Like most organisational leaders and in-house marketers, you truly understand how important video is for the future success of your company. You are also aware that video production can’t solely be left to the marketing department to get on with, and therefore multiple departments will have to be involved.

This raises a few questions:

  • How do we successfully encourage our team and get them to buy-in to getting in front of the camera?
  • What coaching and training skills do we need to make sure we get the most from our team on and off the camera?
  • What do we need to do to coach our team to feel calm and confident in front of the camera?
  • What do the in-house marketing team need to do to get buy-in from leadership to secure resources for video marketing?

In short, you would like your marketing team to be confident to facilitate in-house video marketing workshops and filming sessions, and ultimately develop a broader culture of video within the organisation as a whole. 

Here’s a quick summary of the core coaching outcomes…

  • Successfully facilitate in-house marketing training sessions – from 1:1 to larger groups
  • Develop your coaching skills for 1:1 coaching on and off the camera
  • Utilise WCC principles to quickly obtain buy in from other people in the organisation
  • Improve your own on-camera techniques and skills
  • Build and develop a culture of video throughout the organisation
  • Individual confidence on and off the camera
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Video Marketing Coaching for Organisational Leaders and In-House Marketers

“….it’s created a positive vibe that makes our job easier in selling the idea of video to others.”

– Alison Klabahcer

The objective of this practical coaching and training is to answer all of the questions above and:

  • Enable you to confidently facilitate video marketing workshops to train your team in the skills required for success on and off the camera
  • Train you in the communication and leadership skills required to get complete buy-in quickly and effectively from your team 
  • Identify and coach your in-house marketing video team
  • Pass on to you the exact formula and process for running in-house video marketing workshops

How will the training will be facilitated?

Off-Camera Coaching
Helping the team to feel confident and comfortable on and off the camera

We will facilitate the training online using Zoom (much like Skype, but better for facilitation). The dates and times for these sessions are proposed further down on this page.

Ultimately we want to make the best use of our time together, so there will be a lot of work to be done in-between our sessions. 

I will be relying heavily on you to be practicing the training in the work place and reporting back to me on your progress each week.

I will also send you some work to complete in advance of our first session, which will also help to get the most of our time together. 

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What is World Class Communication Training (WCC)?

Chris Marr and Marcus Sheridan have been working together since 2015 to deliver world class communication training to organisational leaders

World Class Communication (WCC) principles serve as the foundation of the video marketing training and coaching. Therefore, WCC training must be included for this training to be successful.

If you have already attended at WCC coaching session, you will be primed and ready for this programme. If you have not yet attended a WCC coaching session (perhaps you’ve never heard of WCC before) this coaching will give you everything you need to quickly practice the core principles in the workplace.

The WCC principles that we will teach as part of this programme are: 

  • Vanguard
  • Columbus Principle
  • The Law of 3
  • Yes, and
  • Segments (QSRC)

Note: WCC is a separate in-person programme delivered by Marcus Sheridan and Chris Marr. The purpose of WCC is to provide leaders and managers with world class communication skills so that they can become better teachers, coaches and have more meaningful conversations in the work place. We will include part of the WCC training in this programme.

What’s included in the video marketing training?

Off-Camera Coaching
Helping the team to learn the structure of video and nail their on-camera session.

The training will be completed over 4 weeks, starting with preparation work before our first session, and then 3 individual coaching sessions with a group of no more than 10 people.

Here’s an overview if what’s included in each session…

Training Session 01 (90 minutes)

WCC Principles – Teaching

  • Vanguard
  • Columbus Principle
  • The Law of 3

Video Coaching – Teaching

  • How to applying these WCC principles to video coaching
  • Practice elements during our session
  • Homework for developing the training in the work place


  • Identifying actors
  • How to plan your next in-house video session, and
  • Preparing the vanguard and thinking about how to apply Columbus and law of 3

Training Session 02 (90 minutes)

WCC Principles – Progress review

  • Vanguard
  • Columbus Principle
  • The Law of 3

WCC Principles – Teaching

  • Yes, and
  • Segments (QSRC)

Off Camera Coaching – Teaching

  • Scripting and planning
  • Off camera practice and techniques

On-Camera Coaching – Teaching

  • The no-stop rule
  • The 3 second rule
  • Authority 
  • Feedback rule
  • Any other additional on camera techniques and how to teach them


  • Develop an outline for what an in-house marketing workshop/filming session will look like at your company

Training Session 03 (90 minutes)

WCC Principles – Review

  • Vanguard
  • Columbus Principle
  • The Law of 3
  • Yes, and
  • Segments (QSRC)

Planning your in-house marketing sessions

  • Review progress and Chris to feedback on work produced by you at this stage
  • Looking specifically at what questions you will be using to facilitate and how Columbus and Law of 3 will be used (along with Vanguard)
    • This will form the ‘template’ for facilitating your off-camera and on-camera coaching.

How to run a workshop

  • Chris to provide additional value on how to run a successful workshop

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Outcomes from this programme…

On-Camera Coaching
Helping the team to be confident, comfortable and effective on-camera
  • Successfully facilitate in-house marketing training sessions – from 1:1 to larger groups
  • Develop your coaching skills for 1:1 coaching on and off the camera
  • Utilise WCC principles to quickly obtain buy in from other people in the organisation
  • Improve your own on-camera techniques and skills
  • Build and develop a culture of video throughout the organisation
  • Individual confidence on and off the camera

Ultimately, you will walk away from these sessions with the skills, techniques and the step by step process for coaching your team on and off the camera to produce a high quality of content for video, and to feel confident throughout the whole process.

Additionally, through the WCC coaching, you will gain a full set of transferable coaching and leadership skills that can be used successfully in all areas of your work.

You will then able to teach these skills, just like I am doing with you, to your team to ultimately make a bigger impact throughout the organisation.

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Proposed dates for these training sessions…

  1. Tuesday 23rd April: 2pm – 3:30pm UK time
  2. Tuesday 30th April: 2pm – 3:30pm UK time
  3. Tuesday 7th May: 2pm – 3:30pm UK time

Our first training session will be on Tuesday 23rd April and Chris will send homework to you 7 days in advance, therefore the training officially starts on 16th April. 

You will provided access to a private forum where we can communicate privately and as a group. All sessions and resources will be recorded and documented and available for you to download and keep. 

You will have 30 minute private 1-2-1 call with Chris 4-6 weeks after the training is complete. 

How much does it cost?

What we are providing:

  • WCC coaching and training
  • In-house video marketing coaching and training

Typically these sessions are delivered in person by Chris in a classroom setting, and the these sessions are normally priced from £3k-£4k+VAT per session type, and increase depending on location and the number of delegates. 

We have customised this for online facilitation, and distance learning and coaching. 

By working with you over a 4 week coaching period, Chris will be able to deliver incredible value to you compared to a single classroom session. This provides us with the opportunity to check in with each other on a weekly basis, and gives you the time to reflect, practice and review between sessions.

The price for the full training package is £450+VAT per person, and there are 10 spaces available.

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Client Review: Alison Klabacher, Marketing Manager at ABL

Chris Marr and Cara Mackay from CMA with Alison Klabacher and the ABL team after their first in-house video marketing coaching session

CM: Prior to any of the training we have done together, what challenges were you having getting your team on to video, and in general, creating a culture of video within the company? 

AK: Most of the organisation had an understanding that doing video would be valuable but it wasn’t a priority and we struggled to get time in the diary due to already busy workloads for coaches and other members of staff. Some employees were/still are nervous about being on video. My personal challenge was having the evidence/knowledge to allow me to argue why we should be doing video and why it should be a priority.

CM: Thinking back to the video marketing session we did in February, specifically how have you benefited professionally and personally with regards to your skills, ability and confidence to run video marketing sessions? 

AK: Seeing a properly co-ordinated video training and filming session in action was hugely beneficial to help us understand how we should be doing things. Being aware of the power of tools like The Columbus Principle is also valuable in helping Chloe and I build our own skills/confidence in running sessions. Also, those who took part went away feeling good so it’s created a positive vibe that makes our job easier in selling the idea of video to others.

CM:What do you feel were the top 3 major lessons you learned in our time together? 

AK: 1. That I don’t need to do everything. 2. How to carry out a content marketing campaign (our pilot project) 3. How to start building buy in (through some of the WCC stuff) – I may not be great at this yet but at least I know what we should be doing!

CM:How do you feel this training and these skills will help your company to grow? 

AK: Will allow us to tackle certain problems in a way that should, long term, make life easier for coaches and benefit clients. Will also help us to become more visible online so that potential clients will start to see us, learn who we are, and consider us as an option for helping them to lead a healthier life. 

CM:Why do you think other in-house marketers should get this training? 

AK: Because I think a lot of in-house marketers are doing video but not doing it in a strategic way – and possibly don’t see the value of using video not just to sell yourselves but also to directly have an impact on service delivery.

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