Video Marketing: Why you should be embracing video right now

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Video marketing is at the top of its game right now. This year 80% of all content consumed will be video and there is still plenty opportunity for you to embrace video in your own marketing. So what is holding you back from making a start?

In this episode Chris shares how we are integrating video in our marketing at CMA; why you don’t need to do it all yourself; and how video can help drive sales into your business.


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Over the years I have done a lot of video. I probably do hundreds of videos every single year.

Most of that, I’d say 95% of those videos is either live Facebook, live Zoom, live coaching, live group coaching. We’ve never really embraced video, I would say, as a marketing channel. That’s what we’re changing in 2019. We are leading with video. We’re embracing video, everything is getting a video. That’s a big deal for us.

There’s a couple of reasons why, and I’d love to share with you a little bit more about what we’re doing. That’s what, I think, this podcast episode is really all about.

My main challenge for you really is to think about how you’re going to embrace video for your business, for your space, for your audience. Now, I originally felt like we were a little bit late to the game on this.

Marcus Sheridan has been telling me for years to get in on video. Probably two years ago, I think, January 2017 Marcus was really pushing it back then. As per usual, I feel like I’m really late.

However, the great thing about it is that the market’s ready for it, there’s lots of resources there for us too, and we’ve managed to get up to speed really, really quickly, like very, very quickly. Now, that we’re actually doing it, I can just see how much opportunity there is there for us, all of us. I don’t think it’s late at all anymore. I think that’s totally flipped for me. I think there’s a ton of opportunity out there for you too.

In fact, most of the clients that we’re working with are really starting to skip past this. There’s businesses we’re working with that haven’t really done any content marketing at all that are just going direct to video, which I find really, really interesting. I think mainly they can just see, they just understand from a consumer perspective just how important video is and that they’re prepared to do the work and invest the resources into doing video.

That’s what we’ve done as well. At the end of the day, as teachers, as consultants of marketing, we absolutely have to be seen to be doing it too, but not just seen to be doing it. We have to show that it can be done as well. We should not just do it because we want to be seen to be doing it. We should be doing it because we want to show that it works for our business too. We have customers. We have consumers. We’ve got prospective customers out there as well, so video has to become part of this for us too.

I don’t think we could hold back on it any longer. It was so clear to me that we had to do this. I pulled some stats actually from a talk that Marcus did, which I’ve included in the show notes for you as reference if you want to go watch it. It’s quite short, but it’s very, very good. It’s five, I think, I can’t remember the talk title. It’s something to do with five things every company needs in order to really embrace video. He had two statistics at the front end of this talk, which I felt were really, really interesting.

The first one is by the year 2019, which is right now, 80% of all content consumed online will be video.

80% of all content consumed online will be video content. That wasn’t even the one that really stood up, like the one that made me stand up.

It was social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

It’s funny, because even just so early in our process with video this year in 2019 I’m already seeing this. It’s crazy.

What Marcus is actually saying here is that if you’re not doing video, you’re not doing social media. If you’re not doing video, are you really doing content marketing? I think the answer is becoming more and more and increasingly no, that video is becoming the front runner in terms of how we go to market and how we put our content out there.

I guess there’s a lot of challenges in here. I want to share, before I get into that, I just want to share with you how we’re doing, how we’ve decided, how we’re actually doing it in our business. I think there’s a big, this is, again, self-reflection for you here is, it’s the same for me is that I realized that I’m not a videographer. Now, I’ve done a vlog before. I’ve done video before. I completely understand what it takes to plan, film, edit, and produce and publish a video.

I honestly do not, not only that I’m not interested in that, I don’t have the time to do it. If I was to do all of that, it could take me a day just to get one video out. I’m not interested in learning that. There are people out there that can do it far better than I can, and I’m better off paying them to do it, because that means they can build their business too.

I knew that I didn’t want to do that. I’m not a videographer, I know that. I know there’s people out there that can do it better than me, and I don’t want to spend any of my time editing video. I knew that in order to do this properly, I was going to have to hire someone to do it. I was going to have to outsource this. I was going to have to outsource somebody had to come into my office, do the filming, take all the footage away, do all the editing and then produce these videos for me as a final piece for us to share on social. That’s what we’ve done.

We’ve hired a videographer. We’ve hired Ross Coverdale, Radlad, to help us. If you want an introduction, let me know. I’ll put you in touch.

He’s going to be working with us for six days this year, six whole days. We’ve spaced them out across the year to batch videos. We sat down in January. We filmed 10 videos in one day, and those videos will go out every single week, and then we’ll have another session. We’re probably going to create something like 60 videos this year, maybe more.

We were very strategic about it, we’ve picked a very specific niche, a very specific industry segment, and we have a very specific outcome that we’re trying to achieve with these videos as well. It was really important. I think the penny just dropped for me, and maybe it’ll drop for you now too, or maybe it’ll be some time in the future, but for me it was just like we absolutely have to do this now. We have to get on this before everybody else does, and we have to be moving with video. It’s just so, so important.

A big part of this for me was learning, was knowing that getting in front of the camera and doing this type of video that we’ve never really done before, and I was going to learn a lot about me and my capability and what I need. Guys, I’m going to learn tons. There’s going to be so much learning for me to do, too, which is great. The other factor as a teacher as well is that I’ve got much more empathy for people that are going through this process as well, which I think’s really important to have as a teacher, too.

I think there’s one other major thing here that I think’s really important is that we already understand the principles of world-class content. We understand the customer journey. We understand they ask, you answer, and the big five. We understand how consumers make buying decisions and the journey that they go through. We already have the philosophy. We already have the methodology. We also already know what we’re doing. All we needed to do now is apply that philosophy and that methodology to video.

Really all we had to do is learn how to be great at this. All we need to now, sorry, we definitely aren’t there yet, this year will definitely set that for us, is to be great at video now. Taking they ask, you answer, the big five and everything that we know and understand about world-class content and applying it to that platform. That’s what we need to do now.

We’re now leading with video. Everything gets a video, everything. That’s the first thing we talk about. We’re going to go to market with this thing. When do we do video? What’s the video going to look like? Who’s it for, et cetera, et cetera. Video becomes major part of our strategy. What I want to know from you is or the questions I have for you is what’s holding you back from leading with video?

This is now the time. The time is now. 2019, what are you going to do with video? How are you going to make video a big part of your content plan? Now, remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself. I think you really need to see this. Remove yourself from the process. You might not even be the talent for the camera. You might be an in-house marketer. You’re not going to be on the camera. You don’t have to do everything yourself. You probably shouldn’t be doing everything yourself, so build a case, build a budget in for hiring the skills in.

Ross Coverdale, who’s the guy that’s helping me, if you’d like an introduction, let me know. I’ll happily put you in touch with Ross. He’s brilliant. He’s amazing at what he does. We wouldn’t be working with anybody else. It doesn’t have to be perfect from the start. This is something that I struggle with. I did a podcast recently about perfectionism. You probably listened to it.

I have this idea where it has to be perfect, but it doesn’t. Maybe you could just invest a little bit of time and resource and money into maybe just doing four videos at first. Get them out there, see how your audience react to them, and then perhaps get some results and then invest a little bit more resource, and then keep stepping it up. Just embrace that process.

What’s important for me as a marketer is that this isn’t just a trend in the marketing industry. There’s been marketing gurus bashing on about video for years. Gary Vaynerchuk and everybody else that follows him is all about the vlogs and things like that. That’s interesting to me, but isn’t as interesting or as important as understanding that and coming to terms with that this is a trend in consumer behavior.

In other words, people are using video to help them make educated buying decisions, which to me is fundamental. That’s the thing that we need to hear. In other words, video is having a positive impact on sales and business growth. If you’re not doing video, it’s having a negative impact on sales and growth. If you want to be not only relevant in 2019 and beyond, but have a business that’s growing in 2019 and beyond, we have to embrace video.

I don’t think that’s something that we can get away with ignoring anymore. My challenge to you is are you going to be relevant in 2019? Are you going to move with the times? Are you ready to lead with video? I’d love to hear from you.

Please email me, Let me know what’s on your mind.

Look out for my videos at the start of 2019. You’ll see them on LinkedIn mainly, but other platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram as well. You’ll probably see a few videos from us each week.

I’d love to hear from you in those comments. Let me know what you think. If there’s anything we can help you with, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

I’ll catch you next time.

Don’t forget to be awesome.

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