Public Workshops – Feedback

Kevin Anderson – Owner, The Story Edge

Having attended the Content Marketing Academy conference in 2015, I made a decision to get along to one of Chris’s Content Marketing workshops as early in 2016 as possible. The workshop took place in Dunfermline. I wasn’t sure what I’d get from the workshop. For context, I’ve worked in marketing communications for over 20 years. For the last six months I’ve been an active member of the CMA Mastermind Community. So what else was there to learn?

Simple answer. A ton! The workshop came at the right time for me. I was confused about my own business and also was struggling to find focus in my content marketing efforts. Chris did a fantastic job of delivering a workshop that talked about both the theory and the practice of Content Marketing. I particularly liked the use of real World, practical examples to illustrate many of the key points.

I came away from the workshop feeling motivated to raise the level of my Content Marketing efforts. As well as being a knowledgable content marketer, Chris is one of the best workshop hosts and facilitators I’ve encountered. It’s a rare combination.
If you’re a business owner looking to learn the principles of Content Marketing I’d recommend that you attend a Content Marketing Workshop from the CMA. You’ll have your eyes opened to a new way of growing an even more successful business.

Julia Brown – Owner, Activate HR

I chose to attend the CMA Content Marketing Workshop because I believe in the content marketing philosophy, and as a new business owner, I needed help to build relationships with an audience who might eventually trust me enough to buy from me.

I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the philosophy and start to develop the skills and knowledge I needed to add value and build those relationships.

It was so good in that it was a small group of individuals with very different backgrounds but with a shared goal. I learned so much about what, and what not to do from Chris and also from the other attendees.

Running your own business can be a lonely job sometimes, but Chris and the group made me feel like I was supported in my quest. It wasn’t just a chance to soak up knowledge though, Chris keeps you on your toes by having you articulate the actions you will take as a result of each learning stage.

He has a great way of enabling you to fathom the answers to your own questions and always brings you back to the customer’s perspective.

This guy is seriously good at his job!

Both the personal, and the professional value I have received from the workshop and as a CMA member has been immense. I never in a million years thought I would have the guts, capability or confidence to publish my own blogs; yesterday I published my third article.

Chris and the other members of the Membership Community have been a complete inspiration which has grown my confidence, given me courage, strengthened my resilience and spurred me into action.

As an HR Consultant, my business is all about relationships, dialogue, trust and credibility. This workshop has not only helped me build an audience, it has also
made me better at my job.

If it wasn’t for CMA, I would be a rudderless ship on a stormy ocean. CMA gets 10/10 from me and I would thoroughly recommend, not only this workshop but also the CMA Membership Community if you are serious about creating an audience and building relationships.

Gerry King – Owner, i-netco

I chose to attend the content marketing workshop as I’d had such a great experience at The CMA Marcus Sheridan event in September followed by excellent follow up from the CMA team in the weeks and months after the event. Also, I like to work with people I like, you and your team are genuinely likeable people!

From the workshop I’d hoped to deepen my commitment to and knowledge and understanding of content marketing, all of that has happened. I also see this kind of event as a reward for the hard work I do, it’s a treat to be able to take time out of working in my business, to get up to Edinburgh and recharge the batteries.

The insights from Chris and people steeped in content marketing were invaluable, I learned about Dan Norris who wasn’t on my radar and have had great value from that alone quite apart from the other insights. The workshop was a good opportunity to mix with and learn from like minded people.

The additional knowledge I’ve gained at the workshop has increased my confidence and motivation levels which is vital for anyone in business, this will help me to continue to improve how I market my own business and also will enable me to help my own clients to do the same.

Jamie Ogilvie -The Auto Enrolment Advisor

We first met at the New Start Scotland Event and got on really well straight away. We had already started producing our own content but had no clear strategy with it. We hoped to gain an insight into how content marketing has worked for other businesses and implement a strategy of our own. We took a lot from the interaction between the other guys there and Chris, the informal nature of the workshop promoted idea generation. The workshop and content market will change how we position ourselves in the market, we will implement the concepts of content marketing with all of the material we produce. We would have no doubts referring Chris and the workshop to a friend.

Jennifer Duff: Sales & Marketing Coordinator, GS Group

Content Marketing had always intrigued me, but it was also something I never felt I could actually create and implement myself. This workshop showed me otherwise.

Chris’s wealth of knowledge and straight-forward take on the concept showed me that a strong content marketing strategy is not only achievable, but also incredibly valuable if you want to create better customers. The relaxed, interactive format of the workshop also encouraged many open discussions that allowed us to generate new ideas that we can take forward into our roles.

I studied marketing at university and therefore understand the key principles, however this workshop has really given my marketing skills an edge that I’m keen to develop.

I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking to improve their marketing efforts and learn about the world of content marketing – you won’t regret it!

Jackie Ross; Contract and HR Admin Manager, Shackleton

I really enjoyed the TCMA conference in September and after finding out that you were coming to Dundee I knew I couldn’t miss it!

The main reason I attended the content marketing workshop was to find out more about content marketing and how to put the principles into practice. In general, I want to increase my knowledge and understanding of content marketing.

The workshop has allowed me to focus on what we are currently doing (and not doing) and I appreciated the valuable feedback on our website.

I really enjoyed how straightforward and simple the delivery of the workshop was, which really helped to get the message across.

What I have learned from the workshop will allow us to focus on our content marketing, reflect on what we are currently doing and refer to the key simple steps/recommended tools, books etc.

I believe that all businesses need to be doing this otherwise they will be left behind!

Ali McGill; Founder & CEO, Ashton McGill

I’ve been keen to learn more about content marketing, so the workshop was ideal for me. I had been hoping that I would learn about the principles underlying content marketing, and get a good understanding of how I could apply CM in my business.

Chris was a great facilitator, making sure that he involved everyone, and giving us plenty of opportunities to discuss points as they came up. Ithis relaxed style, coupled with his deep expertise in the area, meant that everyone was totally engaged from beginning to end.

I have already mapped out almost 75 blog ideas, updated my You Tube Channel, and started to write our mission statement. Next up is taking some time out to write our content marketing strategy.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the workshop to anyone in business who wants to learn about content marketing. Chris is an expert and you will learn a ton of stuff by attending. It will change your life.