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What’s on your stop doing list for 2019?

Cara loves a list, and I’m guilty too…but we both LOOOOOVE this very special list.

This list isn’t like the others.

It will change your life.

One of the most frequent and infuriating excuses we hear at CMA when it comes to doing your most important work is “I just don’t have the time…”

It’s time to get rid of this excuse forever. How?

Here’s a practical exercise to help towards doing the work that truly matters.

Watch the video and jump into the comments with what’s on your list for 2019.

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On average, 70% of the buying decision a consumer makes is made online before they contact a business for the first time.

If you truly understand this, you have to then question how much impact marketing is having on the sales process for your company.

Yes, *how marketing impacts sales*.

Just think about how you behave as a consumer; you like to be in control, you like to do your research online before contact a business, you want to make an educated buying decision, you don’t like bing ripped off.

We don’t like being sold to.

As a business owner, marketer or sales person, naturally you will start to ask yourself a few questions:

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Every day, week, month, and year we want to get better.

You’re the kind of person that never sits still.

Personal development is how you make progress. You continually strive for better.

Naturally, your main competitor becomes yourself.

You look back to 5 years ago – are you better than that person was? In 10 years time, will you be better than the person you are today?

When you look forward to 2019…what do you need to do to make sure you improve?

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So you are putting your fees up for your speaking business, agency, consultancy or freelance work in 2019.

You’re at a point where you are asking for more now than you’ve ever asked for before.

Putting your fees up can be daunting, make you feel anxious and a little uncomfortable.

I mean, what if your prospective clients say no to your new higher fee? How would that make you feel?

Disappointed, annoyed, frustrated?

There’s a chance that you could lose the business by asking for more, right?

What can we do to help us to feel more comfortable, confident and even relaxed and in control of this situation?

How can we feel better about putting our fees up?

That’s what I discuss with you in this video.

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