Filming day at CMA

You’ve probably heard us talk about how important video is for us in 2019.

We’ve talked about it on the podcast here and here, and we also recorded a video about it here and facilitated a live training in our Facebook group here.

Today was our second filming day at CMA. Ross Coverdale from Radlad came to my home office with all his video gear and we recorded 9 videos:

  • 4 videos for In-House Marketers
  • 3 ‘about me’ videos – one for me, Nic and Cara
  • An ‘about us’ video for the website homepage
  • A video for our new in-house video marketing workshop service

A productive day, and will keep us going until our next filming day in May, when Ross will come back to my home office and we’ll film another 9 or 10 videos.

About Chris Marr

Chris is the leading voice of the growing Content Marketing movement in the UK. His pioneering work has helped countless organisations grow through content marketing. His drive comes from a desire to help people break free from the world of interruption marketing.