Content marketing conference UK: Independent reviews from TCMA2016

We’ve put together below an overview of all the articles that have been published. Take time to read through them, and if you want to make sure you don’t miss out next year, register for TCMA 2017 here.

1. 20 top content creation tips – TCMA 2016 Day 1 by Claire Brotherton from A Bright Clear Web 

“#TCMA2016 saw some of the best exponents of content marketing share their wisdom with an eager audience.”

Some of Claire’s tips include:

  • Just get started
  • Set out to serve your audience
  • Educated, entertain and inspire
  • Your brands tone of voice needs to be unique
  • Don’t be afraid of controversy
  • Use a strategy statement for your content marketing

Click here to read Claire’s review

2. 23 Expert Tips For Content Marketing Success – TCMA Day 2 by Claire Brotherton

Click here to read Claire’s summary of day 2 at TCMA2016!

3. This is why I attended The Content Marketing Academy in 2016 by Stefan Thomas

4 – Content Marketing Academy 2016: My main takeaways by Gavin Bell from Blue Cliff Media 

“The Content Marketing Academy is literally a business game-changing event.

If you’re a marketer, you need to be there. Simple as that. Even if you’re not from Scotland, it’s an event you can’t afford to miss.

Those who go and take action on what they learn will beat their competition. Those who don’t will be chasing tails.”


5 – What is content marketing? #TCMA2016 by Richard Eaton 

On day one of the conference Richard went round many of the delegates and speakers at the conference and ask them what they though content marketing was, and here is the result.

6 – A meeting of minds – Review of TCMA2016 by Pete Matthew from Meaningful Money 

“I was blown away by the closeness of the community, and the meeting of minds over those two days.”

Here is what he discovered at #TCMA2016

  • Best conference I’ve ever been to
  • Some world class speakers, plus me!
  • A community feel like no other that I’ve ever experienced in business

7 – No excuses – My 2016 content marketing academy conference commitment to you from Vicky Gunn from Millies Beach Huts

“I’ve felt privileged, and at times, humbled to have been in the room and have been warmly welcomed into the Content Marketing Academy Membership Community over the last few months.   I know that by being part of this group that I will be able to truly make Millie’s Beach Huts the best it can be – AKA a business that provides what you need and helps create those family memories.”

8 – Content marketing videos for construction: Lessons from #TCMA2016 by Owen Philipson from Construction Content 

“The inspiring international speakers I listened to included: video authority Amy Schmittauer; writer and content intellect Ann Handley; strategist Bert Van Loon; and author, social media and content expert Mark Schaefer.”

Here are the 4 main lessons from Owen’s post
Your videos will be a useful archive
Don’t make adverts
It’s easy to get started
The human connection

9 – Content marketing academy 2016 in review – TCMA2016 by Col Gray from Pixels Ink 

“On Thursday, June 2nd, inside a converted old church in Edinburgh, I had the scariest 6 minutes and 40 seconds of my business career…………. And I LOVED IT!!!”
Col Gray’s review gives the most in depth detail about the entire two days and his experience of speaking. Reading this will make you feel as if you were there.

10 – Confidence, growth and content marketing with TCMA by Col Gray from Pixels Ink

This second article from Col is about the lessons that he has learned and how he has grown from both this conference and last years.
“I had so many people say to me over the course of this years TCMA conference, “Hey Col, you’ve changed” or “What a difference Col” and other phrases along those lines. Now, sometimes those things can mean a change for the worse, but thankfully, on this occasion, it was all praise. Cue massive ego boost!”

11 – 20 plus marketing lessons and thoughts from TCMA2016 conference Edinburgh by Roger Edwards

“I’ve done marketing for 25 years but I never call myself an expert. Like you, and everyone in the ever-changing digital world I’m learning all the time.At TCMA2016, 120 of us learned many new lessons.”

Just use your bloody phone and start doing video – Amy Schmittauer
Your brand is important – Col Gray
Building trust is the charity sector – Caroline McKenna
Just take control of yourself – Richard Tubb

12 – My journey to #tcma2016 by Ali McGill

13 – From Sales Lion to Lions Den – My #TCMA2016 talk time by Kevin Anderson from The Story Edge

Kevin Anderson was one of the most memorable speakers from the conference, which ended with a standing ovation from the entire room. Here is his article about his experience of talking at the conference.
“As I made my way up to the stage, the sight of so many faces I knew relaxed me. Something happened to me. It was weird. I wasn’t nervous in the slightest. I got into my flow, and I shared my story. The delivery was unlike anything I’d rehearsed. The first five slides were pretty intense, but then I shifted gears and shared, what can best be described as a witty anecdote.”

14. 6 top take aways from #TCMA2016 by Kathryn Dishman from KD Communications 

“Chris Marr and the team really pulled out all the stops to bring together some of the greatest minds in content marketing to provide attendees with two full days of insight on how to communicate more efficiently and effectively with our audiences.”

Here are Kathryn’s 6 top takeaways from #TCMA2016:

  • Know your audience
  • Be Human
  • Be consistent
  • Tone of voice is your greatest asset
  • likability is key
  • Be BOLD

Click here to read Kathryn’s review


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