Volume 2: The Interviews

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Chris introduces Volume 2 of the interviews with CMA Members about their success with content marketing.

The Interviews:

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Today I’ve got a really special series of podcasts coming out. About 18 months ago, maybe longer, I started this volume series of podcast interviews, and they’re really sort of case studies for lessons in content marketing. In other words, it’s fine for me to turn up here every week or in every podcast and talk to you about the principles of content marketing, help you to grow your business with content marketing. But what’s missing is the stories, the people that are actually out there practicing it that are not necessarily in a content marketing business, and I think it’s really, really important for you to hear those stories.

Like I said, I started these volumes about 18 months ago or so, I did one volume, I had big plans. But now that Nic is working with us full-time, she’s here to support me and help me to get all the organizing done around all of this. So what we’ve got is volume two, volume two part one, and we’ll have volume two part two shortly as well.

So, volume two part one is a series of four interviews. Four interviews with practitioners, people who are running businesses, who are using content marketing to grow their business and get sales, and they’re all doing it in slightly different ways, they’ve got slightly different journeys, they’ve got slightly different lessons to share with you. And my hope is that you can listen to these practitioners, these business owners, and take something away from their journey. Either a lesson or perhaps some inspiration and motivation, maybe even just to keep doing what you’re doing because that’s what matters.

So, you’re going to hear from Debbie Ekins from Eagle Leisure, a B2C company, you’re going to hear from John Espirian who is a B2B technical copywriter, you’re going to hear from Carl Gray who’s the brand genius behind CMA, he runs a branding company, B2B, and Eva who runs a content marketing company. You’re going to hear all their different lessons along the way.

And I think, like I said, each interview has something different for you to take away. I don’t want to give too much away in this short introduction, I just want to give you a reason to listen to these, and the reason is that content marketing, I think, has so many different definitions. A lot of people don’t even truly understand what it is, and it’s not until we listen to people’s stories and the journeys that we actually get a feel, and an understanding, and a confidence around what content marketing is, why you should be doing it, why you should be embracing it, and why it’s going to be solution to some of the problems that you’re having just now, in terms of growing your business and getting the customers that you really, really need for your business.

Without further ado, I’m going to leave you to it, jump into the interviews, you can connect with each one of them on social media, visit their websites, get in touch with them, say thank you to them for sharing their journey, I’d love for you to do that. It’ll take you less than an hour to run through these interviews, they’re quite short, some are around the 25-minute mark, and I know that you’re going to get tons from them.

So, let me know you get on, tweet me at @chrismarr101, email me chris@cnauk.co.uk. If you’re already on the podcast VIP list, just hit reply on the email that you’ve received. I’d love to hear from you and like I said, I’m going to be out with volume two part two with another four interviews in a couple of weeks time too. So, enjoy the interviews, I hope you get a ton from these stories and these journeys. I know that you will, if you’re listening and if you listen out for them you will find what you’re looking for in them. And I will speak to you soon, don’t forget to be awesome.