Website Audit

Let’s have a frank discussion about your website…

The reason we call your website your ‘Mothership’ is because it is (or should be) the most important marketing asset for your business.

It’s the one major part of your business, if looked after and developed properly, will sky rocket your business.

It needs your continual attention and focus.

Your website should:

  • attract people that have never heard of you before
  • be your hub for content
  • be your 24/7/365 sales person
  • be your shop window
  • be your credibility piece

What we know to be true is that people judge you online before they judge you offline, and going forward into 2016 this is going to become even more apparent.

Consumer’s expectations are higher than ever before.

Those businesses that are paying attention to how their website is performing will be in a far better position than those who continue forward with their head in the sand.

Unfortunately ‘ostrich marketing’ is the most prolific marketing strategy in business today.

It’s time to change this.

I’m not going to try and sell you a new website…

…but what I’d like to offer you is a neutral expert opinion on the main aspects of your website.

This is what Steve said about the audit I did for his business recently:

“We asked Chris as a neutral to carry out an audit of our website and blog content. His video feedback was tremendous, really going into detail regarding the pages set up and the content contained within and he provided us with practical solutions to make what we have even better. The team is looking forward to 2016 to implement the ideas gathered and to make great content the heart of our digital marketing strategy. Thanks Chris and your team!” – Steve Ross, Shackleton Technologies

Here’s my offer to you:

  1. I’ll perform a full audit on HD video with me annotating over the video with live audio – uploaded and password protected for you to access privately on Vimeo Pro
  2. It’ll be a 30 minute video (minimum)
  3. I will look over your website, main social channels and your main source of content…if you have one (blog, podcast, video channel, etc) – you just need to tell me what they are and I’ll include them
  4. I will spend time looking at your Google Analytics metrics and show you exactly what you need to measure (your top 10 metrics!)
  5. I’ll look at your content and give you very specific pointers on how you can improve
  6. I’ll answer your top 3 questions about content marketing and any frustrations/challenges that you need advice on.

This 30 minute audit is exactly what you need for crushing it in 2016.

“We are absolutely delighted with your audit of our website and blog content. Really liked the fact that it was carried out by video link. You made some very valid points that we will be taking on board as we improve our marketing strategy. Thanks again and all the best with the CMA!”

 – Rory Butcher, Knockhill

I’m going to open up my availability for 4 bookings each week, with the promise that I’ll turn it around for you within 24/36 hours.

What I need from you is:

  • An email ( telling me you would like a website and content audit
  • Payment of £197+VAT paid in advance (I’ll send you an invoice for this)
  • As soon as payment is received I’ll plan the audit into my schedule
  • A link to your website, social profiles and any other sources of content related to your business
  • Access to your Google Analytics account – my user is
  • Tell me what your top 3 biggest challenges/frustrations are with content marketing right now, and I’ll advise you (included in the video).
  • You then leave me to it and I’ll deliver your video to you in 36 hours max.

Note: I talk FAST and can cover A LOT in 30 minutes – you’ll see for yourself.

Are you ready for this?

Contact me directly at today and let’s get your website working the way it should be!

“When I received the email from Chris with the details of his audit package I thought it was perfect timing. My website had been live for a few months, I was starting to make sales and I was getting serious about creating content. The value I have received from the exercise far exceeds the cost and it will help me to work with my web company to develop what we have started with into the platform that I need to take my business to the next level, but also validate and frame my further content efforts.”

 – Nicola Donnelly, Time Lifestyle Boutique

“Chris undertook a review of one of my websites, including an overview of google analytics. This was delivered via a video clip showing the data and webpages Chris was navigating through whilst he provided advice throughout. His advice was pertinent, concise and easy to grasp. I like the honesty of his views, the practicality of his recommendations and the delivery method. I was able to watch the clip when I wanted, stop, rewind, fast forward as often as I wanted so that I did not miss any information. Thank you Chris. Looking forward to the next chapter of this review.”

– Edith Adam – French Dressing