💪 It doesn’t get easier, you get better…

What do you do when you’re having a really bad day?

Something triggered you, maybe a few things happened all at the same time and really threw you off your game.

Suddenly you change.

You’re feeling very irrational and emotional about your life and your business.

From a positive, outgoing, ambitious person, to a person who wants to run away from it all.

In the moment, if someone offered you a way out, whatever it is, you’d take it.

You’d happily take the option to avoid facing these challenges if someone presented it to you.

But it never works like that. No one is going to save you.

All of this is a sure sign that you are being challenged.

Your mindset, your skills, your ambition…you are being tested.

Do you want this hard enough to get through it? When will it end? When will all this hard work get easier?

When you get better. That’s when. It doesn’t get easier, you get better.

The only way to being better is through.

It’s never as bad as your irrational brain thinks it is.

When you wake up from a dream, a nightmare perhaps, you know right away that it wasn’t real. As much as it may have rocked you, you are still able to recognise the difference between a dream and reality.

Yet, every day, we dream with our eyes wide open, about things that might happen to us in the future, or perhaps things that have happened to us in the past, and we don’t make the distinction between what is real and what is not.

Find ways to be more objective, more logical and more rational. It’s not easy to do, but when you know when you’re triggered, and you can recognise it, you can then react in a better way.

Find the coping mechanism for you. Becoming self-aware of your feelings is the key to moving forward.

Recognise the trigger, recognise the feelings, and then act immediately.

About Nicola Crawford

Marketing PA at the Content Marketing Academy.
In business, I believe in people first.
Mum to two crazy kids, Alaina and Morgan.
Green belt in Shotokan Karate.
Always learning, always growing.