💪 Tackling the mental challenges holding us back from doing great work

Today we facilitated our usual weekly coaching calls with our members.

Over the years we’ve seen an increasing connection between creating content, getting the work done, and the personal mindset challenges that hold us back from doing that work.

In turn, we’ve been spending a lot of time over the past 6 months studying, researching and discussing the personal mindset and mental challenges to help our customers to overcome them and move forward so they can do their best work.

Here’s a flavour of the types of discussions we’ve been having:

– Imposter Syndrome
– External Validation
– Perfectionism
– Self Awareness
– Digital Detoxing
– Stoicism
– Gratitude
– Energy Management

We’ve had some amazing conversations and seen some great progress from our members (and even in ourselves). It’s an ongoing challenge but important if we all want to be the best we can be.

You might be thinking that CMA is a sales and marketing company, and we are, however in order to help people become the best sales people, marketers and communicators, we have to work on these bigger and more important challenges too.

If you’d like to be a part of this, join us 🙂



About Nicola Crawford

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