About Melissa Coombs

Melissa Coombs is a Business and Marketing Graduate from Edinburgh University. Showcasing the best examples of content marketing and educating business owners on the benefits of content marketing for their business

This is my last blog article for The Content Marketing Academy so I thought I would summaries all the articles I have written over my internship, partly as a walk down memory lane and partly for you to use as a content page to easily find articles that are going to help get your content marketing efforts to the next level. Think of this as a contents table of content marketing resources for you do find the articles you want to read.

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Would you like to start a blog but not sure where to start with writing your first article? Perhaps you haven’t written a blog post in a while and need to get back into the habit. Writing a killer blog article can be difficult if you are not used to writing about a topic or haven’t had to since school.

For me, I went straight from writing essays at university to writing blog posts for The Content Marketing Academy so I found it easy to switch up my style of writing and produce two articles a week. If you want to know how I do it here is my recipe for writing a killer blog post, and how to make sure your audience notice.

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One of the main responsibilities I have as part of my role with Learning Everyday is managing the social media accounts. Not only do I manage the The Content Marketing Academy pages but I also manage the accounts for one of our clients.

For each business I have developed a social media strategy with the aim of increasing the number of people liking and following the various pages. Having a social media strategy is important to ensure you reach the goals you set for your content marketing efforts. Social media is a distribution channel for your content marketing and should form a large part of your marketing strategy.

This article will tell you how to create a social media strategy. I hope you will be able to take some tips from it and apply it to your own strategy.

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Find that sometimes you are lacking motivation and inspiration to keep producing great content? We know how difficult it can be to maintain a consistent level of quality content so we thought we would put together an infographic of some quotes from our favourite content marketers.   Take a look at some of these inspirational quotes from content marketers

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Do you keep reading articles that tell you that in order to be successful with content marketing you need to have a content schedule?

Planning what and when you are going to share content with your audience can be beneficial, especially when starting out. However, in the long run it may stifle your creativity and lead to producing poor content that is irrelevant to your customers.

Are you still undecided on whether to develop a content schedule? Find out the good, the bad and the ugly sides of content scheduling before you make your decision. We sum up the arguments for and against having a content schedule, allowing you to make an informed decision.

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