💡Are you preparing for 2020?

Some of you may already be thinking about 2020 and some of you may be thinking “But, it’s only September!” Before you know it you are frantically rushing about in the last two weeks of December making big plans in 2020 whilst trying to wrap up for the year. But it’s not finished yet, now it’s January and you’re bang into the workflow whilst still finishing your yearly plans.

Why do we leave it until December to think about the deep work of our business? Why do we leave it until December to start planning for the next year?

I know, things get in the way, time flies by, then it’s on your doorstep and now you have to take action.

It doesn’t have to be this way and this year you can make that change. How would it feel if you broke off in Christmas knowing that you had sorted your goals for 2020 and all the plans were in place?

This year, we introduced into our schedules, two major development periods in CMA where we have taken three week breaks from our weekly tasks to focus on deep strategy work for CMA.

In September we broke down all of our projects and made provisional plans and dates for them in 2020. We’ve also been looking at where we can improve on projects going forward thanks to your awesome feedback in the surveys this year.

I can’t stress enough how much this has helped us to move projects forward and give them the time and attention they deserve and we’re feeling more prepared than ever. We hope that that you do the same too.

Is it possible for you over the next 2 months to take 2 weeks to focus on your 2020 plans? Or is it possible that you can look at every week from now until December to block out time for 2020 planning?

Is it possible for you in 2020 to introduce 2 – 3 major development periods in your year so that you can focus on business strategy and planning? So that you can really dive deep and look into your progress so far for the year? To see if you are on the path to meeting your goals for the year of if you need to make moves to change things?

That’s our challenge to you this week.

Let’s get 2020 front of mind for the next few months so you can go into 2020 the most prepared you’ve ever been.

About Nicola Crawford

Marketing PA at the Content Marketing Academy.
In business, I believe in people first.
Mum to two crazy kids, Alaina and Morgan.
Green belt in Shotokan Karate.
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