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  • Would you like to find an easy way to create sexy & professional word/phrase images for social?
  • Do you find even basic design packages difficult to use?
  • Do you love motivational quote images?

If so, we would like to share with you an amazing application that ticks all the boxes and allows you to create professional word/phrase images for all your social channels.

What I love the most about technological advances is how the things that we used to have to pay a lot of money for become cheaper, and things that used to take a long time are now very easy to do.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was paying a Graphic Designer to put phrases on to images for me so I could share them socially. Now I can do it all myself in less than a minute, and all for a few pounds from the app store! This doesn’t mean that I have stopped using a designer, but now he can focus more value adding tasks and projects.

If you’ve not discovered Word Swag for iOS yet then you are missing out big time! Once you download Word Swag and start using it there will be no looking back!

What is Word Swag?

Word Swag is an awesome iOS app that allows to create professional looking typography images with just a few clicks.

It would be remiss of me to not give a shout out to Jason Parsons for recommending Word Swag to me via Instagram – thanks Jason! You can check out Jason’s Word Swag recommendation here.

“The Word Swag app allows you to combine images and text to create some really great visual content, on the move.” – Jason Parsons

What are the main features of Word Swag?

  • Choose from 290,000 completely free images to use as backgrounds
  • Add your logo/brand/watermark to your image
  • Image filters
  • Hundreds of quotes, thoughts and jokes
  • Custom layouts

Why use it?

Here are the top reasons for using Word Swag:

  1. Save time – You can literally create an image in between getting out your car and arriving at your desk, it’s so simple. If a quote pops into your head you can have it published on social in a matter of minutes.
  2. Save money – There’s no need to get a graphic designer to do this for you anymore. Also, now that you are saving more time, you are also saving even more money!
  3. Look professional – The final product is of a high quality that looks professional and can represent your business in the best way.
  4. Personal branding – If you are building your personal brand you can use your own quotes and motivational messages to send to your audience
  5. iPhone envy – make those that don’t have iPhones even more envious!

The App Reviewer suggests some great reasons why you should be using Word Swag too. Word Swag is ideal for…

  • Stylish graphics for your blog or website
  • Inspiring quotes for your brand
  • Competition or event titles for social media
  • Captioning images
  • Sending unique and targeted messages to consumers
  • Creating beautifully branded digital content

We know that there are other ways to create images easily, but having the application on your iPhone makes it incredibly convenient.

How Learning Everyday use Word Swag

  • Social – In most cases we use Word Swag in the way it was meant for – to quickly create quote images for use on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Presentation slides – We have also used Word Swag for creating cool slides for presentations, which worked really well and something we suggest you try!
  • Social engagement – In our private Facebook community we use Word Swag to create Wednesday Welcome, Pay it Forward Friday and Content Commitment images (sample in the gallery below).
  • Promotion – We have created images specifically for promoting The Content Marketing Academy and our speakers (sample in the gallery below).

Learning Everyday gallery

Here’s a gallery of images we’ve created in seconds using Word Swag! Feel free to download and use them yourself.

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Your Turn

  1. Do you use Word Swag or any other typography creators? If so, what do you use it for?
  2. What do you think is the biggest benefit of an app like Word Swag?
  3. Do you think you could get value from using Word Swag?

Let us know by joining in the conversation below.

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