What’s happening at CMA…?

There's so much going on here at CMA that it can be hard to keep up. We thought it would be a great idea to keep you up to date right here on our daily 'micro blog'.

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Have your say – Our response to your feedback

We recently asked our customers for their feedback on how we can improve what we’re doing here at CMA.

We send out a very simple anonymous survey every quarter just to sense check what we’re doing, to make sure we aren’t missing anything major and to make sure we’re working on the right things.

Thank you to the 19 members that took the time to give us detailed feedback.

There is a lot of very positive feedback in terms of the results that people are achieving, which is exciting for us to read and share with you.

Section 1: In the past 3 months, how have you and your business benefited from being a CMA Member?

“Traffic/Leads/Sales have continued to increase and customers have continued to state the content as the reason for coming in/trust in us as the reason they have bought from us and not a competitor.”

“I’m creating good quality content, more strategic content. I’m seeing my blog posts rank on page one of Google more quickly, and am seeing increased, relevant traffic as a result.”

“Access to information and a network of people with various types of marketing experience and skills. Video coaching from Chris. Relevant content and other reading highlighted each week. Plus the weekly calls help me think about things differently.”

“Difficult to pinpoint one single thing, CMA to me is a constant drip of information and inspiration. If I’m being honest when I’m looking over budgets and question my spend on memberships, CMA always tends to ‘drip’ a little bit of info that reignites my faith.”

“Our company has been able to set marketing objectives and have a clear idea of the content we need to be creating for specific subjects. On a personal level, the CMA membership, it’s members and superb guidance has given me the confidence to write and publish content to a greater standard than I thought possible.”

“The biggest benefit is an increase in self-belief, less worry and feeling secure in myself. On the business side, the content I have produced has improved in quality and has helped me to educate my clients and prospective clients without having to repeat myself over and over.”

“I have learned, and continue to learn, so much from my CMA membership that I truly believe I could not have done this on my own. It’s shown me what I need to be doing to build a better business. In the past 3 months, I would say the accountability has been a major benefit. Plus learning that there is a big difference between what is important and what is a priority.”

“You continue to research, suggest and implement things on a regular basis that members can take on board if they wish or know that it is an option down the track. I love that you practice what you preach so you know first hand what works and what does not work.”

We are also really pleased about the way you passed on your constructive feedback on how we can improve things at CMA. It is all very practical and clear, which makes it really easy for us to take it all on board. We are also pleased that much of it is already been worked upon or planned in for the future.

“Generally speaking, we feel very positive about the responses that you gave us and in this document, we have provided you with a transparent response to what we are doing about it all.”

Members, please do take the time to read through the feedback, you will get a very good feel and understanding of what to expect in CMA in the coming months. You can access the full response here.

When you look at all the work we do laid out in this response to your feedback, we think it’s clear that there are a lot of opportunities for our customers to get more direct coaching from and spend more time with Chris and Nic. It’s a case of turning up in the right place at the right time.

We have a lot of work to do to continue to develop CMA, and it will never be complete. We are excited to develop the service we provide for our customers to not only keep CMA relevant and valuable but to also create a place where our customers feel safe and enjoy hanging out.

The feedback has confirmed that we are doing a lot of the right things already, and we hope that this transparent response is a statement that we do not take our customers for granted, we’re not standing still and we are here to serve you.

It’s been a pleasure working through all your feedback and we are grateful for all of your support.


Chris, Cara and Nic.

PS If you’re not a member and you’d like to be, join us today.

Our customer feedback process

Each quarter we send out an anonymous feedback request to our members.

The survey is incredibly short and will take less than a few minutes to complete.

We use this as an opportunity to make sure our members are heard and understood. We like to keep it anonymous so our members can share with us exactly what’s on their mind. We want their truth and perspective.

Nic and I had a meeting today to discuss the feedback and how we will respond.

The outcome from the survey will be quickly communicated back to our members, with a full and transparent overview of exactly what our plans are over the next 3-6 months to improve our product and service.

There’s always work to do to improve what we do, and it’s important that we ask our customers to be involved in that process.

We had an overwhelming feeling of pride as we read through the feedback – those that completed the survey are doing great work and getting lots of value from CMA.

We’re looking forward to all the work we’ll be doing to develop CMA and continue to improve the service we offer.



New podcast series – The Interviews

It’s crazy to think that it was over two years ago that I recorded and published Volume 1 of The Interviews. Another great idea that I started but didn’t finish! Story of my life.

I’m so pleased to get back to documenting the journey of the CMA Squad, and because it’s been a few years, we’ve got so many amazing stories to share.

You can go back and listen to Volume 1 here, and you can expect Volume 2, Part 1 in your inbox on Wednesday 22nd May (if you are subscribed).

2.1 includes:

We’ve also planned out Volume 2, Part 2, and you can expect that to be ready in the next few weeks 🙂



🤚Stop getting distracted by other peoples success…

There’s so much going on in the world – good things and bad things.

When you don’t know about them, they don’t affect you. When you do know about them, you let them affect you.

But what’s the difference?

We make it far too easy for external things right in front of us to affect us.

For example, it’s far too easy to be distracted by other peoples perceived success and what other people are doing. Especially with everyone sharing what they are doing on their social platforms.

It’s easy to say “I want to be like that” or “I want what they have” – and chase the outcome.

Don’t chase someone else’s result or outcome – that’s a sign of a distracted mind.

Focus on your own purpose, and your own reason and why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Your goals shouldn’t be a reflection of other people’s goals.

…and it doesn’t matter if the rest of the world know if you’re busy working or not.

We’re not here to impress other people.

Have your own clear goals. Your own clear purpose.

Manage your own expectations and be stay in control of yourself and your work.

It’s amazing how a mindset like this can change how you think and behave, and ultimately improve the quality of work you do.

⚡️It’s all going down in CMA

We have made a tonne of announcements over the past few days in the CMA membership. We’ve got lots coming up so what’s happening so far?

CMA Awards

This week we released the CMA Awards. This is to celebrate peoples incredible efforts in Content Marketing. The nominations are coming in and we can’t wait to celebrate with everyone on June 14th. Did we mention that we have some incredible names and friends sponsoring some of the awards. Check them out:

⭐️ Ann Handley is sponsoring the Bigger, Braver, Bolder award.
⭐️ Marcus Sheridan is sponsoring the Big 5 award.
⭐️ Mark Schaefer is sponsoring the Be More Human award.
⭐️ Brian Fanzo is sponsoring the Press the Damn Button award.

If you’d like to get involved, check out the awards and how to nominate here.

CMA Mastermind

We’re about to start another Mastermind session in the membership. The Mastermind is a small group of CMA members that join a call every month for the next six months and work on high-level strategy for their business.

Members can take a hot seat and discuss challenges they are having and we work through the challenge by asking questions and helping clarify the issue to help the member move forward. This results in an action plan from the member in the hot seat to work through.

The development we see in the class is incredible!

90 Day Challenge

Applications are open for our 90 Day Content Marketing Challenge. This challenge is a focus group that helps you execute on a marketing campaign, be held accountable for producing content and receive feedback from Chris to improve your content quality.

These challenges produce hundreds of content and the progress is insane. Our next challenge starts on the 3rd of June. You can find out more about it here.

CMA Feedback

We are just about to close our feedback survey from members. It’s important that members are fully involved in the development of CMA so we can work on shaping it for their needs. We’ve had a great response from it. Chris and I will be reviewing the responses on Friday and together we will produce an action plan to share with members so they know what we plan on developing.

It’s all go here. The development period will be over in just over a week and we’ll be right into all these projects again. It’s the best part of getting involved with members and seeing them progress and develop. They amaze us every day 💙

🏆 Get your entry in for the 2019 CMA Awards…

At CMA we believe in order to move forward, be successful and achieve your goals you MUST celebrate your wins. You guys work so hard!! It’s easy to just keep truckin’ on and not acknowledge your awesome creations… Well not anymore!

Get your entries in, whether it’s you putting forward your heart and soul or nominating someone else that has went beyond the moon to create something amazing – get your entries in before May 31st and come along to The Wake on June 14th.

  • There are 10 award categories
  • You may enter more than one award category
  • You may submit your own entries
  • You may submit entries for someone else
  • The awards are open for everyone (you do not have to be a member of CMA to enter)
  • Deadline for entries is May 31st 2019
  • Awards ceremony is 14th June 2019 in Edinburgh
  • You do not have to be available for the ceremony to enter and win an award category

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the entry categories >>

🗓Planning and refining

It’s the end of the first week of our development period and we feel we are making some great progress.

Some of this time we are using to plan and refine some projects we’ve got going on.

Chris and I had a great call today about moving forward with course development in the membership platform. We have a solid plan in place for the rest of the year which will result in four new structured courses for members. We’re super excited about this project.

We’ve also asked members for their feedback on their experience with CMA. This is going to give us a good idea of what is going well and what aspects of the membership we need to develop for members. There is always room for improvement. It’s important that the members are involved in this conversation too so that we do right by them moving CMA forward.

The development period is giving us the time to refine our processes too. So, reflecting on the processes and seeing what can be improved and deliver a better experience. Chris and I have been chatting around elements of the membership including how we can improve the weekly roundup calls we have every Thursday with members.

I also had a great call with Ross aka Radlad who we work with on our videos to see how we can improve the video experience on our Instagram. Though a small thing it’s working towards our bigger strategy.

It’s been an awesome first week (with another two to go) and for the first time doing a development period like this, we’re really feeling the benefits of it for CMA as a whole.


No weekly calls during our development period

For such a small enterprise it’s incredible how many daily and weekly tasks there are. We could go on for days and weeks and months just doing the daily work.

You know just as well as we do that we can’t grow and develop a business just doing daily tasks. That’s called maintenance.

At the tail end of 2018, when we were planning for 2019, we knew that in order to make 2019 better than all previous years we had a lot of development work to do. There’s no way we could do that kind of work in an hour here and there throughout the week – we needed focused time for deep work.

So, we put everything in our calendar right up to the end of 2019, including two main periods for development. May & September. We’re not on holiday, we’re not taking a break, we’re saying no to distractions and yes to important work that we need to do to develop CMA.

One of the outcomes is that there will be no weekly roundup call this week, next week, or the week after.

Nic and are using this time to focus on bigger projects for the membership, and we have reduced our weekly and daily tasks to the bare minimum to allow us to do work that needs our attention.

For example, today (Thursday) we are spending the whole day on Zoom together recording a new programme for CMA.

By taking the weekly roundup out of our schedule we are saving at least 7 hours in the week to do something important.

We will be keeping you up to date on what we’re working on right here on our Daily Log.



💪 It doesn’t get easier, you get better…

What do you do when you’re having a really bad day?

Something triggered you, maybe a few things happened all at the same time and really threw you off your game.

Suddenly you change.

You’re feeling very irrational and emotional about your life and your business.

From a positive, outgoing, ambitious person, to a person who wants to run away from it all.

In the moment, if someone offered you a way out, whatever it is, you’d take it.

You’d happily take the option to avoid facing these challenges if someone presented it to you.

But it never works like that. No one is going to save you.

All of this is a sure sign that you are being challenged.

Your mindset, your skills, your ambition…you are being tested.

Do you want this hard enough to get through it? When will it end? When will all this hard work get easier?

When you get better. That’s when. It doesn’t get easier, you get better.

The only way to being better is through.

It’s never as bad as your irrational brain thinks it is.

When you wake up from a dream, a nightmare perhaps, you know right away that it wasn’t real. As much as it may have rocked you, you are still able to recognise the difference between a dream and reality.

Yet, every day, we dream with our eyes wide open, about things that might happen to us in the future, or perhaps things that have happened to us in the past, and we don’t make the distinction between what is real and what is not.

Find ways to be more objective, more logical and more rational. It’s not easy to do, but when you know when you’re triggered, and you can recognise it, you can then react in a better way.

Find the coping mechanism for you. Becoming self-aware of your feelings is the key to moving forward.

Recognise the trigger, recognise the feelings, and then act immediately.

👍New Workshops, yes please!

Tuesday 7th May

Chris, Cara and I have been focusing on setting up the CMA Awards. The applications are ready, we’re just about ready for the webpage to submit your applications then it’s all go. Keep an eye out for the announcements on our social channels.

If you’d like to attend the awards, book your place here: The Wake – CMA Awards

We’ve also been working on new workshops which will be hosted on the morning of the CMA Awards on June 14th.

Chris and Ross aka Radlad will be hosting the workshop: How to use video to increase sales and revenue.

Here’s what you’ll be learning:

Did you know that over 80% of content consumed online is video?

When you look closely at your own buying behaviour, and the behaviour of your customers, you will find that we are watching more video now than ever to help us make buying decisions.

There’s not a single company or industry that is exempt from this.

When it comes to video there’s a lot of barriers and challenges holding us back – everything from feeling comfortable on the camera, to knowing which types of videos will bring the best return on investment, to what equipment to use and platforms to publish on.

When you leave this workshop you will not only feel confident about getting on camera and producing sales for your business, but you will know exactly what types of videos to create to get more customers and increase sales and revenue.

Book your ticket for the workshop here: How to use video to increase sales and revenue.

And if one workshop wasn’t enough we have TWO workshops 🙌

Cara will also be hosting her own workshop: How to talk about your competitors online

Here’s what you’ll learn:

With over 70% of the buying decision being made online before the first contact, knowing how to speak about your competitors is the most valuable marketing skill you can employ within your business today.

The most popular content consumed by a potential buyer in today’s online market is ‘Reviews Based Content’. This allows the potential buyer to make an educated decision on what is best for them.

If you are lucky, your business may be one of many on the table for a potential buyer.

What if there was a way to make sure that you weren’t just on the table, but you owned the table?

Talking about your competitors isn’t easy, and with as little as 3% of businesses actively referring to their competitors in their marketing, it’s no wonder anyone knows what they are doing…

Having the confidence to discuss your competitors, document their work, have an opinion on their offering and then publishing it for the world to see can seem like an impossible ask, I know. I’ve heard it all before.

Luckily, not only have I done the work, I’ve got the results to prove it works.

In this workshop, I will teach you everything you need to know and understand in order to confidently publish content that directly relates to your competitors. I will share with you the results of Reviews Based Content and what it can mean for you and your business.

I will help you focus with a guided structure, establishing boundaries, promoting integrity and complete your own understanding of what it is you have to offer and why that is credit enough to join the conversation that every single potential customer of yours is having.

Book your ticket for Cara’s workshop here: How to talk about your competitors online