Why you should smile in your videos – The Three Second Rule

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Just like you, I watch a lot of video without sound, and I can’t help but notice that the people on video look truly miserable.

There’s a really simple way to solve this and make your videos more engaging from the start.

It’s called ‘The Three Second Rule’, and this is how it works…


There’s one simple thing that you can do that will completely transform your video. And I think you’ve got a really good idea of what it is.

Something as simple as a smile completely changes your whole body language for your video.

So if you look at the difference between the two takes in this video, one with a smile, one without a smile, what’s the difference? What’s the difference that you see in me?

Well, my eyes light up, the tone of my voice is a higher pitch and I have a different tone. My whole body language is changed. Look at me, I’m animated.

Without that smile, all of that is gone.

What do you think your audience sees if you’re not smiling?

Most people watch a video without sound. Imagine watching my take without sound.

It’s just this miserable guy just mouthing away. Nothing’s happening. I can’t even see the words coming out of your mouth ’cause you’re not smiling.

It changes everything about how you turn up on video.

My challenge for you is to try it today. I want you to try smiling more in your videos.

I’m gonna give you a technique that you can try on camera, and I want you to see the difference between what your old videos looked like and what your videos today will look like.

It’s called The Three Second Rule.

Once you press record on your camera, I want you to do three seconds of a smile. And then once you go into your content, you’re gonna be coming off the smile.

So the very first thing, the very first thing that anybody is gonna see on camera from you is your smile. And that’s gonna change everything. Trust me. It’s gonna be so much better.

Give it a try today, The Three Second Rule.

It will transform your videos, and your audience will absolutely love it.

Don’t forget to be awesome.

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