๐Ÿ’™ The Human Need for Story

Take a moment to think about one of your favourite songs, more specifically, one that deeply resonates with you. Think about that song for a moment. Think about the lyrics and how they make you feel.

Hold that thought.

Chris introduced me to a rapper called NF recently and I immediately connected to his music. I went from not knowing who he was, to a big fan in the space of a couple of days.

Why did this happen so quickly?

NF’s lyrics are deeply emotional. Raw. Authentic. He raps about the death of his mum, and how he uses music as a therapy session to help him deal with his depression. He raps about his fans approaching him, telling him that he has given them a reason to live.

It’s deep.

I connected. I became a fan.

If we strip away the music, the beats, the instruments – all we are left with is the lyrics. The poetry. It’s storytelling at its core.

Some of the greatest songs in the world, songs that stand the test of time, have stories weaved throughout. They convey meaning and purpose – personal experiences and social issues. They let us understand ourselves better, teach us about the world, make us feel like we are not alone. We feel safe in that moment.

Feeling safe comes right before we trust someone.

Your customers want to feel safe. Safe knowing that you know your stuff, safe knowing that if they hand their money to you, you will take care of them. When you make them feel safe you have connected with them, and that empowers people to take action on THEIR OWN TERMS.

That’s what great songwriting does. That’s how fans are made. That’s how the greatest music in the world is made.

If musicians can be great story tellers, and share their stories through their creative work, is it possible that you can too?

You can share stories, make people feel safe, and empower them to take action.

Think about your favourite song and let it inspire you.

What story will you share in your next piece of content?



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