Why Chris Marr?

Staying awake in business presentations is hard. We’ve all experienced death by Powerpoint. It ain’t fun.

When was the last time you felt truly inspired by a speaker?

When Chris performs in front of an audience the words that come out of his face have absolutely nothing to do with Powerpoint’s or business bullshit.

On the stage this guy is a conversationalistic HERO! He’ll take your audience on a magical journey through the art of story telling. Chris will ask questions and your audience will answer – I know?! Crazy right! – Most importantly, Chris will make sure the audience  feels like the star of the show.

What does Chris Speak about?

Chris really gives a shit about:

  • Content marketing
  • Business growth
  • Network growth
  • Social media
  • Communication & leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal development
  • Personal branding

Throughout all of Chris’ topics his main objective is to help your audience understand how the specific topic leads directly to business growth. Why? Because in business that’s what really matters the most.

Chris’ presentations work well with B2B and B2C type audiences. He’s very much at home with business people, entrepreneurs and marketers.

So, if your audience is also interested in these topics, then it’s probably going to work out good for everyone.

Example Topics

Communicating with the digital consumer – The future of sales and marketing

You’ve heard of content marketing. You’ve thought about it, talked about it, and tried a lots of different things. But do you really ‘get it’?

Content marketing is widely misunderstood and thought the UK and Europe the majority of business people and marketing professionals are at the novice level of understanding.

Chris is a ‘no bullshit’ kind of guy and he wants to help you to understand how the dramatic shift in consumer behaviour impacts how you communicate, get new customers and grow a profitable business.

At CMA Chris teaches a wide and varied collective of business people and marketing professionals the true principles of content marketing. Their stories and successes will be shared in this fast-paced and interactive session.

There will be questions, there will be homework to do, and most of all, you will learn something new.

Chris is widely known as a teacher of Marcus Sheridan’s ‘They Ask You Answer’ Content/Inbound marketing philosophy and principles.

Advanced strategies for building a global thriving network of real people

When you think of ‘business networking’ you probably imagine a room full of people in suits, handing out business cards and pitching their products and services. And it sucks.

It’s common knowledge that your network is one of the most valuable assets in business. But quit ‘networking’ and replace it with something more strategic, specific, and highly effective— you’ll see something way more exciting happens!

In this session, you will learn tips and tricks on how to grow your network wider and deeper for a more thriving and profitable business. It’s not just about sales or having a CRM system. It’s about leadership in your network and seeing the bigger picture of connecting people and becoming a valuable thought leader.

We’ll show you how to grow your personal network, save time, meet the right people, and create value for the people you trust the most…without EVER going to a networking event.

Andy Brown, St Andrews Business Club
“Chris delivered exceptional value whilst speaking at a recent St Andrews Business Club talk. It was a joy to see the audience engage and feel excited about the possibilities of implementing content marketing within their own businesses. Chris delivered a high energy presentation, full of passion and knowledge, it undeniably made a massive impact. One where everyone left motivated, buzzing with excitement, and keen to implement the marketing lessons they had learnt. If you want your delegates to learn from the number one expert on content marketing in the UK, and beyond, I urge you to book Chris today. Don’t hesitate, your delegates will thank you. It will be for nothing short of a world class presentation, containing the right mix of passion, humour and practical advice. An education unrivalled and a message bang on target for the times we all live in. Consider your search for the right keynote speaker over. Treat your audience today.”

What tech does Chris need?

You’ll be surprised how many venues screw this stuff up. It’s the 21st Century, if it’s not already in the sky, then it should be!

Let’s keep it simple shall we?

An ideal situation for Chris is a venue with a digital projector, screen and flipchart…with pens that actually work when you use them on paper.

Chris loves to use his own laptop and remote clicker thingy, and has all the various gibbles to make this work. He uses a Mac. He has VGA and HDMI adapters, and he even packs duct tape and a hammer just in case things go down the toilet.

When it comes to microphones, anything that works properly is a real bonus.

Wifi? (IT’S IN THE SKY!) yep, that would be great too.

If your venue or technology is special, then please let Chris know, so he doesn’t look like an idiot in front of everyone. He doesn’t need any more help with that 😉

Paul Chapman, Marketing Jump Leads
“Chris is good – very good. The more speakers I listen to (and book for our events) the more I can see a gulf between people who “get up and speak” and true speakers. Chris is a true speaker. He delivers well thought out and powerful content in a way that can only done when you have both a deep knowledge of what you are talking about and a passion to ensure that his audience don’t just hear it – they get it too. Thoughtful, provocative, professional, entertaining – and most importantly, useful, Chris an “un-ruffle-able pro” who should be listened to, both onstage and off it.”


How the audience reacts…


Biography and contact details

Short version

[Ideal for introducing Chris at events]

Multi award winning Entrepreneur Chris Marr believes content marketing is the only way to set business leaders free from the world of mediocre interruption marketing.

Chris is the Founder and driving force behind CMA, the UK’s largest membership organisation of its time.

He is raising the bar on talent curation, leadership, personal development, and community building. His pioneering work has changed the lives of hundreds of businesses, all through the power of Content Marketing.

Extended version

[Ideal for website and print biographies]

Chris Marr is a teacher and student of content marketing. He’s the founder and driving force behind the Content Marketing Academy, the UK’s largest membership organisation of its type.

Chris is the leading voice of the growing Content Marketing movement in the UK. His pioneering work has helped countless organisations grow through content marketing. His drive comes from a desire to help people break free from the world of interruption marketing.

Through workshops, events, coaching and, of course, a ton of freely available content, Chris has become a respected Content Marketing educator.

Like all educators, Chris is also a dedicated student. He’s interviewed and facilitated events with many of content marketing’s most notable thought leaders. The knowledge he’s learned from the likes of Jay Baer, Ann Handley, Marcus Sheridan and Mark Schaefer has been shared freely with the members of his growing community.

Chris has also connected with many content marketing practitioners who have achieved remarkable success. By shining a light on these businesses and sharing the stories of their success, Chris perfectly blends the theory and practice of content marketing.

His passion for content marketing is surpassed by two things – his son Spencer, who was the perfect Christmas present in 2015, and his daughter Luna-Rose.

Stefan Thomas, Speaker and Author of Business Networking for Dummies
“When I invite Chris to speak at my events I know that my attendees will get extraordinary value, delivered in an engaging and intelligent way.
Chris is at once inspiring and challenging. His knowledge of content marketing is, in my opinion, unrivalled in the UK and quite possibly further afield.
Anyone can turn up and speak. Chris puts a huge amount of effort into making sure that he leaves the audience educated, inspired and ready to take action.”


Chris in action

Click here to download high resolution images of Chris

Andrew Charlton, Owner at Hashtag Events
“Chris is a speaker and presenter of outstanding talent, intellect and wit.
His presentations are amongst the most insightful I have ever seen and delivered with a style and panache that makes them a joy to participate in. As an organiser Chris is a dream to work with, very relaxed, organised and professional.
As a delegate he is yet to be anything less than the star of the show.

Chris’ catch phrase is “don’t forget to be awesome”. Book him, he epitomises awesomeness”


How much does it cost to hire Chris for your event?

All too often, when you visit a website one of the things you look for is pricing information.

When it comes to speakers, most aren’t willing to publicly share their fees.

We’re all about transparency here at CMA, and based on what we know about how people research things, we’re certain that you want to know the price without phoning or contacting us.

The pricing really depends on a number of factors (e.g., if your event is up a mountain during the winter you might get a nice discount – Chris loves snowboarding).

That being said, Chris’ speaking fees are based on the following factors:


  • 15-90 minute keynote presentation: From £3000+VAT
  • Half Day workshop: From £3000+VAT
  • Full day workshop: From £4000+VAT

(Where an overnight stay is required additional travelling fees may apply)

Rest of world:

(Travelling expenses will be additional to the fees below)

  • 15-90 minute keynote presentation: From £6000+VAT
  • Half Day workshop: From £6000+VAT
  • Full day workshop: From £8000+VAT

Three for Free

Chris is asked to speak at dozens of events throughout the year, and the majority of events organisers do not have a budget for speakers.

Most speakers do some gigs for free. Chris does three for free. That’s it.

Caroline McKenna, Founder at Social Good HQ
I have worked with Chris for a few years now and his drive and determination around his work and industry is infectious. He is a warm, natural speaker and presents with passion, knowledge and with a natural ability to engage.
Chris makes it all look so effortless and he really knows his stuff.
I would highly recommend Chris to speak at your event to ensure your delegates leave feeling motivated, and ready to make the difference for their organisation.

Book Chris for your event today

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