Virgin meets the Ron Jeremy of the marketing world

“So how did you end up joining The Content Marketing Academy (CMA)?” is one of the first questions you will be asked by another member when joining the community.  It’s a great ice-breaker question and there are so many fascinating responses!

I personally love hearing how other members found their way into the membership. Particularly that final ‘decision point’ when they knew they had to just get involved.

In this guest blog Kathleen Elliot shares her own journey with content marketing and joining CMA.

It’s personal. It’s motivating. And it’s up lifting. I’m so pleased that Kathleen chose to share it.


Ok, so for those of you that really only clicked on this article because the name ‘Ron Jeremy’ lit a fire inside, I salute you. If you have no idea who Ron Jeremy is or what his area of expertise is, now is the time to find out – just make sure you are on a private computer and there are no kids around!

Meet the virgin

For the past 20+ years I have worked in Finance for a huge corporate company. In that period I had a few varying roles but they all came back to finance. I sat in a huge department surrounded by number mad accountants. These were the type of people who got excited over large expenditures or animated over an accrual.

The only two things that kept me sane throughout two decades were being put in charge of the department newsletter and the social committee. I really looked forward to getting my teeth into writing articles, launching competitions, feeling free to ‘create’ oh and organising piss ups.

On ‘the job’ training

The opportunity came up for me to join a small independent company in their marketing team. I was going to be responsible for the marketing for two companies, each in very different industries, radio communications and biotechnology.

I am sure some of you will resonate with the phrase ‘fuck it moment’? I have had a few major FIM’s in my life, all of which have turned out to be amazing – unbeknownst to me; this was going to one of them.

Each company had a website with a telephone number – that was it.

Social media was an avenue that I was aware of (that’s where all the cool people hang out, right?) but I had no idea how to use this in business.

I headed for Google; I read and read and read some more. It became apparent to me that getting out there and meeting people seemed to be a big thing so I flung myself into a few events.

It was at one of these events that I met ‘Ron’ (I am assuming that you all realise now that Ron is actually Chris?! – if you have not got that by now – S.T.O.P.R.E.A.D.I.N.G)

He gave a wee bit chat on the fundamentals of content marketing and covered what a blog was and how it can help a business. I really enjoyed what was said and it gave me food for thought.

That’s where it ended – you know what it is like; you are in the moment, you’re enthusiastic then you see the bloody big mountain you need to climb and think – “there must be a faster, easier way”

The hustle

Skip forward a few months; I received an email from ‘Ron’ with the subject ‘guess how much I love you’ – are you kidding, hud the bus, what is this guy on?

Ok, so it was Valentine’s Day and he was making the point that love has a central place in business and that you have to feel passionate about what you do, to make it work. Replying to his email was probably the first time in business that I have actually been myself. I didn’t have to keep to any expected corporate ‘style’; I was free to say what I wanted. Instead of “should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me” I signed off “Peace, over and out :)” – man it was liberating!

Now this, THIS was where the magic started to happen; ‘Ron’ kept popping up in my in-box. I was starting to pay attention, he was gaining my trust. ‘Ron’ was brought in-to our company  for a 2-day workshop, helping with our content marketing journey –  there were no forced pleasantries, fake laughter or corporate chat – this was down to earth ‘get stuck right in aboot it’ stuff.

I work with a great team of people; they all have their roles in the business but it was down to me to take ownership of the marketing.  I no longer wanted to be in this on my own, I wanted to be part of something more. I needed to be surrounded by likeminded people so I took the plunge and joined the CMA.

Being part of the CMA is nothing short of awesome;

If CMA were an ice-cream it would be mint choc chip, chocolate sauce and a flake.

If it was a dinner it would be hot chilli con carne with tacos, salsa, sour cream and guacamole.

If it was a drink it would have to be a double Morgan’s and Lemonade with ice and lemon.

As it stands CMA has helped me formulate a plan, curate content and rebuild 1 ½ websites (I say ½ as the launch of the biotechnology website is scheduled for mid-August)

I can safely say that without ‘Ron’, his team and the whole CMA squad (special mention to Martin H, Col, Denise and John E) I would still be sat scouring Google waiting on my P45.

That bloody mountain is still there to climb but each and every CMA members are my ropes, hard hat and crampons.

So what’s my point? Make the jump, have more FIM’s – this virgin’s cherry has well and truly been popped.

Here’s to applying all the hearts, flowers and mushy shit to the weeks, months and years ahead.

Guess how much I love you all now, suckers!

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About Kathleen Elliott

Kathleen Elliott Guest BlogKathleen Elliott (Kat) is in charge of Marketing for The Bridge Group of companies. Two companies very far removed from each other in respect of their services.

Bridge Systems Ltd specialises in Radio communications and Bridge Biotechnology produce 2 unique water purification technologies.

Yet they have once common goal – they want and need a shit hot marketing approach!

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