⭐️ The best CMA content from April…

Hey 🙂

Here’s a monthly recap of the content from CMA from April.

Take your time to read through all the different topics and pick out something that tickles your fancy.

I’ve included stuff for you to listen to, read and watch.


Short snappy sound bites from February…

  1. A simple content marketing strategy (<29 mins)
  2. Why would someone NOT buy from you? (<17 mins)
  3. Trust is everything: How to build trust quickly online (<16mins)
  4. Why you must create the best content that exists (<16 mins)


In depth training sessions and short motivators…

Live training:

  1. How to review you competition and stay classy (<31 mins)


  1. What’s more important…marketing or sales? (<5 mins)
  2. Why do marketers keep leaving their job? (<4 mins)


I’m also interested in topics that go beyond content marketing, sales and business growth – Like philosophy, human behaviour, leadership, teaching and personal development. That’s what I share with you in these private letters.

Each week I’ll send you a personal thought, observation or lesson that will prompt you to think differently about something.

Important to note – these letters are only published by email.

What’s new…

Much of what we do never makes it to our website, and as a result it can look like very little is happening.

So, we added a new stream feature on our website where you can keep up to date with everything happening in CMA 🙂

Think of it like a ‘ticker’ – a timeline of events happening in CMA.

In person…

  1. CMA Kick Off 2020: 10th January 2020
  2. FREE CMA Sales & Marketing Workshops: 2 dates available in 2019. The next workshop will take place on Friday 19th July.
  3. The Wake: Say goodbye to CMA Live with us – in style – on Friday 14th June. Join us for a night of memories, food, music from Funk & Disorderly and awards.


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Until then, enjoy your week and DFTBA!


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Chris is the leading voice of the growing Content Marketing movement in the UK. His pioneering work has helped countless organisations grow through content marketing. His drive comes from a desire to help people break free from the world of interruption marketing.