To get Buy-In, In-House Marketers must become teachers

The latest video for In-House Marketers was published today, and you can watch it on LinkedIn here.

“Why should I help you? It’s not my job to do any marketing…!”

As an In-House Marketer, one of the biggest challenges is getting people in your organisation to provide their expertise and assistance to help you create meaningful content.

How do we get other people to ‘buy-in’ to our ideas and support the marketing efforts for the company?

What should we be doing as In-House Marketers to not just get the buy-in, but motivate and inspire people to *want* to be a part of our marketing projects?

Can you recall the last time you we’re told what to do, or lectured by someone in your company? It’s not very motivational, is it? Your people might end up getting involved in your project, but they won’t do it willingly or with a smile on their face.

To get the level of buy-in you’re looking for we have to become teachers. You must move from telling people what to do, to facilitating discussions with your teams.

As an In-House Marketer, you are the glue that helps everyone to come together and create more meaningful work.

Watch the full video on LinkedIn.



About Chris Marr

Chris is the leading voice of the growing Content Marketing movement in the UK. His pioneering work has helped countless organisations grow through content marketing. His drive comes from a desire to help people break free from the world of interruption marketing.