💥 CMA Development Period – Week 1

We’ve started our second and final development period off with a bang.

If you’re not sure what the development period is, Chris and I take a break away from our weekly commitments to focus on deeper development for CMA. It’s a chance for us to accelerate projects forward and focus on strategy.

Right now we’re making a lot of changes and planning for 2020. We did this in December last year and bubbled over into the beginning of January and we wanted to get well ahead this time.

So here’s what’s been happening:


We had a full video recording day session with Ross aka Radlad.

We used this day to record the Intro to Content Marketing course – which was a success after a couple of failed attempts from us! It’s done now so you’ll see this one released sometime in October.

Chris also recorded a couple of videos for our website. We’re developing the website to be more video focused which we’ve been building out this year. We’re happy with the progress we’ve made on this so far.


Chris and I had a meeting about the 90 Day Challenge and how we will develop it for the upcoming challenge and going into 2020. We’re grateful for everyone’s feedback in the CMA Survey which helped us shape the new changes. We got to work on this straight away implementing the new changes in the 90DC documents ready for release on Friday.

We also had a meeting to discuss Kick Off which is coming up in January (Book your place here).
We discussed the theme, idea’s for speakers (you guys) and who we’d like as a Keynote this year – not striking off the big names! We’ve still much planning to do for the event and we’ll be working on it every week up until the event day. Keep an eye out for announcements starting in November.


It’s Daddy day for Chris. He spent time with Luna and Spencer and took them to visit the Museum of Transport in Dundee.Beep beep!

Nic spent time on Podcast writing for the new changes coming up and more prep for the 90DC, getting the final bits in place.


Chris started off the morning interviewing the lovelies that are Imogen and Louise for the CMA Podcast Show – sharing their journies with content marketing and their recent CMA Award win! You’ll get to listen to their interviews at the end of September 🙂

We had our final 90 Day Challenge call of the current challenge. Great to discuss with you and reflect on the challenge. We were blown away by your reflection documents and seeing the journey you have been on in the challenge. Your results are incredible and you’ve truly worked for it. Well done!

Chris and I spent some time on sales and marketing planning for the WCC online training. We’re excited to see how this develops and hope you can join us in the future. There have been big changes including making the course super practical.

Chris also spent a bit of time making some changes to the CMA website and adding in new details.


We kicked off the morning with the Live Training for the next 90 Day Challenge starting Monday 23rd September. In this training, we discussed getting prepared for the challenge and announced the new changes taking place. You can catch up with the training here.

Nic’s been preparing a marketing strategy ready for the re-release of the podcast and Chris working on the consultancy projects for CMA.

Chris also announced a Twitter challenge in Slack where you’ll post a tweet every day for the next 14 days where you’ll share your experiences, opinions, and wisdom to help your audience. If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in, check out the deets here.

In the style of Gordon Ramsay – Week 1 – Done!

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