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There's so much going on here at CMA that it can be hard to keep up. We thought it would be a great idea to keep you up to date right here on our daily 'micro blog'.

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💪 Tackling the mental challenges holding us back from doing great work

Today we facilitated our usual weekly coaching calls with our members.

Over the years we’ve seen an increasing connection between creating content, getting the work done, and the personal mindset challenges that hold us back from doing that work.

In turn, we’ve been spending a lot of time over the past 6 months studying, researching and discussing the personal mindset and mental challenges to help our customers to overcome them and move forward so they can do their best work.

Here’s a flavour of the types of discussions we’ve been having:

– Imposter Syndrome
– External Validation
– Perfectionism
– Self Awareness
– Digital Detoxing
– Stoicism
– Gratitude
– Energy Management

We’ve had some amazing conversations and seen some great progress from our members (and even in ourselves). It’s an ongoing challenge but important if we all want to be the best we can be.

You might be thinking that CMA is a sales and marketing company, and we are, however in order to help people become the best sales people, marketers and communicators, we have to work on these bigger and more important challenges too.

If you’d like to be a part of this, join us 🙂



To get Buy-In, In-House Marketers must become teachers

The latest video for In-House Marketers was published today, and you can watch it on LinkedIn here.

“Why should I help you? It’s not my job to do any marketing…!”

As an In-House Marketer, one of the biggest challenges is getting people in your organisation to provide their expertise and assistance to help you create meaningful content.

How do we get other people to ‘buy-in’ to our ideas and support the marketing efforts for the company?

What should we be doing as In-House Marketers to not just get the buy-in, but motivate and inspire people to *want* to be a part of our marketing projects?

Can you recall the last time you we’re told what to do, or lectured by someone in your company? It’s not very motivational, is it? Your people might end up getting involved in your project, but they won’t do it willingly or with a smile on their face.

To get the level of buy-in you’re looking for we have to become teachers. You must move from telling people what to do, to facilitating discussions with your teams.

As an In-House Marketer, you are the glue that helps everyone to come together and create more meaningful work.

Watch the full video on LinkedIn.



New episodes of the CMA Podcast in March

Just in case you missed it, I recorded a bunch of new episodes for the CMA Podcast this week.

On the podcast I typically keep the chat focused on content marketing, sales and business growth topics. Also, they are usually less that 15 minutes long – nice and easy for you to listen to on your commute to work, on a short walk, in the gym or in the bath!

You can listen to the podcast on all the major platforms:

Enjoy the show and DFTBA!


Filming day at CMA

You’ve probably heard us talk about how important video is for us in 2019.

We’ve talked about it on the podcast here and here, and we also recorded a video about it here and facilitated a live training in our Facebook group here.

Today was our second filming day at CMA. Ross Coverdale from Radlad came to my home office with all his video gear and we recorded 9 videos:

  • 4 videos for In-House Marketers
  • 3 ‘about me’ videos – one for me, Nic and Cara
  • An ‘about us’ video for the website homepage
  • A video for our new in-house video marketing workshop service

A productive day, and will keep us going until our next filming day in May, when Ross will come back to my home office and we’ll film another 9 or 10 videos.

👀 A sneak peek into our weekly community calls

As you know, Thursday morning is when we spend time online with the Membership Squad.

Today we had our Weekly Roundup and our 90 Day Challenge Coaching with Chris.

Here’s a flavour of what kind of things we discussed today:

  • Relying on yourself to be motivated.
  • Sharing your challenges in the community to help you move forward.
  • Nailing the introductions to blogs.
  • Sharing stories in blogs.
  • How to structure a story – sharing the result of the story.
  • Making an emotional connection to the reader in your blogs.
  • How our views of sales and marketing have changed since practicing content marketing.

If you are interested in joining CMA, find out more here.



📚🐛 CMA Book Club

Today, we had our first official CMA Book Club call with the Squad. We’ve been studying Mark Schaefer’s Marketing Rebellion.

We introduced the Book Club to CMA because we felt we could do better with our reading, go deeper with it and hold each other accountable to our actions from our learnings. As business owners there as so many recommended books that we felt we weren’t doing enough with and practice is important for helping us move forward.

A great session with the squad covering video, sharing more stories, getting involved in communities and being more open minded to AI.

A big shout out to Tracey, part of the CMA Squad, who took the plunge, fought her fears and got that video out there on Instagram. #Proud 💙💙

Here’s a couple of descriptions from the squad on Mark’s book if you are interested in digging in.

“It’s a brilliant book about the right way to do marketing!”

“Think you’ve got marketing your business sussed? You need to know you don’t because the consumers are in charge 100%.”

It’s a thumbs up from me 👍



What will you be working on this week?

“What will you be working on this week?”

This is the question Basecamp asks us every week on a Monday, and we’re committed to it.

It holds us accountable to planning our time for the week ahead and the projects we will be working on.

It’s such a simple and effective process to go through before starting each week. I often end up moving things around to suit the type of work, or perhaps to make one day lighter and another more complete. Sometimes I forget about things and I have to schedule in extra time.

Publishing the answer for the team to see is perhaps the best part of the process. We all take a moment to write to each other at the start of each week to show what we will work on. It doesn’t mean that’s what will happen, and that’s why we have other questions too, like:

  • Daily at 4:30pm – “What did you work on today and what’s the plan for tomorrow?
  • Daily at 4:30pm – “What did you write today?
  • Weekly on a Friday – “How do you feel this week went for you (Journal)?

From a communication perspective, answering these questions removes the need for a lot of back and forth in online communication. From a leadership perspective, it keeps everyone accountable for planning, documenting and reporting on progress.

It works really well for us. If you haven’t looked at Basecamp as an option for your company, go have a peek at We love it.

💙 The Human Need for Story

Take a moment to think about one of your favourite songs, more specifically, one that deeply resonates with you. Think about that song for a moment. Think about the lyrics and how they make you feel.

Hold that thought.

Chris introduced me to a rapper called NF recently and I immediately connected to his music. I went from not knowing who he was, to a big fan in the space of a couple of days.

Why did this happen so quickly?

NF’s lyrics are deeply emotional. Raw. Authentic. He raps about the death of his mum, and how he uses music as a therapy session to help him deal with his depression. He raps about his fans approaching him, telling him that he has given them a reason to live.

It’s deep.

I connected. I became a fan.

If we strip away the music, the beats, the instruments – all we are left with is the lyrics. The poetry. It’s storytelling at its core.

Some of the greatest songs in the world, songs that stand the test of time, have stories weaved throughout. They convey meaning and purpose – personal experiences and social issues. They let us understand ourselves better, teach us about the world, make us feel like we are not alone. We feel safe in that moment.

Feeling safe comes right before we trust someone.

Your customers want to feel safe. Safe knowing that you know your stuff, safe knowing that if they hand their money to you, you will take care of them. When you make them feel safe you have connected with them, and that empowers people to take action on THEIR OWN TERMS.

That’s what great songwriting does. That’s how fans are made. That’s how the greatest music in the world is made.

If musicians can be great story tellers, and share their stories through their creative work, is it possible that you can too?

You can share stories, make people feel safe, and empower them to take action.

Think about your favourite song and let it inspire you.

What story will you share in your next piece of content?



⭐️The best CMA content from February…

Here’s a monthly recap of the content from CMA from February

Have a look down this list and pick out something that tickles your fancy.

I’ve included stuff for you to listen to, read and watch.


Short snappy sound bites from February…

  1. 3 ways to build a healthier relationship with social media (<14 mins)
  2. Video Marketing: Why you should be embracing video right now (<12 mins)
  3. Content ROI: Ways to improve your old content to drive sales into your business (<9 mins)
  4. Video marketing: Explode your social video engagement with ‘Meme Style’ videos (<16 mins)


In depth training sessions and short motivators…

Live training:

  1. In-Depth Showcase: How and why we’re embracing video in 2019 (<40 mins)

Short video exercises to get you thinking:

  1. What’s on your stop doing list? (<5 mins)
  2. Stop giving people unsolicited feedback (<4 mins)
  3. Why your business doesn’t need networking meetings (<4 mins)
  4. How do we make our videos go viral on social? (<8 mins)

Videos specifically for In-House Marketers:

  1. Marketers: How much marketing do you really do? (<6 mins)
  2. Don’t make this mistake hiring in-house marketers (<3 mins)
  3. Ask these questions during marketing job interviews (<5 mins)
  4. Marketers: Let the real people do the talking (<4 mins)


I’m also interested in topics that go beyond content marketing, sales and business growth – Like philosophy, human behaviour, leadership, teaching and personal development. That’s what I share with you in these private letters.

Each week I’ll send you a personal thought, observation or lesson that will prompt you to think differently about something.

Important to note – these letters are only published by email.

What’s new…

Much of what we do never makes it to our website, and as a result it can look like very little is happening.

So, we added a new stream feature on our website where you can keep up to date with everything happening in CMA 🙂

Think of it like a ‘ticker’ – a timeline of events happening in CMA.

In person…

  1. CMA Kick Off 2020: 10th January 2020
  2. FREE CMA Sales & Marketing Workshops: 3 dates available in 2019. The next workshop will take place on Friday 26th April.


Be the first to get new content:

  1. Join the CMA Facebook group and get involved in the weekly live content marketing training
  2. Subscribe to the podcast and get me in your ears each week



P.S. Join us at one of our FREE workshops in 2019

A busy day at CMA…

Thursday is a busy day here at CMA. Every week we spend time with the Squad (Members) on a live call to round up the week.

This week we also facilitated a live coaching and content feedback call, which is part of our 90 Day Challenge (available to members only).

I also spent 60 minutes coaching Content Success Formula students (12 module content marketing programme). We covered topics such as

  • Idea generation for Big 5 content – specifically comparison content
  • Writers block
  • Understanding how content marketing is a sales process

This is a monthly Q&A that I facilitate, to help our students make progress and ultimately get results from their content.

We also published a new video on LinkedIn to help In-House Marketers to build their ‘Insourced’ marketing team. You can watch it here.