Slack vs Facebook Groups: The problems with Facebook groups and why we moved to Slack for our private community

  • This article was so helpful. Thanks so much for putting it together. I am building a community to follow up on a paid workshop. We are going use to as an accountability group to make sure we implement the lessons from the workshop. Given your assessment here I am making the leap to slack. Thanks again.

    • Chris Marr

      How’s Slack working out for you Derrick?

  • I have had the same challenge with my website community being on Facebook, my website is for handling sex and love within the context of marriage, and so I have a Facebook group for it, unfortunately due to Facebook being free for all, I now have a group with 80,000+ members but most are just spectators, spammers, marketers and people whose interests are so out of context with the aim of the website and the group. Worse malicious people keep reporting us and as you know we are at the mercy of Facebook and some of my admins accounts got permanently suspended from Facebook including mine. So I have decided this year to set up a forum in my website totally dedicated for love and sex issues. It is picking slowly, but it is catching up. Worse on Facebook posts cannot be categorized at all, making it so difficult to follow up on topics of interests as some jokers simply flood existing topics with drivel.
    This article is just a motivator for me.

    • Chris Marr

      How’s Slack working out for you Anthony?