Private Workshops – Feedback

Louise MacLean – Sales and Marketing Manager, Technologistics

Prior to discovering CMA and Chris, we had no exposure to Content Marketing whatsoever.

We were at a point where we acknowledged areas in our business we wanted to change and we didn’t feel like traditional marketing was the right fit, nor did we believe it would work for what we wanted to achieve.

We walked into the workshop pretty unsure of what to expect but with a strong sense that we were doing the right thing by giving it a shot.

The workshop has delivered us a pop-up-package of how to integrate content marketing into our business quickly and efficiently and it has equipped us with the tools to manage this process ourselves.

The great thing is, we know that the support is there from Chris and his team as much or as little as we like.

The value for money we experienced from the workshop heavily outweighed what we could have possibly imagined. The content was rich, efficiently delivered, offered a good amount of staff-involvement and the day was the right pace without being difficult to follow – even for beginners like us!

We plan on knitting Content Marketing into the core of our business, we want it to form part of our DNA and we would highly recommend any company considering the same journey.

Not only would we recommend the workshop to beginners like us, we believe these workshops would be great for all companies who value the way their business communicates – we are already planning our next one.

Cara Mackay – Managing Director, Gillies and Mackay

Cara Mackay Marcus Sheridan

After our workshop with Chris it was ‘Mission Accomplished!’ I knew their brains would be ticking away over the weekend, thinking of ideas and really understanding what I was talking about for the past 9 months. Not least, I knew they’d be awakening their own individual Content Marketing spirit – their why?

Personally, I was revisiting old ground with new eyes, and it’s amazing all the things you miss. There’s plenty more; if I were to hear the same thing again tomorrow I’d have 100 different ideas all over again. For the business it’s the crucial camaraderie a “right let’s do this!”, which created a positive, buzzing attitude.

What quickly became apparent, shortly after, was the way in which we communicated separately with our customers. We now know that there are important aspects of our communication process with our customers that need to be more uniform, in line with each other; the Gillies and Mackay way and to do that we first need to take direction from the customer.

The facilitation and delivery was, truthfully, flawless. Chris works the room perfectly, and although I’ve seen it before, it was so exciting to be a part of the eye opening realisation coming across the other members in the room. It’s such an inspiring position to be in – watching them “get it” and get excited. I can tell you that neither John nor Grant (my directors) have taken notes…EVER!

As far as I’m concerned, Content Marketing is the only marketing – hard sell is dead and gone, shouting at your customers is no longer tolerated and if you miss this then you’ve lost it.

Unless you, that actual REAL you, and your board, experience the excitement right in front of your face, it’s nothing but theory. Put the principles into practice and see how far you can go.

No word of a lie, the Monday after the workshop I walked into work and AliBob Café, who I invited along to the workshop, were executing their very first piece of content marketing – a gorgeous trifle, wine and a free recipe pictured ready for social media!

Grant actioned a detailed set of instructions for snagging doors fit for film. And John had asked “how did you get on with your video…” THEN offered the advice – did you think of someone? a person to direct your speaking to?

I’m so proud that all three, just “got it” and so will you be.

Rory Butcher – Knockhill Racing Circuit

Rory ButcherAfter reading Chris’s blogs, listening to his podcasts and watching his vlogs we were very excited about learning more about Content Marketing and how it can be incorporated in to the more traditional marketing strategies that we already use. We took part in a half day work shop at Knockhill which made it really convenient for our staff. We learned a huge amount as a group, gaining a good understanding of the CM philosophy, how it can help strengthen the bond between a company and its’ customers as well as attracting new/better customers!!

The experience definitely highlighted areas in our current marketing strategy that could be improved and we spent time during and after the workshop to work out the best ways to move forward.

Chris was very friendly, professional, confident, knowledgeable and extremely passionate about Content Marketing. He used power point presentation, video’s, shared personal experiences and also used a good old fashioned white board to help explain his points and brain storm  ideas. Overall there was a very relaxed atmosphere allowing everybody to get involved, ask questions and put forward ideas.

The cherry on the cake was Chris’s audit of our website which he did off his own back in his own time. He supplied us with a 30  minute video where by Chris took us on a journey through our website, analysed our Google Analytics and highlighted where we are strong and where we can improve. It was a truly informative experience and to say Chris went above and beyond is an understatement!!

Content Marketing will play a big part in the future of Knockhill Racing Circuit and we have already started making changes to how we interact with our audience. We have adopted the Content Marketing philosophy and we look forward to the long term benefits. Thank you Chris!!

Bruce Hydes – Founder, Edgar Stewart Selection

I had hovered around content marketing for the last few years, doing minimal posting onto LinkedIn, etc. In truth I probably had my head in the sand around this topic – did not know enough or too busy to be bothered with the hassle. However, I was introduced to Chris Marr and Learning Everyday by my Co-Director. We agreed to have an initial meeting around how it works and how it might help our business.

On first reflections I really bought into Chris, he is well read, researched and very passionate about this area of marketing. What really got me was how quick he was to grasp how this concept could support our recruitment business. He was also not a hard sell type of guy which would have turned me off.

The beauty of content marketing is that it is the start of a long journey and even small steps can bring results. We are moving towards the implementation phase and trialling a few ideas in one part of the business.

This suck it and see approach helps us, as too much too soon would not work. Having now begun to understand how content marketing could shape our professional image and reputation both as a business and individually, the investment of time and effort is a gimme rather than a chore.

We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Chris and his team.