Stefan Thomas: How content marketing helps me bring value to my network

This is a guest article from our TCMA 2015 Keynote Speaker Stefan Thomas
Written by Stefan Thomas

Stefan Thomas

Stefan Thomas: Author of Business Networking for Dummies

My niche is business networking. That’s what I do and that’s what I talk about much of the time.

I’m the author of an Amazon bestseller and have spent almost ten years now building my following at “real life” networking events and seven years now building my social media following.

So for someone like me, with a comparatively large following both in real life and on social – what’s the “point” of content marketing.

Using content marketing to deliver value to my network

I’m attending The Content Marketing Academy to learn more, much more about how to get good at this. At the moment I feel my way through, but this is as close as I have to a strategy.

I respect every single one of my followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and wherever they find me and I believe, strongly, that if they have taken the time to follow me, that I have a responsibility to deliver value to them.

I spend a ridiculous amount of time replying to people personally across all my channels. I read their stuff, reply to their stuff, share their stuff and try to engage and interact constantly.

And then I know that because people follow me to find out more about networking, that I OWE them content about networking. I have been interested in them and now they want to be interested in me. It’s my role to provide value to my followers by giving them my insights, thoughts and advice on networking. So I do.

So that’s my responsibility dealt with, but where’s the value to me in all this time I spend?

Building a relationship with content marketing

I make sure I notice who interacts with me. Who reads my stuff and comments. Who shares or retweets. These are the people who are moving closer to me. These are the people who may start at the outskirts of my network, but have chosen to move closer to my inner circle.

I take notice of them firstly because they have taken the time to read my stuff and secondly because the people who like my free content are going to LOVE my premium stuff, my book and my 121 work. By showing their interest in me they rapidly become people who are much more likely to become clients.

And if people have taken the time to read my stuff, there is NEVER a need for a cold call – in fact, people appear to be really flattered to hear from me.

Networking grows my network. Content marketing helps me to bring value to the network I’ve created.

Your turn

  1. How can you use content marketing to add value to your network?
  2. Are you letting your audience down by not providing them with content that adds value?
  3. What challenges do you currently have with content marketing?

Let us know what’s on your mind by joining the conversation in the comments section below.


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