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August 2019

  • Denise: I’m so used to sending back files to big publishers and getting no response, that I was quite moved to get this from an academic author today:
    ‘Thank you so much for all your fantastic work. I am really really impressed with the clarity and detail and super happy with the changes you’ve made, not to say immensely grateful to you for going through it all in such detail.’
    It’s so nice to be acknowledged and thanked!
  • Leah: We received news that KOGGER has been chosen by Microsoft to do a large webinar series and in-person workshops not only in Scandinavia but in several countries in Central Europe.
  • John: Col has designed the cover of mu book Content DNA and Mark Schaefer has sent me the foreword for the book which I’m chuffed with!
  • Ramin: Someone in the PensionCraft workgroup asked me why I don’t have a SIPP so I was honest about my answer. I love my community. Response from the audience member: “Your transparency and honesty are what make me trust your knowledge implicitly. I hope this transpires into you benefitting from PensionCraft as it grows and others see likewise.”
  • John: 10,000 followers on LinkedIn! Took 2.5 years to get there mind.
  • Kathleen: A wee win for us: since launching the ‘detoxify your life’ email series we have now got 83 subscribers.  Now 83 is a tiny number but it makes me happy that 83 people want to try and make a positive difference and rid their lives of toxins
  • David: I wondered why I was getting more than normal hits on a particular page, and all from Google searches. So I took a look… Spot’s one, two and three on Google for the search term!
  • Murray: Got a spot in the Evening Times showcasing my business 🙂
  • Ramin: My “House Prices After Brexit” video has proved very popular. At lunchtime today, while I was walking Teddy, it was getting one view every 12 seconds!
  • Ali: I’m going to take this message as a win… someone googled, my article came up and was what they needed! Comment: “I just wanted to say a big thank you! I was trawling the internet about how to make sure the clothing I make is safe enough to sell and your blog post is by far the most useful thing I have come across. Thank you for writing in plain English and making everything so clear…”
  • David: When an article’s contributors begin to share your article with their followers…This spike in page hits seems to be a result of people sharing the “6 Cruising Tips From The Experts” blog post.
  • Owen: Small wins. A featured snippet. Not a search term I was targeting mind you, but hey!
  • Col to Ramin: Ramin you are absolutely knocking it out the park with your videos. Absolutely amazing view numbers on your latest videos and congrats on passing 10k subscribers. Your subject matter is obviously in high demand . You’ll be zooming past me soon!
  • Gavin: Launched my podcast officially today. Been a lot of work so far, batching a ton of episodes, but super excited to get this out there! 5 episodes are now live with some of our fav CMA friends…
  • Anne: I got a DM on Instagram today from a brain injury warrior from Canada.I’ve been sharing my strength training on my Instagram story and she said I’ve inspired her to work out more so she’s going to the gym today. I know exercise with a brain injury and finding the balance is tough as so that message warmed my heart this morning!
  • Cara: I sent an email to my list asking if anyone would like a Blackstone Garden Room brochure – within 20 minutes I’ve had 10 replies from just really nice and happy people. The world is nice today.

July 2019

  • Col: Getting some good stats from my first case study video compared to other recent videos on YouTube.
  • JMP: I’m on my fourth straight day of producing content!
  • Claire: I made it onto a list of blogging superheroes 🦸‍♀️
  • JMP: Got my first client in Russia.
  • Ramin: Spending all that time answering YouTube questions gets noticed: “Your constructive engagement with posters is an additional factor that makes yours the best investing channel.”
  • Col: 3rd anniversary of my first YouTube videos I’ve hit 14k subscribers!
  • David: The creators of InVideo seemed to be so grateful that I’d bothered to write a blog review of their product that they’ve just credited me with 100 premium ShutterStock video clips to say thank you.
  • Russ: Got some great feedback from my first International speaking ‘gig’. Enquiries to work with a family in San Diego off the back of it and several other follow-ups planned!
  • Ness: Found from a Google search.  Yay!  Must be doing something right.

June 2019

  • Imogen: Sharing my amazing achievement as a finalist for the CSF award has inspired someone I know to join CMA
  • Martin: Wooo! On Friday Lyndsay Cambridge and I spoke on stage together (for the first time) at an event in Belfast. We’ve just found out we were voted the best speakers 🙂 Or at least the highest rated anyway!
  • Cara: When you haven’t touched your email sequence in months but it still works like a dream 😊£4k order in the bag while I eat an ice lolly.
  • Anne: A doctor in America who also has post-concussion syndrome shared one of my videos on her Instagram story.
  • Col: Ross and I will be launching a podcast in a week or so. You can listen to us blether about a chosen subject and be educated and possibly, maybe, kinda entertained at the same time. It will be called Let’s Hit RECord.
  • Col: Video, still doing its thing for me 😎 “Well, your YouTube videos have won me over. Especially, ‘Your Logo Is Not Your Brand’ and ‘Brand Architecture’ videos. For me, those 2 videos separated you from the 2 other YouTuber’s that I have been interested in contacting.”
  • Steve: Client told me today she’s lost 9lbs in 2 weeks, has lost inches across her body but more importantly, she’s using the stairs everyday at work instead of the lift and is no longer feeling breathless, or embarrassed at being breathless.
  • Imogen: I’ve been invited to be on a live discussion panel by Kim Doyal in her Content Creators group to talk about Kenda’s Hack the Buyer Brain. So many people reading it too in that group after me recommending it!
  • Imogen: On the back of my nomination for the CSF award I’ve been approached to be involved in a web project to help them with their web content as well as designing the website too. This is a first for me to help write the actual content.
  • Jonathan: Over the weekend my podcast, which is on a pause between seasons, had its highest one-day download amount.
  • Kathleen: My blog ‘Is Jeyes Fluid harmful: 5 important reasons why not to use this product’ is ranking #1 (after paid ads) in Google when you search ‘Jeyes Fluid’ – aye, chuffed AF the day like!
  • Col: I’ve had two emails come in today asking for quotes. One is a request for a quote to record a voice over and the other to do a review on a piece of software. Both of these are opportunities that have come about because of the videos I am making. It goes to show that these things can lead to unexpected areas of income!
  • Col: Two wins today. Google snippet, and a video no less. And I won a CMA award 🤘
  • John: Recorded an interview yesterday for the extremely popular Linkedinformed podcast, which will be published on Saturday. That’s now the 16th different show I’ve been on. Chuffed.
  • Anne: A fellow post-concussion syndrome warrior has created a comic on Instagram and mentioned me and a few others for helping her adjust to her new normal. I’m so pleased I could be part of her journey and help her out.
  • Kathleen: So I had a win today; 2 people unsubscribed from my email list – yes unsubscribed. I sent out a message to older subscribers with links to swap to 1 email a month or cancel – I am happy that these 2 have cancelled because I want to make sure my emails are going to the right people.
  • Col: 225 videos on my YT channel.
  • Lou: Can I count this as a win…Standing out against the men in grey suits when speaking to around 1000 people at a NEBOSH graduation ceremony today.
  • John: That’s my Espresso ☕️list up to 800 subscribers now. Slow but steady progress

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May 2019

  • Kenda: “Huge win for me. The book is printed, and I’ve signed posted all 150 plus copies that were bought in the presale. I’m stupidly excited. The last one has been sent. IT’S ON IT’S WAAAAAY!”
  • Roger: “The Edinburgh “Big Bank” which I’m doing some marketing simplification for have done an unusual thing! They’ve paid me up front – the whole lot! Very unlike a big corporate. It arrived by Cheque this morning in the post! How quaint!”
  • Debbie: “On a Content Marketing note one of the last jobs I did pre-leaving was updating the Sauna page to make the pricing clearer. Someone phoned yesterday out of the blue and placed an order over the phone. All they wanted confirmation on the price. Already knew what it would be roughly from the page. £6200 – 80% deposit paid same day- BOOM. Even though I know most customers come from content, they don’t always expressly tell us. Hopefully, I will still get passed the success stories even though I am not there every day to hear them. Dad was very happy, money in the bank and he didn’t have to do any selling/spend any time.”
  • John: “Mark Schaefer has agreed to write the foreword to my book, Content DNA. “
  • Ahmed: “It was not the easiest of podcast to record, but I’m quite chuffed to how well this podcast has done since I published it a couple of weeks ago>> Not only it has been shared in the UK, but also in the US too by various big names, to the point where some individuals across the pond are challenging their local ‘theaters’ on what are they doing about it.”
  • Leah: “Great win as a newby in writing!! A great feeling when Zest, who only accepts about 1% of all marketing articles and puts them on their website, just accepted our last article! Means our writing is going in the right direction!”
  • John: “Mark Schaefer told me last night that the guest blog I wrote for him is going to be republished in Foundr magazine. Chuffed! “
  • Anne: “I rarely film myself when my symptoms are bad. Last night I wore my brave pants and shared my experience on my Instagram story. It’s Headway’s Action for Brain Injury Week and I wanted to share the real effects. I asked others to share their experience and got loads of replies to my question on my Instagram story so I’m taking that as a win! I find when I’m brave others share too so it helps raise awareness for us all.”
  • Nadin: “This stuff works! I joined the CMA in June/July 2017. Had around 400 visitors per month to my website. Even without me doing anything at the moment, it’s still growing… Thanks CMA!!!”
  • Ramin: “I’m half-way to my $1000 per month goal! I’ve been working hard to be consistent with a weekly call each Sunday evening at 8 pm and by posting helpful stuff and responding to all questions on our Slack channel. Helping my community is becoming more demanding but at least it’s starting to generate some revenue.”
  • Jonathan: “Seems silly, but I’ll share it anyway and try to celebrate the little things. 100 subscribers on YouTube.”

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If you want to get better results faster, and make a dramatic difference to how you grow your business, then join CMA today and we’ll show you exactly how to create content that will help you to get the best customers you’ve ever worked with.

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April 2019

  • Lyndsay: “We’ve had 299 shares on our latest blog post – I think that’s the most we’ve ever had in such a short period! But we can’t take all the credit, we’ve had the AMAZING Debbie on board this week and she’s managed to get some huge traction for us!”
  • David: “Wednesday saw the third of the monthly Tech it Easy workshops (which simplify online and techie stuff). I don’t think I would have ventured to do something like this, pre-World Class Communication. I’m doing it for free as a community group, so there’s no room-hire costs. It’s being received well. And month by month I’m building a portfolio of presentations I can offer elsewhere.”
  • Martin: “We’re counting this as a win. To celebrate our prices going up, we’ve created a brand new page on our website that makes it easier for people to understand our pricing structure.”
  • John: “Up to 4000 profile views on LinkedIn in the last 90 days.Got two new LinkedIn profile reviews booked this week, so that’s £600 in the bag. Going to be jumping up the price soon.”
  • Denise: “That’s Season 1 of The Editing Podcast all published:
    – one episode a week for 12 weeks
    – six bonus episodes recorded at Atomicon
    – we’re still in New & Noteworthy for Literature on iTunes
    – 6,300 downloads to date!”
  • Lou: “Request to speak to 500 people at a workforce safety standdown, the enquiry having come because the Safety lead on the project read my “Who are the best female health and safety speakers?” blog”
  • Gav: “Launched my new Funnel Academy programme today and sold out of all spaces within 13 mins of launching!”
  • Col: “I’ve hit 500,000 YouTube views on my channel!”
  • John: “Doubled my LinkedIn followers since last August. Up past 7000 followers now.18 months of effort before last August and growth was slow but good. But now it’s really ramping up even though I’m not doing anything different. Lesson: got to stick at it before things really accelerate further down the track.”
  • Col: “13 might be an unlucky number for some, but I’ll happily take it. 13,000 YouTube subscribers.”
  • Russ: “Spoke at a local ‘Digital Taunton’ event last night to around 90 people and other than a chap in the front row falling asleep it was very well received and I have had lots of follow up enquiries. The talk is my own story about how I started the podcast and is a ‘how to’ guide that has a lot of Big 5 stuff in there. It also contains big shout outs to Pete, Chris and Colin. Was great fun and given the audience there has been much more interaction on social media than usual.”
  • Martin: “Oh wow! After my talk last week I’m on such a high.
    It was great to get so much great feedback on the day but what is even more amazing are the private comments I got after the event. I have no doubt without WCC things would have been very different.”

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If you want to get better results faster, and make a dramatic difference to how you grow your business, then join CMA today and we’ll show you exactly how to create content that will help you to get the best customers you’ve ever worked with.

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March 2019

  • Ramin: “I thought it would get less exciting each time I crossed a 1k threshold… but I was wrong. Just about to hit 4k subscribers on YouTube!”
  • Ness: Just had this lovely endorsement:
    “Well done Vanessa Glover for your fantastic newsletter on Gold Standard Service . It was really well written and concise and used language that an accounts virgin like me could understand. It made digital bookkeeping more transparent !”
  • Roger: “Did a 90 minute workshop on Digital Marketing at the Level Up Conference at Aberdeen Uni on Saturday. Organised by students for students… the engagement was fab. Really interactive and lots of really insightful and tough questions. “John the Wineman” went down a storm.”
  • Debbie: “Did a wee hours talk on content marketing and got some great feedback from everybody!”
  • Yva: “Posted my Content Launchpad video on LinkedIn yesterday (social-ready, thanks to Radlad!) and getting some good engagement so far… First enquiry through, directly from the video :D”
  • John: “I’m about to go past the 3K follower mark on Twitter. Not bad as it’s not my main platform any more! I’m close to 6K followers on LinkedIn now!”
  • Imogen: “I have been invited by GrowGlobal (an SEO specialist) to be be part of their referral network for WordPress website development. This was on the back of a recommendation to them by one of my clients, who also works in the SEO industry. Wow! #feelingchuffed”
  • Denise: “The Editing Podcast has just passed 3,000 downloads after being live for 8 weeks (1 episode per week)!”
  • John: “A newish copywriter sent me a photo of himself holding up a printout of one of my blogs. He carries it in his backpack. Quite chuffed that my content is helping people like that.”
  • Kenda: “MAJOR win for me 🙂 I got over myself, and my book is finally open for presale…Really humbled by the support of the CMA community for the pre-launch of my book, thank you so much guys… your support means more than you’ll ever know.”
  • Jonothan: “Normally a lurker here, but had to give Chris the public shoutout/thank you! After his ‘meme style’ posts caught my eye, and his podcast episode about them, I thought I’d try it out! This post isn’t even educational or entertaining – it’s basically just a job post. Still, it has reached 100+ shares on Facebook, 15,000 + reach and 6,300 views all organically (and 32 job applications so far). None of our content – that isn’t a giveaway – has ever reached even close to that level of shares, paid or not. Meme style for the win!”
  • Denise: “Well I’m staggered! The Editing Podcast has made New and Noteworthy in iTunes! Not in the overall bit, but in the Arts>Literature section. We are so delighted!”
  • Jonathan: “I just talked to a former client and sent out a contract for work with a potential for five figures in revenue.”
  • Ness: “Created 19 pieces of content became 57 posts over 3 platforms over 4 weeks Mon-Fri. AND, I made a chart of each piece of content, its comment on SM and whether I posted to FB LI or T for ease of use in the future. Boom! Spent this morning getting 3 emails ahead in my mailing list automation – including photographs!!! This, from the girl who likened Mailchimp emails to glossy magazine articles in her mind in the days of resistance. Such a transformation. I’m hitting the damn button. Worrying at it, rather than about it.”
  • Cathy: “I’ve launched my 2nd course, Facebook Ads Leads Machine, and together with LinkedIn Leads Machine they are going to become part of a group programme.”
  • Jonathan: “Turned down about $4k in business today because the prospects demands didn’t mesh with my desires. #thatswinning”
  • John: “My latest LinkedIn video has 4× the number of views of my previous best. I’m now using the square format that some other CMA members have recently switched to. Works well.”
  • Col: “I just got a great comment on my YT channel that sums up why I started it. This person didn’t know anyhting about design or branding, but has taught themselves enough to have a stab at creating a logo, but also now knows how to communicate better with a graphic designer. This makes me very happy.”

February 2019

  • Ramin is upping his video game and slowly adding to his background. He now has his awesome book on show for the world to see.
  • John shared with us his new logo design, created by Col, and it is looking swav!!!
  • Jonathan has bagged a third project with Microsoft.
  • Yva’s videos, that she has been working super hard on, are now live on her website. It’s looking phenomenal.
  • The Editing Podcast is soaring high for Denise and Louise. 2,000 downloads in five weeks is awesome!
  • Debbie will be delivering a mini Content Marketing workshop to Artesian Spas 🙂
  • Col lands his very first Australian client. Taking over the world!
  • Steve continues to improve people’s lives by sharing his exercises which is helping getting rid of people’s ongoing problems. People are buying from him because of this.
  • Leah and Oscar land a big contract to deliver a workshop. Awesome!
  • Col was also featured in an article alongside the world’s leaders in graphic design answering the question “How important is design in 2019?”
  • Imogen has been working with John to set her Home page alight with beautiful copy. It’s looking fab!
  • John has taken the plunge and started to outsource some of his work yay! He’ll be working alongside Col for his branding and Martin and Lyndsay for his website.
  • The Editing Podcast charts at position 26 in the UK Literature chat!

January 2019

  • Tom shares with us his new personal website and it’s looking fab!
  • Ramin has now hit 45 Patreon subscribers.
  • Col is receiving some really positive feedback comments on his YouTube video’s from his audience.
  • David hit’s the number one spot on Google with one of his blog’s that he published on the same day!
  • Anne continues to help people on their journey with Post Concussion Syndrome by blogging and videoing her own journey.
  • Debbie smashed her second speaking gig of the year and has been as to speak at another.
  • Pete hits a massive two million downloads on his Podcast!
  • Jack ends up over OVER subscribed for his lead gen webinar which produced over his lead target.
  • Ali secure her first wholesale order at a shop in South London!
  • Alex smashes his first speaking gig!
  • NordVPN asks Ahmed to share his blog review on them to use as a testimonial on on the adverts.

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December 2018

  • Roger hosts workshops for corporates and gets paid his full price!
  • Col is featured in The Logo Geek article for a collaboration video he did with another YouTuber.
  • David embrace’s the WCC principles at one of his presentations which went down well with the audience.
  • After a tough ten day marketing campaign, Cara sell’s out all of her ex-display sheds and summerhouses one hour into the sale!!
  • Kenda complete’s the first draft of her book!
  • After much hard work and obstacles, Cathy launches her LinkedIn Leads Machine course.
  • John receives an award from valuable content!
  • Ahmed’s article on Best SEO Freelancers trends on Sparktoro.
  • Ramin passes 3,000 subscribers on YouTube!
  • John is awarded the Dr LinkedIn Gold award!
  • Ross hires his first official employee!

November 2018

  • Col hits 10,000 subscribers on YouTube.
  • Anne hits the 20,000 views milestone on YouTube.
  • Russ passes 25,000 downloads of his Podcast.
  • Debbie bags a great customer as he read through her blogs and gained his trust.
  • John’s article for Mark Schaefer is now being published on Foundr.
  • Ramin was asked to host a workshop after watching Ramin’s YouTube video’s.
  • Martin and Lyndsay receive some incredible gifts from their customers for all their hard work on their websites.
  • Lou bags three customers with one in particular having made the buying decision after reading her blogs.
  • Ahmed gains traction on Twitter after sharing his blog on the need for accessible video’s using subtitles for d/Deaf people.
  • Denise is offered the role of head trainer for Publishing Scotland.
  • Cath, Col, Yva, Martin, Andrew and Bernie smash their sessions at WCC.
  • Col’s business card is featured in Creative Bloq as one of the most innovative around.
  • Anne wins an award at the UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum Film Awards for her video about raising awareness for brain injuries.
  • Denise receives some great feedback from her recent workshop.
  • Ahmed was approached by a deaf guy at a conference this week who passed on that he loves Ahmed’s deaf videos.
  • Cathy’s has been getting a lot of enquiries for her services.
  • Ramin hits the 10,000 views milestone on YouTube which is bringing in more interest for his courses and Patreon sponsors.
  • Cathy hits her highest grossing month as well as being featured in TechCrunch and Social media Today.
  • Phil is seeing increasing sales enquiries coming in for his most profitable sales product as a result of being at the top of Google for the product.
  • Ramin held his first workshop which went awesome for him.
  • Col updates his Thumbnails on a playlist on his YouTube channel and has seen a spike in engagement for these videos.
  • Imogen was invited to talk about accountability on a Facebook Live session with The Admin Bar.
  • Cara celebrates the support she is receiving from the CMA community in the lead up to her big sale at Gillies and Mackay.

October 2018

  • Martin and Lyndsay share their first leg results since launching their Podcast – Make Your Mark Online.
  • Cathy renews a contract with an existing client along with a healthy price increase.
  • John is dominating LinkedIn and receiving some brilliant feedback, now he provides LinkedIn consultancy.
  • Col hits 9,500 subscribers on his YouTube channel!
  • Jason is sailing close to 10,000k downloads on his Podcast!
  • Denise hosted a roundtable at the largest indie author organisation in the world that can open up an number of opportunities.
  • Russ has been asked to co-present at the Family Firm Institute Global Conference in London.
  • John’s affiliate links are bringing him in a good bit of extra cash!
  • Kenda overcomes a massive content block and pushed out another two chapters of her book!
  • Cathy continues to bring in new clients as her business grows.
  • Col receives some amazing feedback on his YouTube videos that motivates him to keep making more.
  • A fan of Ramin is converting some of his famous phrases into ringtones to use!
  • Anne makes it to the shortlist for the UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum Short Film Awards!
  • John gains the first page Google snippet for his Business Blogging Guide!
  • Nadin has seen great website visitor growth since taking part in two 90 day challenges in CMA!

September 2018

  • Roger continues to receive amazing testimonials after 14 years in Body Combat!
  • Jack welcomes his beautiful baby girl to the world!
  • Tom launches his personal website.
  • John closes a big deal with the help of best practices from CMA and Marcus Sheridan.
  • Anne celebrates her first YouTube birthday!
  • Col is gaining some really great enquiries through sharing his video’s on LinkedIn and has a further bank of 90 video’s to share.
  • Denise’s blog “How to use ‘Ranging from’ correctly” is now ranking no.1 on Google above Collin’s Dictionary!
  • Lou receives amazing feedback from a successful strategy day with the help of Caroline from our community.
  • Kathleen receives her first non-family/friend and non-CMA YouTube subscriber!
  • Phil wins two new clients through content marketing and a drop in lead time.
  • Anne receives the extra help she needs to help her move forward on her post-concussion syndrome journey.
  • Roger celebrates 25 years with his wife!
  • Cathy launches the Go With The Pro website with her co-founders.

August 2018

  • Not only did Col hit 9,000 YouTube subscribers, he bagged himself a massive £21k contract with a big client.
  • A blog John wrote for Social Media Examiner on LinkedIn Engagement has hit 10k shares!
  • One of Cathy’s clients has been receiving awesome engagement from the likes of the Robert Albert Hall and BBC Proms.
  • John shared his pricing on LinkedIn and got three new clients of the back of it and some awesome engagement too.
  • Alex has the No.1 best West Bromwich Albion site in the world after starting four years ago. The site attracts millions of views and has thousands of articles.
  • John has been asked to guest blog for Rev.
  • Phil’s winning contracts on his terms.
  • Gav’s first paid hire starts this month!
  • Ramin hits a YouTube milestone of 2,000 subscribers.
  • John hits his target of 500 email subscribers in no time at all. The list continues to grow!
  • Debbie hits her first YouTube birthday and has come a long way with her videos in a year. She won best video this year at CMA Live.
  • Kenda launched her Podcast show The Marketing Agony Aunt.
  • John has been asked to write the opening chapter to the re-published version of “The Presentation of Technical Information”.
  • Martin and Lyndsay shared their opening Podcast results and they were awesome.
  • Ahmed is featured in the LeadPages eBook with sound advice to growing your business.
  • Jack shared some great feedback from a recent speaking gig as he continues to improve on his speaking skills.
  • Col is approached to deliver paid workshops after the client seen him deliver one of his free workshops and was super impressed.
  • Martin and Lyndsay launch their first membership site!
  • Vicky shares her analytic results after putting a hold on content for a while. Her Big 5 evergreen content is still driving a large amount of traffic to her website.
  • Jacks gets some major sales through the works of his content.

July 2018

  • Col is gaining more new clients through his content on LinkedIn.
  • Kathleen’s content is starting to be shared on social media.
  • Denise published her first two videos to YouTube.
  • John receiving some great testimonials from his clients – The Mister Miyagi of technical writing!
  • Col’s “How to choose the right logo for your business” video went straight to the No.1 video spot on the first page on Google after publishing.
  • Mike is getting good traction on LinkedIn with his first YouTube video “Twitter for small business – What NOT to do!”. He received over 600 views in 24 hours!
  • Anne’s doing amazing work sharing her post-concussion journey to the world. She is helping many people by documenting this journey and making connections across the world.
  • Martin and Lyndsay have seen a surge in the number of new members in their Facebook group, “Website tips for non-techies”, with a thanks from the guys to CMA members for sharing it.
  • Denise has found early success with her LinkedIn video. Not only is she getting great viewing numbers. It’s starting to generate leads for her.
  • Russ has received the Family Firm Institute certificate in family business advice.
  • Up against other big branding agencies, Col has won the bid for the branding project for a large new sports facility coming to Dundee.
  • Martin and Lyndsay at Jammy Digital have dropped their awesome new Podcast Show – Make Your Mark Online.
  • Col’s YouTube channel hit 8,500 subscribers.
  • Kenda celebrates an incredible year at CMA including:
  • -launching a blog
    -launching a youtube channel
    -launching a series of FB lives
    -launching a podcast
    -putting together a content strategy
    -nailing an SEO strategy
    -writing her first book!
  • Johns web traffic projections for this year are insane and shared his progress from 2015.

June 2018

May 2018

  • Lynn gets her first speaking gig.
  • Gav launches his first Podcast.
  • Debbie books her first two speaking gigs.
  • Craig celebrates his 50th order through his online store.
  • Cathy bags more speaking opportunities.
  • Col sets up the green screen in his home office!

April 2018

  • Jack sees great results with his Podcast and moves from doing one per week to two per week. Demand!
  • Cara receiving 85% organic traffic to her website.
  • HLCA publish their first video to YouTube.
  • Anne gets a TV feature on Post Concussion Syndrome.
  • Alex achieves 14 blogs, a homepage revamp, 14 podcast episodes and 212 articles (with over 300,000 views) in 90 days!
  • Vicky: Article in Forbes about how Vicky has generate all-year-round revenue from a seasonal business.
  • Ali is nominated for a Janey Loves Platinum award.
  • Ramin’s article is recognised in an industry forum.
  • Anne shares her story on STV.

March 2018

  • David ranks high on Google within the first week of publishing his blog.
  • John: A speaker in the USA referenced his article during a presentation.
  • Cathy’s Facebook group is growing well.
  • Lucy secured the trademark for her business.
  • David’s blog was discussed on the Money to the Masses Podcast.
  • Roger received amazing feedback from his recent speaking gig.
  • Karin was selected to speak at a TedX event in Aberdeen.
  • Theo Paphitis shares Nikki’s blog on LinkedIn.
  • Martin and Lyndsay launch the Jammy Digital website.
  • Debbie gains buy-in for content marketing at her company Eagle Leisure.
  • Jack halved his paid marketing and focusing on content marketing. As a result he has gained volume of quality organic leads.
  • Ramin hits 1000 YouTube subscribers!
  • The Courier covers Anne’s Post Concussion Story.
  • Owen is shortlisted for numerous awards.
  • Vicky sold out her first Puppies and Prosecco night!
  • Karen is recognised as one of the top 50 women in accounting.
  • Col gains enquiries through his YouTube channel.

February 2018

  • Colin launched his podcast app Alitu for test users this week
  • Roger loved the feedback from his recent speaking gig – “one of the funniest marketing presentations I have ever seen”
  • Vicky is looking forward to her recent interview about money and happiness being published in The Sun
  • Anne sold out all her places for her springtime photography tuition
  • Alex filmed a segment for the Premier League and secured a podcast sponsor
  • David reported a number SERP wins with several high ranking blog articles
  • Cara is pleased to be a finalist at the 2018 IoD awards
  • Martin shared an amazing client testimonial this week for a big website project
  • Roger is negotiating speaking opportunities in Albania and Macedonia
  • Anne used a sales challenge to develop her sales skills and win more customers
  • Col celebrates 5000 YouTube Subscribers
  • Yva launches her new brand – Content Boost
  • Salma lunches her new YouTube channel and gets her first 100 subscribers
  • Col launches his new website – Pixels Ink
  • Vicky launches a new website for her Harley Davidson Dunedin Chapter
  • Col is featured in local video promoting the creative industries in Dundee
  • Martin ranks highly in Google for an article in less than a week
  • Russ hits 10k downloads for his Family Business Podcast
  • Debbie increases website traffic by 4x in 6 months
  • Denise gets her first 100 email subscribers
  • Marion gets her first customer as a direct result of content marketing

January 2018

  • Gavin is nominated for a Sunday Mail Young Scot Award
  • Kenda is nominated for ‘’Best Business to work for” in the National Family Business Awards
  • Jude is commissioned to write for one of the biggest websites in her industry
  • Ramin celebrates his first break even week
  • Jack 4x website traffic in 3 months after publishing consistent content
  • Russ generates leads from his first speaking gig
  • Cathy launched her first Facebook group with 200 members
  • Vicky begins the process of collaborating with other local businesses to create more content
  • Col wins the CMA Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Jen registers the Hallmark for her custom handmade jewellery
  • Ali celebrates her clothing line being stocked in local retailer
  • Alex reports 1.6m page views on his website in 12 months
  • Gav featured on STV2 with one of his YouTube vlogs.
  • Col celebrates 4k YouTube subscribers
  • Pam starts her new role in her business in 2018 and is now ‘off the tools’ for good after 15 years of styling. 
  • Anne is featured on TV for her photography exhibition