What will you be working on this week?

“What will you be working on this week?”

This is the question Basecamp asks us every week on a Monday, and we’re committed to it.

It holds us accountable to planning our time for the week ahead and the projects we will be working on.

It’s such a simple and effective process to go through before starting each week. I often end up moving things around to suit the type of work, or perhaps to make one day lighter and another more complete. Sometimes I forget about things and I have to schedule in extra time.

Publishing the answer for the team to see is perhaps the best part of the process. We all take a moment to write to each other at the start of each week to show what we will work on. It doesn’t mean that’s what will happen, and that’s why we have other questions too, like:

  • Daily at 4:30pm – “What did you work on today and what’s the plan for tomorrow?
  • Daily at 4:30pm – “What did you write today?
  • Weekly on a Friday – “How do you feel this week went for you (Journal)?

From a communication perspective, answering these questions removes the need for a lot of back and forth in online communication. From a leadership perspective, it keeps everyone accountable for planning, documenting and reporting on progress.

It works really well for us. If you haven’t looked at Basecamp as an option for your company, go have a peek at basecamp.com. We love it.

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