Video Marketing: Explode your social video engagement with ‘meme style’ videos

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Video creates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. That’s HUGE and something we can’t continue to ignore in our marketing efforts.

In CMA, we’ve recently moved our marketing focus on to video and the results are blowing our minds! There’s still a gigantic gap for you to take advantage of.

In this episode, Chris shares with you the one thing we have included in our video’s that has helped explode social engagement, specifically on LinkedIn.

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Back in podcast 149, we started a conversation about video, very much the start of the conversation. I feel like there’s going to be a lot more podcast episodes this year about video, just because we are really getting into video here. I think we can talk about it. We look at all the numbers, the statistics. There’s lots of evidence out there. But when you actually start doing something, you start to have a lot more discoveries, and one of the discoveries that we’ve had recently is the meme-style video for social media.

I shared a statistic in episode 149. It was something like there’s 1,200% … Sorry. Let me get this right. Video creates 1,200% more shares than images and texts combined on social media. That’s the statistic that really caught my eye. I saw a friend of mine, Marcus Sheridan, using these meme-style videos, and he says in one of his recent videos that he’s seen an uplift of about 200 to 300% in engagement, including views, with his videos using these meme-styles.

You’ve all seen them. A meme-style video, you see them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. They’re square in shape and they have the normal video in the middle, like the normal landscape video in the middle, and above and below, there’s these two sort of containers, you could call them. The one above the video has the title of the video, which is usually something quite click baity, and the bottom of the video has the captions for the video just going through the video. It works really, really well. We’ll talk about why it works just shortly, that’s the question, right? You look at something like that that works for viral videos, why are viral videos seem to have taken on this shape? Is it possible for us to use that in our businesses as well? Like I said, I saw Marcus using it, and I thought, “You know what, that’s what we really need to be doing.”

At the start of 2019, as we came out the gate, we applied this layout and this style to our videos. The results have been pretty amazing. In a matter of weeks, we’ve racked up 10s of 1000s of views and shares, and the comments and likes, everything. The engagement’s just super, super high, and we are really targeting quite a small group of people, in-house marketers. This video campaign that we’ve been running is specifically for in-house marketers. We’ve just seen this just this incredible uplift and engagement on LinkedIn specifically. That’s where we’ve been hitting really hard.

In very short terms, we have a very specific campaign we’re running at the moment. We are injecting ourselves into conversations that in-house marketers are having, the problems that they’re having inside organizations, between them and leadership and the rest of their organization. We’ve created really short videos to engage that audience. It’s working really, really well. We’re getting lots of results for it.

I think I really wanted to share this with you because I think it’s important for me to be able to come onto the podcast and share with you things that are actually working over in our business, but also, we’re seeing working across other businesses as well. Many other people are now going on to do that. That’s what I’m saying, is the start of this conversation. I’ll be able to come back here, maybe in a month’s time and share with you some other results that people are having doing exactly what we’ve been doing with these videos.

Like I said, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen them before. I know it’s different because we’re on a podcast. I’ll try and be as descriptive as I can, but I’ve also dropped a couple of links into the show notes to a live training that we did on Facebook just really recently. It goes into a bit more depth about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. You get to, obviously, with the Facebook live video, you’ll be able to have a visual element there as well. You’ll be able to see exactly what we’re up to. I’ve also dropped a link into the show notes as well that’ll take you to one of our LinkedIn videos so you can see a live version of our videos and just how much engagement these videos are getting.

Traditionally, we’ve never really generated this much engagement, I would say, across all my content. I’ve had engagement, of course, but nothing quite like this. This is a big change for us, taking video and obviously applying this style and this template around our videos.

You’ve seen this style before, but you’ve got to look at it and think to ourselves, “Well, why does it work?” This is great, if you’re already doing video, then this is something you should definitely think about doing and adding into your editing process. If you’re about to get into video, then this is something you should be adding to your process too in thinking about it, seeing how you can do this.

Now, we work with our video guy, Ross Coverdale at Check out his website. We work closely with Ross, Ross Coverdale, and he … We had made this arrangement with Ross this year, he’s going to be working with us six days across the year. We’re going to be batching up a ton of video. He then takes the video and he edits it into a normal YouTube version, he edits it down into a square version like we’re taking about this meme-style today, and also an IGTV version too. He splits them up in to 60 second segments for us too so we can put them onto Instagram. We get this treasure trove of video, for example, for every video we get these multiple different formats that we can put onto all the different social media platforms, and it works really, really well.

If you want to get into video, you might want to speak to Ross about how he can help your organization to really take your videos to social media. That’s what we’re really talking about here. Beyond YouTube, it’s like how do we make sure our videos are set up to win on social?

Why do these work? There’s a few reasons why these really, really work. One of the major ones is if you publish a lot of video for your audience, so if you’re publishing, say, a video every week or a couple of videos every week, often times it’s difficult to know if it’s a video that they haven’t seen before, because the background might be the same, or the you might be wearing the same clothes, or it might be in the same scenario or in the same location. You can’t just rely on the post description to do all the work for us. Now what you have with these square templates, these meme-style videos that we’re calling them, is it immediately becomes obvious that it’s a new video because the title is baked into the video file. The whole file is square with the title at the top. It’s really easy to spot. Your audience will be able to see that immediately, that it’s a brand new video, which is going to get their attention in the news feed. This is like … That’s a major one.

The second thing is that because the captions and the title are baked right into the video file, it makes sharing really easy for people. There’s almost nothing that you need to worry about or they need to do. They just have to click share and it shares it into their feed. Also, you have total control over how your content’s seen now as well. You don’t have to turn captions on or off, you don’t have to worry about the post description being obvious when it gets shared into the other timelines, because that can sometimes disappear. It’s like, the complete file with the titles and the captions are baked in.

The other factor here is that … you’re probably the same as me, I often watch video without any sound. With the captions being baked in, right in the file, it means that people can watch the video with the sound off until they actually want to watch it with the sound on, if that ever happens for them. It really does capture people. The likelihood, just with these first two … with the titles being baked in and the captions baked in, these first two benefits, the engagement’s going to go up almost immediately. You should be able to see that just from explaining it, that that’s what’s going to happen, people are going to be captured, really be drawn into your video. I think these are the two major ones.

The third thing is that the title is really prominent, so you get this opportunity to really motivate your audience to click. It can’t be too click baity, but I think you can get a balance between it being kind of click baity and practical at the same time without really pulling the wool over people’s eyes. We don’t want to do that, of course. I think this is a really good opportunity to have this really prominent, bold title for your video. I think it just really stands out.

That’s what we’re seeing as well, is that I just literally sat down tonight to think about a title for one of our next videos that’s coming out. It took me like 12 or 13 tries to get something that I’m happy with, and I might even change it between now and the video going out. You’ve got this really, I would say, unique opportunity to have a title on your video throughout the whole length of the video. It’s totally different. It’s like a completely different … really creating much more opportunity within that real estate, within that square space that you have for a video, which is really, really cool. The fact that it is square, it’s ideal, it’s perfect for viewing on mobile devices and social media platforms. It just makes complete sense that our videos should be a square file.

You’ve also got this chance as well, when you have a look at the version and the … If you’re not following me on LinkedIn, make sure you are so you can see what we’re doing, or head over to my Instagram. You can find me on all these platforms, ChrisMarr101. So just have a look for me. You’ll be able to see some of these videos, but we’ve taken the opportunity to put our brand into it as well. In the background, there’s the CMA logo, our blue, our orange. Our colors are there as well, so you’ve got this opportunity to make your videos stand out by using your brand as well. You’re not just seeing this landscape, the landscape video file that you would normally see. You’re getting these containers on the top and the bottom where you’ve got this opportunity to really make it your own and stand out and be unique.

I think these are the major benefits that I see, but the results have been incredible. I think those results are also available to you as well. It’s definitely not a … I feel like this is a space that can be explored. I don’t think it’s being over-used just quite yet. I think that you’ve got this opportunity to take this, what I’m sharing with you, and apply it directly to the video that you’re doing just now. If you’re already doing video, this is a no-brainer, I think. You should just do this. I think if you want to do social video better, then this is definitely a way to do that and light your fire under those results.

For example, if you really want to get a feel for this, take half a dozen of the videos you’ve done in the past, apply this meme style to those videos, and see what kind of results you get, if the results are different, and maybe better than they were before. I think that would be interesting, to see what kind of results you get. I think that’s important for you too, is not just to take what I’m saying as gospel here, but to go ahead and try it yourself and get your own results.

The real key to this, though, I feel, is the share-ability element of this. We’ve seen just like some of my videos have had dozens of shares. It blows my mind a little bit to think that dozens of people have shared our videos into their own timeline. I know that you might not think that that’s crazy, but it’s just a little bit of effort that someone needs to do. I think that it’s almost the … in terms of how someone engages with your content online, sharing is the most effort.

The biggest element, I think it’s the biggest social proof you can get from someone that they love your content. The more important thing is that the share-ability of your video is key to get into other people’s timelines and get out of your own main circle of influence and get pushed out there. That ultimately, is what leads to the growth of your video. We want more people to see our content, of course we do. The more people that see our content, the better chance we have of bringing in the results that we’re looking for, going on beyond views and comments and likes, and ultimately to drive in more business.

Like I said at the start, Marcus Sheridan shared his results, and he saw a 200 to 300% increase in views. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a before and after because we came straight in with this. I’m also seeing a lot of people going out with these meme-style videos very recently, like within the last week or two, so I’d be interested to see what their results are. I’d love to hear what your results are as well, but I can give you an example from the start of the year. We started going out with videos at the start of the year. Our views were somewhere like 400, 500, 600, 700 views. Then within a matter of weeks, we’re up to over 4k views on most of our videos. Now, some of them, one of them in particular has gone up to 9- or 10,000 views. Some of them are really close behind that now as well. That’s a big deal for a small … a marketing company. Marketing is a tiny little niche. Not only that, we’ve niched down into just in-house marketers as well. Like I said, I wouldn’t be sharing this with you if I didn’t think it would be worth your time hearing.

If you’re already doing video, this is your challenge, is to take a few of your best ones, apply the meme style to them. If you’re not already doing video and you’re planning to, then put this into your publishing and editing process from the start.

Ross has a social-ready service just for this service. You can record the video and you can send it to Ross and he’ll do all the magic over at He’ll do all that magic, and give you all those video files back that I’ve just mentioned. All the different formats for you so you can publish it to your social media and have more success with your video. It’s a five star service. I would not recommend Ross if I wasn’t comfortable or confident doing it. The only thing that I would be disappointed in is if he gets really, really busy and can’t help me anymore, which I’m sure that would be a good problem for him to have. Speak to Ross, see if he can help you with it.

Like I said, if you want to, join me on linked in, Chris Marr 101, you can get me over on LinkedIn. See what we’re up to, follow me in what we’re doing. I’d love for you to get back in touch with me as well.

You can tweet me at ChrisMarr101, you can email me, too. Let me know what kind of results you’re getting and if you have any questions about these types of videos as well. I’d love to hear from you.

Okay, let’s wrap things up.

I’ll catch you next time. Don’t Forget To Be Awesome.