😒 I’m all alone…

🎡I’m all alone, there’s no one here beside me 🎡

You know that one right, donkey from Shrek… please tell me you have seen Shrek!

As you can see I have now gone crazy from being alone at CMA while Chris and Cara are away.

Being on your own is tough right? I’m getting a glimpse of that this week. I didn’t realise how much I relied on the guys to be around for accountability. Chris has talked about this too.

It’s not accountability in the sense… have you done this yet?

It’s more the back and forth chatter, the bouncing of ideas, you’re doing this – I’m doing that kinda chat. Just the work chat that keeps us moving along productively.

Who holds you accountable for your work? Do you have someone to chat to on the occasion that keeps you going? Maybe you like working completely alone and there’s a fire inside of you that keeps pushing on?

If you’re struggling with accountability and need an extra push, pop me a message in Slack and I’ll be happy to chat it out or we can set some deadlines and I can nudge you now and then if you want that.

Here for all the nudging πŸ™‚

I better get back to my weekly roundup thinking…

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