✋ It’s not about your latest piece of content…

How long have you been building your content bank up for? How many pieces of content have you deposited in the bank? Can you access and find your content easily or do you find yourself clicking in multiple directions on your website to find it?

Do you have a search bar on your website? Is your content broken into sections on your website by format? Do you have an even balance of content covering your buyer’s journey or are there gaps?

You may be at the beginning of this content journey, building up your content balance or it might be time to start arranging your content into a structure. It might be time to invest your content. What do I mean?

People come to your website because they have a problem that needs solving. They want to see if you can solve their problem. We know this, right?

But how is your content organised on your website?

Have you split the navigation menu into videos, podcasts, blog?

Put yourself into the buyer’s shoes for a moment…

When you go to a website are you thinking “I’m going to scroll through their podcasts and see what they’ve got?” “I’m just going to check out their latest video’s and see what the chat is”

No, right? We want to know if they can solve our problem.

The longer someone has to look for something on your website, the less likely they are to stay on your website. You might have all the content that will help them see that you can solve their problem, but if they can’t find it and it’s not structured, you’ll be waving tata to them.

Let’s look at Spotify for a moment. When you are looking for something to listen to on Spotify, do you just go to the music section or do you search by mood, genre, Artist, similar artists?

When I need to focus, I’ll search for a focus playlist, or Hans Zimmer, my man, knows how to get me through a piece of writing.

Then what do Spotify do? They introduce me to similar playlists or types of music to discover. I don’t need to endlessly scroll through their music to find something that suits me.

Do you make it easy for our customers to discover your content or are you focused on the newest piece of content?

When you search on Google, Google doesn’t give you the latest content, it gives you the content that best answers your question. The one that has the best potential to solve your problem or help you get there.

How can your website be it’s own Google? We’ve done this work to become the Wikipedia of our industries. Now it’s time to become the Google of our own industries. It’s time to make it as easy as possible to move your prospective customers through the buyer’s journey.

But where do you start?

Begin by centralising your content.

If you haven’t done this already, no matter what stage you are at in your content production, begin to centralise your content.

Open the spreadsheet (or whatever format suits you best), take a note of all the content you have produced so far, then start to organise them.
What type of content is this? Does it sit in a particular topic bucket? What stage of the buyer’s journey is this piece of content for? Who is this content for? Is it for a particular product you have?

Now you have somewhere, where you can easily access your content.

What gaps do you spot? Do you need to work on more consideration pieces of content?

Start filling out the gaps.

What next?

Think about the problems you solve for customers. Get specific.

Start from the problem and write down what that content journey would look like based on the content you have right down to buying. Again, are there gaps?

Doing this work will help you to begin seeing the different journeys people can take on your website and you can begin to organise your content in a way that makes it easy for them to navigate.

Here are examples from some CMA members that do this very well:

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Eagle Leisure
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Content Boost

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