Why The Content Marketing Academy?

A short foreword from Chris…

At the start of 2014, after about 4 years of blogging on various different platforms, I really hit the ground running with blogging and focussed on producing more content. I also started to focus on driving more traffic to my website and putting more effort into producing content that my audience would really enjoy reading. As soon as I started applying the extra effort I noticed a marked change in the response I was getting on my blog in terms of comments and traffic. I already enjoy creating content, but now I’m enjoying the writing process a lot more because I’m engaging more with my audience.

Throughout the beginning of 2014 I was invited to several events to talk about business blogging and the challenges and benefits associated with it. My main objective at these seminars was to encourage people to blog and get people excited about the potential for their business. One of the major benefits from speaking events has been becoming far more familiar with the particular challenges that business owners in Fife are having with blogging and content marketing in general.

In the past few months I have started to consult and advise several business owners throughout Scotland on their content strategy and how they can embrace content marketing. This is a very hot topic and I’m really enjoying watching the success that people are having.

I have also been running my own monthly marketing workshops (began circa October 2013). This is an area of my business I have always enjoyed and have been extremely motivated to grow and develop.  The concept for The Content Marketing Academy is a combination of these experiences.

What is The Content Marketing Academy?

The initial idea for this annual marketing conference was a ‘blogging summit’ or something similar and the objective was to bring together bloggers from all over Scotland. However, the more I thought about and developed the concept for an annual marketing conference in Scotland I realised that, in order to keep it flexible year on year, it really needed focus on the wider content marketing space. This would allow flexibility within the content of the conference going forward as concepts and marketing techniques change and develop over time.

As with everything I do with my main business – Learning Everyday – I aim to educate and motivate people to take action and implement what they learn in their business. With this in mind, the Content Marketing Academy is not only going feature a series of expert and authoritative speakers, but there will also be a workshop element so that the delegates can take what they are learning and put it into practice.

What can I expect from The Content Marketing Academy?

The Content Marketing Academy will bring together business people from all over Scotland into one location to meet experts from all over the UK to learn and educate themselves about what’s happening in the content marketing space.

You can expect to hear from business people who have experienced success in their own business through embracing content marketing. You will also be able to join these experts in a workshop environment to understand exactly how to implement the concepts in your own business.

Who is The Content Marketing Academy for?

The Content Marketing Academy is suitable for business owners in Scotland who have the desire to understand exactly how they can use content marketing principles and implement them in their business. The Content Marketing Academy is for business owners and is particularly suitable if:

  • you are looking for new and fresh ideas for marketing your business
  • you have an understanding of what content marketing is and you would like to develop your knowledge
  • you have started using content as part of your marketing strategy, but you would like to take your strategy to a new level

In general, if you understand how important marketing is in your business, and as the business owner you take your role in the marketing of your own business seriously, you absolutely need to attend this conference.

How can I stay up to date?

There is going to be a lot of information coming out about the speakers, tickets, prices and many other exciting updates. Stay up to date by adding your name to the list and you will be the first to receive the information.


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I’m truly excited about the potential of this marketing conference and I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

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