What are you prepared to walk away from in 2019?

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So you are putting your fees up for your speaking business, agency, consultancy or freelance work in 2019.

You’re at a point where you are asking for more now than you’ve ever asked for before.

Putting your fees up can be daunting, make you feel anxious and a little uncomfortable.

I mean, what if your prospective clients say no to your new higher fee? How would that make you feel?

Disappointed, annoyed, frustrated?

There’s a chance that you could lose the business by asking for more, right?

What can we do to help us to feel more comfortable, confident and even relaxed and in control of this situation?

How can we feel better about putting our fees up?

That’s what I discuss with you in this video.


So in 2019 you’re probably going to be putting your prices up for your freelancing consulting agency. Even your speaking business, your prices are going to go up for 2019.

We should be putting our prices up, that’s what we should be doing. As a result you’re going to be asking your prospective clients for more than you’ve asked for before in your business career. That’s natural right?

However, as we go down this road and we start asking for more, we might feel a lack of confidence. Maybe feeling a little bit anxious. A little on edge. A little bit uncomfortable with this new fee.

I mean what if your prospective client says no to you right? Turns you down because of your new fee structure?

How is that going to make you feel? Disappointed, annoyed, frustrated that you lost this opportunity to do business with this person.

Now I want to share with you a piece of business advice that I got from a gent named Scott Stratten. This is stuck with me for the last couple years. It’s helped me in this exact situation to feel more comfortable, to feel more in control, to feel more relaxed, to feel more confident about asking for the value that I feel that we’re truly worth.

The next time that you are proposing your fee: it could be a proposal; it could be a conversation; anything. You’re talking about the money. I want you to ask yourself this question.

The question is:

What are you prepared to walk away from in 2019 and beyond?

Now this helps you in many many ways. There’s loads of benefits to just asking yourself this question.

First of all, you’re going to be in a much more comfortable position when you’re pitching your services and your fees. It just makes you feel more comfortable and natural.

By answering this question you’re also going to have a really clear and true understanding of your value. The value that you offer.

You will also have to understand what you’re saying yes to and also what you’re turning down and saying no to. By saying yes I have to understand that every time we say yes to a project, yes to a new client, we’re also saying no to other things in our lives like no other projects, no to other work ,no to our friends and family, no to downtime, no to like important work like thinking and creating and writing and reading or saying no to those things too.

So we have to make sure the yes is a hell yeah!

The ultimate benefit of answering this question I think is that you’re going to get better quality of work. Because of it you’re choosing your clients very carefully and you’re also not going to discount and underprice your services anymore because that is below the line. You’re drawing a line in the sand. I am prepared to walk away from this opportunity and it gives you so much more confidence and clarity for the projects that you want to work with, the people that you want to work with, the clients you want to take on.

So that’s my question for you today is what are you prepared to walk away from in 2019?

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts, your ideas. What’s on your mind?

Jump into the comments section let me know and I’ll just catch you next time.

Don’t forget to be awesome.

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