost 700 episodes, again we’ve been downloaded over 8.2 million times, but the real crazy thing is that I’ve turned it into a viable business. Entrepreneur on Fire is a podcast that generates over 200 thousand dollars of income every single month of which we share with complete transparency on our website at and we do that income report because we want to share with you, the fellow and future podcasters and entrepreneurs in general, exactly what’s working in the podcasting world as far as monetising, what’s not working, because we share our losses just as much as we share our wins, believe me, because there’s plenty of both.

The reality is, podcasting needs to be at least a part of every entrepreneur’s demographic, of every entrepreneur’s path as they’re moving forwards because of that massive demographic that you can be exposed to. There’s over 525 million people in iTunes and SoundCloud and Stitcher Radio, there’s hundreds of millions more that are going to these directories every single day searching for content, and if you’re not there to be found, you won’t be found by these people that are searching again every single day by the millions.

If you go to the iTunes store right now and you search for the word ‘entrepreneur’, my podcast Entrepreneur on Fire is the number two result which drives an incredible amount of organic traffic to me every single day, so think to yourself right now, what words do you want to be ranking for, what do you want to be found for? That is exactly what you can start your podcast about, something that you’re passionate about that you want to share with the world, a message, a story, a journey, or interviews with other people that are doing incredibly cool things or a mixture of both. There are some amazing Ask Pat shows out there, Ask Amy shows where the audience calls in questions and you answer them. I mean, there are so many different things you can do, it’s your podcast, it’s your variety show, and believe me, 2014 and beyond is becoming the year of the niche podcast, meaning if you have some specialised expertise, if you have some unique passion, that is what you want to podcast about, because that’s who you’re going to first build your raving fanbase that you can then expand outwards and really drive forward with in a powerful way.

So, I’m a podcaster through and through, I love it, I have actually nine podcasts as we speak. Besides Entrepreneur on Fire I also do another daily podcast called Quote on Fire where I just share a quote from one of history’s greatest entrepreneurs and then talk about a killer resource and how that quote actually can apply to their life, and it’s a short and sweet episode. I love it, I just have fun, it takes me a couple of minutes to record every day, and it’s truly a blast, it’s something that I enjoy doing. I’m not even going to get into my other eight shows because we don’t have the time here, but I’m just saying that you can have fun with this, you can create multiple shows, you can be a variety, you can choose what your passions are, and then give it a whirl. If it works, keep going with it, if it doesn’t, sunset it, put it to bed, whatever you want to do.

So that’s really passionate and powerful that you canactually choose your passions and go forward in those things in this world of podcasting, and just one kind of final note I’d like to end with is that every single week I host a free, live podcast workshop that you can access from anywhere around the world, even if you’re in Scotland or anywhere in the UK or overseas, wherever you might be listening to this from, you can access this free, live podcast workshop that we do every single week at to learn more about creating, growing and monetising your podcast. Again 2014 and beyond is about growing your audience and there’s no better medium to do so than podcasting.

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