Why is there a waiting list?

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I know what you’re thinking…

“This Chris Marr fella is going to get me on to his list and try to sell me some sort of high priced membership VIP coaching package deal thingy that I don’t really want”

Not the case.

I’d like to help you understand why there’s a waiting list for the CMA Membership Community, as it benefits both you, the current members and the CMA.

Also, it’s ÂŁ499+VAT per year to join the CMA Membership, I know it’s on your mind 🙂

So, why the wait list?

1. It’s more effective for new members

Having everyone join at the same time means I can spend more time with new members. If I’m spending time every day with inducting different people at different times, all at different stages of development, it becomes very ineffective and time consuming.

Also, when you come in as a new member, at the same time as other members, you become a small team in the CMA Membership Community. You are not alone 🙂

2. It’s better for the CMA

After 18 months of testing different pricing structures and models I have found that this is the way we get the best quality of people joining CMA, and they stay for longer.

You’re a business person, I’m sure you you would do the things that help you get better customers, and keep them for longer.

By proxy, every single member benefits from this.

3. A better opportunity to build trust

When you add yourself to the waiting list it gives both you and I more time to get to know each other before you to take the leap and join us.

4. It allows me to manage growth

Using a waiting list allows me to manage growth more closely. The culture and environment within the CMA is an important dynamic, and I will not risk this by allowing too many people to join at the one time.

Still want to join the waiting list?

All that being said…

Maybe you’re ‘champing at the bit’ to get in. If you would like the chance to skip the wait list and get access to the membership now, please email chris@cmauk.co.uk and let me know the number one reason you want to join.



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