🐻Using Bonjoro to elevate the customer experience

This year at CMA we have a heavy focus on integrating video in both our content and our processes. Video is increasingly popular with audiences and an awesome trust-building tool.

We are using a tool called Bonjoro which helps you send videos to your customers through their app.

We’ve found the open and engagement rates on these videos to be phenomenally higher than a written email.

Right now, when you join CMA, you’ll receive a welcome video from us through Bonjoro. It’s a great way for us to introduce ourselves and put a face to the name.

We also use this tool to send videos to you with details for our workshops. We’re finding it works really well and are looking to use it much more in CMA.

Listen to the podcast from Chris on using Bonjoro to elevate your customer experience.

Check out the tool here: Bonjoro

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