📱Coaching calls: What did we discuss this week?

It’s been a busy day today with our weekly calls and CSF Q&A coaching call with Chris.

Here’s what we covered:

Weekly RoundUp Call

The main topic this week was discussing the incubation period of creativity. Nic took us through the 5 step process of creativity and explained the importance of leaving a problem when we get stuck and what our brain is doing in the background.

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90 Day Challenge

Some fantastic work this week from members. Each week everyone is taking on the feedback and getting better everytime. Imogen had mentioned that she’s is seeing a traffic increase to her website through her recent efforts. Amazing!

The main message this week was about really seeing things from the reader or watchers world, showing them that you understand what it is like for them. Developing empathy, trust and disarming the reader in your introduction.

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Great questions asked on this months Q&A. Here’s what we covered:

👉What is a good length for a video?
👉When should you start creating content when working through CSF?
👉Does a content schedule matter?
👉Writing content for buyers already in your sales process
👉Why are people not buying from you?
👉An overview of Best of/Review articles
👉Should you link to your competitors and their products?
👉Talking about competition in your content
👉Using video in your proposal process

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