Why you should study content marketing

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In this episode Chris shares with you the main reasons why content marketing is worth of your time, attention and study.

If you been sitting on the fence, or you are struggling to get results from content marketing, this is for you 🙂

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Full Transcription:

Hey, welcome back to the Content Marketing Academy podcast show with me your host, Chris Marr. In this podcast episode I want to talk to you about why content marketing is very much worthy of your time and effort to study.

So there is 1,000 ways to grow [00:00:30] your business, right?

As a marketer, as a business owner, as an entrepreneur, there are just so many ways to grow your business. There’s so many distractions. What do you focus on? What should you be doing? What shouldn’t you be doing? Should you be doing content marketing? Should you be thinking about it? Should you be doing Facebook Ads? Should you be doing Google Ads? Who knows, right? There’s just so many things to so.

The best advice, to cut through all the noise, the best advice I can share with you is to absolutely focus on something. Focus on something, give it everything you’ve got. Study it. Master it. Get world [00:01:00] class at it. Give it everything you’ve got and become really, really good at it to grow your business. But when it comes to anything it’s about…For us it’s about helping you to understand why content marketing is something that you should spend your time and your money and your energy studying and practising and getting into.

I think one of the things I want to say is that content marketing is way more than just writing a blog. I think a lot of people see content marketing as blogging and it’s [00:01:30] so much more than that.

Content marketing is about understanding and acting upon changing consumer behaviour. Okay, and a blog, or a video, or a podcast, or whatever the content happens to be, is about creating that content. Whatever that platform or the medium that you want to go into, it’s about creating that content that helps that consumer to make a buying decision. An educated buying decision, right? That’s what it’s all about. It’s not really about [00:02:00] defining content marketing or appreciating content marketing, it’s first of all understanding how people make buying decisions. If we understand that, we realise that content marketing is actually the only legitimate way left to market your business, especially if you want something that’s going to help you now and into the future.

We’ll go into some of the benefits of studying content marketing. I think it was Seth Godin said that it’s, “Content marketing is the only marketing that’s left.” I’ve seen other thought leaders and other [00:02:30] marketers kind of spout this out as … They just say it, they just say, “Content marketing is the only marketing that’s left.” But if that was the case then everybody would be doing it wouldn’t they because it’s the only one that’s left? But it actually isn’t. It’s probably better to say that it’s the best type of marketing for today. For today in 2017, 30th August 2017, content marketing that’s not the only marketing that’s left but it’s the better type of marketing for you and your business. So if you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a marketer, [00:03:00] content marketing should absolutely be something that you are studying. Like I said, it’s not just a blog. It’s not just about getting good at writing or writing a blog that we’ve talked about. That’s part of it, but it’s absolutely about understanding consumer behaviour and creating content that leads people down that journey to help them make a buying decision.

So I think this is the key thing here, right, it’s just understanding why you’re not doing it yet. Why are you listening to this podcast and you’re still kind of on [00:03:30] the fence, or you’re on the periphery. You’re on the outside of content marketing looking in. Why are you not two feet in digging into it, right? It’s because of the distractions. You’re not focused. You don’t have a plan or a strategy. You’re just getting distracted by what other gurus are saying, or what they aren’t saying, or you should do this, you should do that. The key thing is to focus in on it. Make content marketing the thing that you want to master and you will not look back. You will just be so engrossed with it and you’ll see the results from [00:04:00] it, because you’re giving it everything you’ve got.

My journey started with Gary Vaynerchuk back in 2008, 2009 when we read Crush It. Crush It was a thing that made me start my blog and get into social media. I didn’t know it was content marketing back then, but all I knew was that if I didn’t start creating content, then I was going to be left behind. The same is true now. Even seven, eight years on there’s still an opportunity for you to grab it. It’s not too late. It’s not too late. So if you’ve done loads of stuff in the past with content and [00:04:30] nothing seems to be working, then follow this path. Take my lead. Let me help you. Let me get you into this. Let me help you study it, become a master of it, practise it, implement it, get results and eventually, hopefully, be in a position to teach it to other people too.

So let’s talk through this, right. So we get things like people saying to us, “You know we’re doing content marketing but we’re not getting any customers. It’s not working.” Well if that is the case, if you’re doing content marketing and you’re not getting any customers, then there’s a good chance that you’re not actually doing content marketing. You might be creating [00:05:00] content, but you’re not fully understanding or appreciating what content marketing is.

Now, let’s just lay it right out on the table here, content marketing, any form of marketing that you’re doing in your business absolutely must be driven by sales. It has to be about sales. So even when we talk about blogs, and we talk about podcasts or videos or any form of content, it has to be sales-driven. It has to be customer-centric. What’s the point otherwise? You’re just [00:05:30] writing content for the sake of it. I think a lot of people out there are. Maybe you are. You’ve been writing content. You’ve been creating content videos maybe. It’s just not hitting the mark. It’s just not getting people over the fence and buying from you. If that is the case then there’s a good chance that you’ve got some gaps, opportunities and a deeper level to go in terms of study.

So here’s why I think you should study content marketing and I want to give you a resource today as well that will help you with this.

Number one is consumer behaviour [00:06:00] has changed forever. In the last 20 years since the internet has been around, everything’s changed in the way that we buy things. Just look at your own buying behaviour. We do 70% of our buying decision is made online before we make contact with the business for the first time. Now that’s the on average, 70% on average. That research was by Google and it’s called the Zero Moment of Truth. It’s that people are making their buying decisions online before they contact the business for the first time. Now if that is the case, we absolutely have to be creating content [00:06:30] in order to people on to … Sorry, get us onto their radar so they can find us. How do people find you when they’ve never heard of you before, right. That’s you creating content that helps people in that sort of awareness consideration stage, right. That Zero Moment of Truth, 70% of the buying decision is made online before a potential customer contacts the business for the first time.

That’s number one, consumer behaviour has changed. Business communication has not changed. There’s a gap. There’s a mismatch in how we communicate [00:07:00] and we have to close that gap.

Number two is assets. When you create a piece of content, a blog, a podcast, or a video, whatever it might be, you actually own it. You don’t have to keep paying for it like you do with advertising. You actually own that piece of content. It is yours, you can use it today, you can use it tomorrow, you can use it next week, you can use it next year, you can use it in your emails. It’s your content. You actually own it and it’s on your website. It belongs to you and your business, so you can get that value from that piece of content [00:07:30] for as long as it exists. As long as you’ve created an evergreen piece of content, something that lasts for a long period of time, or forever in this case. An asset, something that increases in value over time.

Number three is that you are continually writing and creating content, or creating video, or podcast, or whatever. You are in this creation mode of production. Nothing feels better for your business to create and produce and help your business to grow by doing so. Even just being in the act of creating [00:08:00] and publishing just feels good about … It feels like your actually doing something for your business. You’re feeding it. You’re feeding or you’re watering your grass, right, and that’s what it’s all about. It becomes fun and exciting because of that as well. So that’s another great thing about content marketing is when you’re creating content that’s valuable to people, that’s something that people can get something from, like they learn something or it solves a problem. That is fun and exciting. It puts the fun and excitement back into business and back into marketing. So that’s like another [00:08:30] added benefit.

I’ve got number four and number five, I don’t know what number I’m on. It’s low cost. What I mean by that is that it’s not … Content marketing doesn’t have to be a cash drain on your business. It might cost you some money, but it certainly isn’t going to be draining your cash. So a lot of content marketing stuff you can do with time, effort and patience rather than throwing money at it. In some ways actually I think a lot of businesses, writing a check for something or paying money for something is actually an easier option than doing the work that really matters, which is [00:09:00] to create that content. So low cost, but the offset of that is that it takes a lot of effort and a lot of patience to do it. But it pays off big time in the long run. Even in the short term you can get some amazing results.

Number five, number six, life skills. The skills that you learn from understanding, studying, practising and teaching content marketing are skills that you can take to any enterprise, any business. If you’re an in-house marketer and you go to another organisation you take those skills with [00:09:30] you. If you are a business owner and entrepreneur and you want to start a new business, you will take those skills with you. Wherever you go, those communication skills, that content marketing skills, that creative skill set that you take that with you. That becomes an asset for you and your future and your career as well. So it becomes something really valuable. You get paid based on the value that you offer people, the value that you offer the marketplace. Content [00:10:00] marketing is a valuable skill set to have for businesses and organisations. I think that people will recognise that, especially as time goes on, as business owners become more and more aware of this thing we call content marketing.

Number seven. Content marketing is marketing. Content marketing is today’s marketing. It’s relevant. It’s modern. It’s the way that people communicate. It’s the way that people learn and take in information. [00:10:30] They’re using the internet every single day to do that. It’s just like if anything at all, the reason that you want to study, the reason that you want to understand content marketing is because it is today. That is today’s marketing. You know I don’t think I could be any more clearer than that, that is today. You absolutely have to embrace it if you want to be relevant in business going forward. The value that it brings, the return on the investment, the assets that you create, it’s valuable to you. It works, right? [00:11:00] This is like a combination of things here. It’s valuable to you as as asset. It’s valuable to your business because it allows you to communicate with your audience when you aren’t there. It’s kind of skills you … It works. It gets sales. Not only does it get sales, it creates a better quality of customer as well.

There’s a lot of … I don’t have time to go into it in this podcast episode but there are many amazing examples of businesses both B2B, B2C, from manufacturing to IT support services that have absolutely crushed it [00:11:30] with content marketing. They’re getting amazing results because of it. So it’s that huge amount of value. It’s not just return on investment. It’s not just a narrow eye. It affects everything in your business. It improves even your own understanding of your business. The more you write, the more you create, the more you put out there. It completes your knowledge and you just go deeper and deeper and you become so knowledgeable in your industry and you become a thought leader, which can obviously offset into your own personal brand. [00:12:00] Your own personal brand grows by proxy because of it as well. So it improves everything. Your content touches everything in your business, your team, you, your customers, everything.

Perhaps one of the last points I want to make is that it will differentiate you from everyone else in your marketplace, because even though we’ve been talking about content marketing for a while, even though you’ve probably heard of it before, even though it’s getting bandied about and people are sharing their own information about [00:12:30] content marketing. It’s all over the place, people have heard of it. It’s hugely misunderstood. Not only is it misunderstood, it is not … Because of that, sorry, it’s not getting done properly. People think they’re doing it, but they’re not. You can study it at a deeper level and do it better than anybody else in your industry and you can absolutely crush it and you can differentiate just through your marketing. You differentiate because of your marketing.

So that’s why I think you should study content marketing. I think it’s that important to understand [00:13:00] it and to study it and to practise it. I want you to get to the level that you understand it so well and you become such a great practitioner that you can actually teach it to other people and articulate it and define it and help other people to understand it and buy into it as well. The Content Success Formula is my 12-week coaching programme that will take you through from all of the beginner material right through to the intermediate material and will coach you through that by hand. [00:13:30] There are 12 modules. There’s 60 videos. There’s homework to do every week. We have a live class every single week with me. You get one-to-one coaching from me as well. That opportunity to join the next course ends this week, Friday 1st September. The class starts on the 4th September. If you’re listening to this podcast after that date then just go to the link in the show notes for the Content Success Formula and you’ll be able to see what dates are available for you going forward.

The Content Success Formula is a 12-week [00:14:00] coaching programme to help you master content marketing and absolutely nail it. We want to see you getting results. My mission is to get you through the course, through the 60 videos, through the 12 weeks to the end. Because people download online courses all the time. They do the first couple of modules and then it just collects dust after that. Mark O’Sheridan and his team at the sales line created this course, the 60 videos. We coach it exclusively within CMA. This is not available anywhere [00:14:30] else. We want you to go deep. We want you to study it. We want you to get results and support you in implementation. Get the results from content marketing, show you how it’s done.
Visit the link in the show notes to see what the Content Success Formula is all about. There’s testimonials. There’s a module overview. There’s a behind-the-scenes. I’ve also done a Facebook Live video, which I’ll also put a link to in the show notes for you as well. The cost runs down to £50 a week. You can pay in three instalments of £199 plus VAT for three [00:15:00] payments. You can spread that over three payments, so you can pay £597 plus VAT as a one-off payment. That’s for your 12-week course. We’re also going to throw in, if you’re not a member of CMA already, you will get access to the CMA membership community for three months, because that’s where it all happens. You can get an insight into what happens there too in the CMA membership community.

So that’s why I think you should study content marketing. We also have something to help you actually study it too. I want to help you study this at at deeper level so you can absolutely [00:15:30] nail it and crush it for your business. Get the results. Get more customers. Be relevant in 2017 and beyond. If you’ve got any questions about anything, you can email me: chris@cmauk.co.uk. You can tweet me @ChrisMarr101. I hope you’ve had an amazing day and don’t forget to be awesome.