⏳Give a respectful amount of time and energy to your marketing

Marketing can be stressful. So many platforms to choose, a mountain of tools to use, multiple formats to play with. When you’re playing the game of business survival it’s damn well tempting to do it all. More platforms = more audience = better chances of selling, right?

You only have so much energy in a day. 100% from when you wake up, right down to a low battery when it’s bedtime. It’s the same for your marketing. You start with 100% energy, and if you try to do multiple things all at once – blogging, podcasting, video – you divide that energy between all the activities.

What if you focused on doing one thing really well? One thing that gets 100% of your energy and focus? Like forming any habit, you’ll make quicker progress and get better results. Just like going to the gym, or learning to play the piano, or running a marathon.

Quality content is a non-negotiator when it comes to building trust with your customers. The quickest way to get there is to focus on one thing, build a system that works for you until it becomes second nature – just like when you learned to drive a car.

Once you have a system in place, the amount of energy you need to give the activity reduces. You can then shift some of that energy to another marketing activity and build out a system for that. As you rinse and repeat, you start to create a full-blown marketing department for your business. And because your marketing is getting your attention, you will also get the attention of buyers, and you know what that leads to, right?

Marketing is a primary system and core function of every successful business. Give it a respectful amount of time and energy, because without it everything else suffers.

What’s the one thing you are going to nail?

About Nicola Crawford

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