đź—“Planning and refining

It’s the end of the first week of our development period and we feel we are making some great progress.

Some of this time we are using to plan and refine some projects we’ve got going on.

Chris and I had a great call today about moving forward with course development in the membership platform. We have a solid plan in place for the rest of the year which will result in four new structured courses for members. We’re super excited about this project.

We’ve also asked members for their feedback on their experience with CMA. This is going to give us a good idea of what is going well and what aspects of the membership we need to develop for members. There is always room for improvement. It’s important that the members are involved in this conversation too so that we do right by them moving CMA forward.

The development period is giving us the time to refine our processes too. So, reflecting on the processes and seeing what can be improved and deliver a better experience. Chris and I have been chatting around elements of the membership including how we can improve the weekly roundup calls we have every Thursday with members.

I also had a great call with Ross aka Radlad who we work with on our videos to see how we can improve the video experience on our Instagram. Though a small thing it’s working towards our bigger strategy.

It’s been an awesome first week (with another two to go) and for the first time doing a development period like this, we’re really feeling the benefits of it for CMA as a whole.


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