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This on-camera technique is possibly one of the most effective and powerful techniques I’ve seen used by companies facilitating filming sessions.

It’s so simple but has such a dramatic impact.

From taking hours to create a single video, to doing it in 10 minutes. From creating one or two videos in a single session to creating ten and more.

It’s called ‘The No Stop Rule’.

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We’re back with round 2 of reviewing the best networking groups in Scotland. This time it’s Chris and Cara’s home city, and the home of CMA, Dundee! Anyone for a peh?

Why are we doing this? Trying to find a decent local networking group is tough, especially when you are trying to find one on Google. So we thought we’d do the work for you, put the information in one place and save you some time. It’s all down to you if you want to go and give them a bash.

I struggled with this one. Dundee doesn’t have many networking groups compared to Fife but has plenty of cool events and workshops to attend. I’m glad because you are getting value in there. Keep an eye on Eventbrite for these. 

It looks like your neighbor, Perth, is where the networking scene is at and we’ll be reviewing them later for you 🙂 

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We are on a mission to navigate the minefield that are networking groups across Scotland. We want to help you find the right networking group for you without spending hours looking it up or wasting precious time trying them out when you can be working on your business. That isn’t to say you can’t go and try them out, it’s completely down to you how you get a feel for things and choose the right one for you.

We’re going to start with my homeland which is good ol’ Fife. We’ve got your back Fifers!

Now, this review has to be absolutely fair and we have rules and criteria. I do all my research on my computer and only use Google to find the groups. We’ll be taking a deeper look into their websites as well as their social media. We’ll provide all the links to these and all the information is freely available to you. We don’t include paid ads in these reviews, this is to give you the most honest and accurate information and the best way is through organic search results. 

Business Gateway will not be included in this review as their main focus is workshops. Of course, you can network at a workshop, and chances are you’ll find a lot in common with the businesses that attend these workshops. Business Gateway also provides a list of local networking groups that you can check out here.

As a final note, I haven’t personally attended these networking groups. I’m doing this research based on you, “the buyer”, looking for the right service based on online research.

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Paying for a service is a complex buying decision, we get that. We especially understand the thought process that then goes into renewing or even just continuing to pay for that service.

Cara is the FD of CMA and is forever giving me a hard time…

“Why do we pay them? What’s this for?” 

That’s why it’s no surprise to us when a CMA member decides that we are no longer of value to them. 

Most members will let us know they’re leaving, in the main because they genuinely like us as real human beings. 

The nature of our role as teachers, mentors and consultants means it’s often hard for us to take it on when someone says they’re leaving. We like to think that we can help everyone, that everyone is capable and that our members are the best people on the planet.

It really breaks our feels when they say things like;

  • It’s a money thing, we’re making cut backs
  • I haven’t been active in Slack (Forum)
  • I don’t have time to concentrate on content at the moment 
  • I’m not seeing the results I’d hope for

I often reflect on what could I do better. What do I need to do so members don’t get to this point? 

Cara doesn’t reflect that way. Her pragmatic view is that a member who cancels isn’t in the right place to commit. 

Which is true, however. There’s more to it than that. 

In this blog we’ll talk about the pitfalls of failed memberships and how to get the most value from yours. 

Back in the beginning, I’d run a face to face service whereby people would sign up to a 6-month masterclass – I’d have clients and I’d consult. I was building an audience for a new service – one that would be subscription based and provide a membership model for people who wanted to LEARN content marketing. 

Emphasis on the ‘learn’ because this is the first of 5 reasons people falter with their commitment to CMA. 

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