When SEO doesn’t matter

  • I agree that building a community is a good move.

    But, SEO is still super important. As long as customers are searching on Google, the sites with the answers – and the top rankings – will attract new visitors and win opportunities to drive new business.

    A lot of marketers devalue the benefits of organic traffic because they aren’t getting any. Organic traffic is steady and it grows month-to-month – hard to beat?

    • Chris Marr

      Hey Ross,

      Thanks for your thoughts on this. I completely agree with you re: organic traffic.

      What I’ve been finding recently is people obsessing about SEO, keywords, etc and getting very little results.

      One option that’s available to business owners, that they aren’t working on, is actively building their audience and their community, and thinking about how their content could be shared through their community.



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  • Nick Arthur

    I agree Chris, despite being an SEO guy. I think you should always follow best seo practice when creating content but you shouldn’t obsess over optimising and trying to rank on page 1 when there are only 10 spots. If you get your content shared it will reap SEO benefits anyway. Building the authority of your content with shares and hopefully inbound links will eventually result in Google sending you traffic for all sorts of searches.

    • Chris Marr

      Hey Nick, good points. Thanks for taking the time. I hope you’re well and business is thriving! #dftba