Volume 3: The Interviews – An Introduction

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Chris and Nic introduce Volume 3 of the interviews with CMA Members about their journey and success with content marketing.

The Interviews:

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Well Nic, that’s us ready with volume three of the interviews. I’m getting excited to put these stories and these documented journeys out there. I know that you were … It was the first time you heard some of these stories were in volume two of the interviews, and you found them hugely inspiring as well. And I think these stories are so important.

Yeah, they are. I’ve not really heard the members stories from start to finish since coming into CMA. And the first time I heard them it even gave me a better understanding of how content marketing impacts people, and their businesses, and their customers and stuff like that. And it’s just so good to hear from them, so. And I’m excited about this volume as well because we’ve just finished listening to some of them today and the, oh, mind-blowing.

Yeah, they’re inspiring, they’re powerful, I mean they’re really short interviews, but it’s amazing how much we can kind of pack into sort of 25 to 30 minutes of an interview. And we know I don’t want people to have to listen to an hour and hour and a half of a podcast just to kind of catch the vision. So what we really do is try to get in there quickly. But yeah, you’re right. Volume two interviews were amazing. I think that was a month or so ago from the time of recording today. And then, yeah, we’re just about to put out another four interviews. And I think it’s important to just remind everybody what we’re trying to do here, one of the things Nick that you and I… I think we were sitting down at the kitchen table just chatting about it, I was like, we just need to, there are so many stories, so many people are getting so many results here, but we’re not doing enough to document these stories and these, journeys.

And I really want our listeners to listen to what people are doing and that sort of practical elements of it, what they’re doing well, what they’re having challenges with, and what the challenges have overcome over time as well. And essentially let people sort of catch that vision, understand what it takes to be successful and what success looks like for each person. Everyone has a different story and also see and understand what results look like. How are people actually measuring success with content marketing? What the benefits are of that. And we’ve got loads of that in volume three of the podcast. So who are we expecting to hear from in volume three? We’ve got four interviews, right?

Yeah. So we have Pete Matthew, Russ Haworth, Jack O’Brien and Kenda MacDonald who are all CMA members.

These are all CMA members have been for quite a while actually over most of them are been here for two years or more I think. And I’ve known them, some of them, for even longer than that. And Pete included in that. So let’s look through each one really briefly, right? Let’s just pick out a few points each and just see what’s going to be covered.

So let’s start with Pete. Pete runs Meaningful Money and he’s also a financial advisor for Jackson’s Wealth. Just got an actual, a real business as well as a side hustle. So he’s kind of like in the B2C space. So what did you, what were we expecting to hear from in Pete’s interview?

Yeah, Pete’s interview, which is so interesting… Like I loved his story and how his teaching has impacted his life. So his dad was a teacher and so he’s been brought up with that and how he’s used that teaching philosophy to start his own videos and his own podcasts, in the financial space. Which has helped so many people, including myself, and he was talking about how this philosophy of teaching, of helping others as rewarding you as well, which is really, really powerful. And he also talks about the challenges that he’s had along the way and how he looks for inspiration from others to keep going rather than focusing on the numbers, which is something that we can all get caught up in sometimes. So that was Pete’s story. So good.

Yeah. And obviously… We’ve got a couple of authors in this. Interview series as well. So Pete published his book in the last day a year as well, which is amazing. And that’s just become such a big thing for him. And it’s really positioned him in the marketplace where he’s building these communities. He’s got a massive development and massive audience. And yet the teaching philosophy, he’s got true purpose as well. I think that comes through in everything that he does. He just knows what it is that you’re supposed to be doing, what he’s been put on this earth to do. And I had a part of our conversation as well with it. We don’t want to get if I wait too much doing it. But part of the conversation that Pete and I had was a sort of understanding what season of life we’re in, right?

So Pete is, I think, Pete’s just a few years older than I am. His kids are much older than my kids are. And he’s just in a different season of life. And we sort of get into that talking about, you’ve got to do what you can with where you are in that season of life, right? So you’ve got to kind of be respectful for the lifestyle based on what kind of life you’re having.

And I thought that was a really interesting chat just to kind of understand what you’re capable of doing very well with what you have and what season of life you’re in as well. So that was interesting, especially for those that have families. So very interesting stuff.

Let’s move, let’s talk a little bit about Russ Haworth as well. So he’s more in the B2B space that’s great. So family business consulting. What I particularly loved about Russ was how has content marketing is, created amazing… When I say content marketing it’s really his podcasts, so it’s created opportunities and really shaped his career over the last year or the last couple of years. He’s published his podcasts and I think he’s got something like 60 episodes now. And he really carved out a niche for himself.

I think he literally said this on the podcast that he went to the market looked at how many financial advisors there were and there’s like 20,000 or something like that in the UK and then you looked at his niche market space and got to grips with the understanding that that’s where he needs to be if he wants to serve his audience. And he just picked that and he went for it and he’s become an expert, has become well known, has become an authority in that marketplace.

And essentially has podcast was heavy dead a lot of his learning, not only did it build his authority and his expertise but he actually learned about his industry by interviewing industry expert and other family business owners. Which I thought was a really interesting way to, to just an interesting journey. Really interesting stuff from Russ. What did you pick up from Russ, Nic? Hopefully, I’ve not taken all of your notes as well.

Yeah, it’s the same, but one of the things that Russ had said in his podcast was that he said a lot of people in his industry were trying through their content to, and impress the same people within the industry. Whereas he came to as an opposite mindset to say well it’s not about us it’s about them, it’s about our clients, it’s about you know, our customers and we need to help them. And it’s the same for everybody that we’ve interviewed as well, that that mindset was a content marketing and it was always about helping them, never ever about us. So yeah Russ had mentioned that in his podcast, which I thought was really, that’s a good point to make.

Yes. As a very, very good point. And one of my absolute bugbears of it, with people in content marketing space that are trying to impress their peers and not doing, not creating content that truly helps their buyers. So that’s Russ.

That’s the first two episodes and we move on to a Jack O’Brien who actually runs two companies, right? He’s got a B2B business, which is Clinic Mastery and he teaches other clinic owners about how to grow their clinic and grow their business. But he’s also his B2C business. So he’s actually you could saw a practitioner, right? So he actually has a clinic too. So is truly practicing what he preaches. What did you pick up from Jack’s story Nic?

So Jack had started quite a while ago. Not sure what the time was, but he had started content marketing quite a while ago and the result of that was that he has absolutely led in his industry. And again by having that mindset of always putting his clients and consumers first. And he really, really emphasizes that through his podcast, which contributes to all of his businesses success.

I think the other thing that he brought as well, is that he didn’t talk about the fear of failure. He was actually talking about the fear of success. And he’s talking about how like content marketing does have the potential to change your life. And he’s talking about how he gets recognized when it goes to the shop and stuff like that. But that’s incredible because he’s having such an amazing impact on people’s lives you know, so. Yeah.

Yeah, Jack is super committed to being successful. He’s got he’s wired up slightly differently than I am. He’s hugely competitive and he wants to do really, really well. But it works. He just has a great work ethic, which has resulted in him creating a lot of content over a long period of time, which has resulted in incredible results for his clinic mastery business. He blew up that website in terms of traffic and their businesses grow exponentially. His clinic business was into seven figures. So a million dollar business. So he’s just dedicated.

I love his approach to content. I love his philosophy and I just love his commitment to being better to be in a successful business owner and he’s now got multiple businesses. So his journey…Honestly, Jack is, he’s just getting started. There’s going to be a lot from Jack over the years, but that he’s just getting started with this stuff. So he’s got that B2B, B2C kind of thing going on there. So it’s slightly different in terms of having multiple businesses. But honestly B2B or B2C I think the one thing that hopefully everyone’s picking up is that it doesn’t really matter what type of industry you’re in. Hopefully people are starting to see that now that we’re interviewing people from different industries and doing different things.

And then we move on to our final interview with Kenda. Kenda runs a company called Automation Ninja. She’s the owner and founder of that business as a B2B company… And one a few things I picked up from Kenda. Obviously Kenda’s published our book as well just in the last few months called Hack the Buyer Brain.

And Nic, maybe you’ve touched on this a little bit more and since you’ve read it and ran the book club this month for it. But I think one thing that, Kenda… One of the things that we pulled out from Kenda on the interview was we can think about a safe track actually, Nick and we went less about what Kenda’s doing with content marketing and we dipped into a little bit about why content marketing truly matters and we had some incredible insights and learnings about buyer psychology. Which is really, really important.

But then we dipped back into our story again to see how she’s applied all of her theory and knowledge to her business. And honestly she is getting super specific, going deeper and deeper and taking away all those layers and getting right into the buyer journey and thinking about what kind of content they need to be creating for every specific step strategically placed in that buyer’s journey. And how all that ultimately… How our blogging, our content led toward becoming a published author, which is absolute incredible. She’s got to be one of the busiest, most dedicated, most committed people I have ever met.

Yeah. Kenda is an incredible human. And her book is amazing. The way that she set out, the way that she’s structured it. It’s so easy to just pack up and take a piece and go, “You know what? I’m going to work on that.” But I think the thing that I loved about her book, in particular, was that I’ve got a bit of a … I get really agitated when read books and it doesn’t come back to the human behavior and Kenda laid out in her book exactly how every stage of the market affects not affect, but how it impacts our brain and how our brains work and how we behave as buyers. And how we can tap into the… With what she calls obviously “Hack the buyer brain” and to get results for our business but also to help them too. To help the customers too. It’s incredible, so good.

I’m really excited about getting these interviews out there Nic. I think there are so many great nuggets of information and knowledge and the journeys are just so inspiring and powerful. I think that everybody listens to these are going to get to take something away from them.

And if you’ve got any questions about anything or you want to pick her brain about something, then you can email me chris@cmauk.co.uk. If you want to speak to Nic, you can email nic@cmauk.co.uk. And You can also tweet us @hellocma. We’d love to hear from you, your thoughts, your ideas, your questions. Let’s get stuck into that first interview and the first interview is with Pete Matthew, I hope you enjoy them as much as Nic and I have and we’ll catch you soon. Don’t forget to be awesome.