Episode 032 – Chris Marr: Using customer testimonials in content marketing

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The Marketing Academy Podcast with Chris Marr

In episode 32 of The Marketing Academy Podcast Chris Marr discusses the benefits, challenges and solutions of collecting customer testimonials and using testimonials effectively as part of your content marketing strategy.

Chris goes into detail and covers the important aspects of customer testimonials, including:

  • The challenges businesses have with collecting testimonials
  • The business case for testimonials
  • The difference between poor testimonials and great testimonials
  • Systemising testimonial collecting in your business
  • The questions to ask to get awesome testimonials
  • How to collect your testimonials
  • How to use testimonials effectively in your marketing

After listening to this episode you will feel more motivated to ask your customers for testimonials and understand how to use testimonials more effectively in your marketing to help get more sales and grow your business.

Remember to let Chris know what you think and if you’ve got anything to add. You can tweet Chris at @chrismarr101.

Enjoy this episode and don’t forget to be awesome!

Show notes

Example emails for collecting testimonials

Please download the .pdf Chris has put together for you that includes four example emails that he has used to successfully collect great testimonials from his customers.

Click here to download (.pdf)

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About Chris Marr

Chris is the leading voice of the growing Content Marketing movement in the UK. His pioneering work has helped countless organisations grow through content marketing. His drive comes from a desire to help people break free from the world of interruption marketing.