⚡️It’s all going down in CMA

We have made a tonne of announcements over the past few days in the CMA membership. We’ve got lots coming up so what’s happening so far?

CMA Awards

This week we released the CMA Awards. This is to celebrate peoples incredible efforts in Content Marketing. The nominations are coming in and we can’t wait to celebrate with everyone on June 14th. Did we mention that we have some incredible names and friends sponsoring some of the awards. Check them out:

⭐️ Ann Handley is sponsoring the Bigger, Braver, Bolder award.
⭐️ Marcus Sheridan is sponsoring the Big 5 award.
⭐️ Mark Schaefer is sponsoring the Be More Human award.
⭐️ Brian Fanzo is sponsoring the Press the Damn Button award.

If you’d like to get involved, check out the awards and how to nominate here.

CMA Mastermind

We’re about to start another Mastermind session in the membership. The Mastermind is a small group of CMA members that join a call every month for the next six months and work on high-level strategy for their business.

Members can take a hot seat and discuss challenges they are having and we work through the challenge by asking questions and helping clarify the issue to help the member move forward. This results in an action plan from the member in the hot seat to work through.

The development we see in the class is incredible!

90 Day Challenge

Applications are open for our 90 Day Content Marketing Challenge. This challenge is a focus group that helps you execute on a marketing campaign, be held accountable for producing content and receive feedback from Chris to improve your content quality.

These challenges produce hundreds of content and the progress is insane. Our next challenge starts on the 3rd of June. You can find out more about it here.

CMA Feedback

We are just about to close our feedback survey from members. It’s important that members are fully involved in the development of CMA so we can work on shaping it for their needs. We’ve had a great response from it. Chris and I will be reviewing the responses on Friday and together we will produce an action plan to share with members so they know what we plan on developing.

It’s all go here. The development period will be over in just over a week and we’ll be right into all these projects again. It’s the best part of getting involved with members and seeing them progress and develop. They amaze us every day 💙

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