Best and worst times to post content online (Infographic)

You may have not thought about timing your posts on social media before, but there are certain times of the day that produce higher engagement with your content.

This infographic summarises the best and worst times to post content online on different platform. While there is some scientific proof that these are the best and worst times to post content online, ultimately your best and worst times will be unique to your business and your customers. Therefore we have also provided some tools you can use to work out when your followers are online and most (or least) likely to see your content.

Best and worst time to post content


The timings for Twitter follow the rhythm of the day. So people may be checking Twitter at lunchtime, or taking an afternoon break. Followerwonk is a great tool that not only tells you when your followers are most active but allows you to analyse any twitter account, so you can see when your competitors followers are online. Tweroid is another great tool


Facebook has two ranges of time that have proven higher rates of engagement than any other. Lots of people have Facebook on their mobile phones, which they tend to check early in the morning. During the afternoon work can be a bit slow so people may also check their Facebook feed. Thursdays and Saturdays were shown to be the best days to post on Facebook as engagement rises as the week goes on. Fanpage karma is a good tool to use not just for Facebook, but for YouTube and Instagram.


During the working week between 9am and 11am is when Google+ users are most active. Traffic tends to fade after 5pm so evening posting is not advised. Timing+ is run by Google and uses your Google+ account to work out the best time to post content.


As LinkedIn is primarily a business networking site, before and after working hours garner the highest activity. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best day as people take long weekends. Between 10pm and 6am, business people are most likely to be sleeping and therefore will not see anything you post. Simple measured provides company page analysis reports which can be used to determine the best time to gain maximum engagement.


Pinterest has quite a wide time range to get the highest engagement. Between 1pm and 11pm seems to be the best, whereas during the small hours of the morning, activity will be low.


In contrast to Pinterest, Tumblr has a small window of activity. Between 7 and 11pm are the ldeal times to post.

Your Turn

Ultimately the best and worst time to post content will depend on the individual habits of your customers and the nature of your industry. Try a mix of trail and error and using the tools suggested to find the optimal time that will increase engagement with your content.

  1. What times have you found you get the highest engagement with your customers?
  2. Which tools have you used to work out the best time to post your content?
  3. Have you found any tools for working out the best time to post on Pinterest and Tumblr?

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