Using Bonjoro to elevate your customer experience

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Would you like to find a way to quickly and easily differentiate from your competition?

If so, listen to this podcast episode where Chris shares why sending personable and personalised videos could be exactly what you are looking for.

Chris goes into to detail on the why, what, who, how and when of using Bonjoro and how it will elevate your customer experience across the whole customer journey.

Bonjoro is quick and easy to use, it’s affordable and there are dozens of reasons to start using it today.

If you have customers, and you want to find a way to surprise them by communicate with them differently, then this is for you.

Enjoy the show and DFTBA!


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Full Transcription

I started working in the service industry when I was 15 years old. I worked in restaurants and kitchens for a few years. I went to college and did Hospitality Management there and got a diploma. And then I went on to work at the University of St. Andrews. Again, in the service space, the residential side. So, I was looking after students, to catering, housekeeping and management, that sort of thing.

I’ve been basically involved in customer service for a long, long time, over 20 years. It stuck with me this idea of looking after our customers, creating great service experiences. I’d say even the last 20 years that has changed dramatically even for myself personally. Why expect when I go even for something simple, like a cup of coffee or the service I expect from brands either online and offline, right? I think all of our expectations have changed in terms of what we expect from the companies that we work with, and who we are spending money with. I think we’re far more conscious of it and far more aware of what we should be expecting.

I don’t want to talk to generally about customer experience on this podcast today. I think I’m going to do a follow up podcast on other elements of customer experience. The deeper dive I took into customer experience came from when I watched or went through, not all of the course but most of it, Joey Coleman’s First 100 Days Program that he created. It is a creative live program, and I’ll put a link in the show notes so you can go ahead and check that out. I think it’s something maybe $95. It’s so ridiculously affordable that it’s almost a no brainer not to go and get that course. And at least do and part of the modules, at least to get some insight into it.

But he’s just released a book as well that I think builds on that, which is called How to Never Lose A Customer Again. It’s a lot of the stuff from the course distilled into a book. It’s obviously matured a lot since then, as well. So, one of the things that Joey Coleman talks about is what are the touch points with your prospects and your customers?

There’s really four main ways to do that. That is by phone, by video, by mail, and by using presence as well. Again, I’m not going to talk about all of those things. I really wanted to talk about video in this podcast today. But generally speaking, what we’re talking about here is two things. Really, the whole customer journey from the time that they’re a prospect, thinking about buying from you, right through to the point where they’re becoming and advocate of your business and telling others about you. Then it’s everything in between.

What are all those steps? How can you use mail and video and presence and audio and phone and things like that to enhance the whole customer experience throughout that journey, right? How can we use these different types of communication to make this a great customer experience? Joey Coleman really goes into depth into that. I’ll leave that for you to go and have a look at, if it’s something that inspires you and you want to get stuck into.

The one thing I want to touch on today is personalized video. I find this to be fascinating because up until now, maybe in the last couple of years, it’s got a lot easier. But setting the clock back like two, three years, five years, 10 years, 15 years to record personalized video for someone and send it to them via email would have been a lot of work. Even now I think if you don’t use an app to do it, you would be recording the video at your desk. You would then upload it to something like Vimeo or YouTube and then you would send an email to them. That’s a pain in the butt because you having to do a lot of legwork around that.

What you really want is an app that you can swipe up, hit record and then it sends it to them automatically. That’s what we’re looking for. And that’s what Bonjoro does for me and many other businesses as well. I’d like to tell you a bit more about Bonjoro. What it is, how it works, how it could work for you, the way that we use it and why you would want to use it as well.

So, I’ve got a lot of things I want to cover with you today on this app. But it’s really not just about, it’s not really just about Bonjoro, it’s about enhancing the customer experience across the different parts of the journey, the whole journey. That’s what we’re really talking about today, and Bonjoro is a tool that we can use to do that.

There are other tools just like Bonjoro as well. I use Bonjoro, so, this is why I’m sharing this with you and share my experience with it. And I think that you will be able to get value from it as well. In terms of using Bonjoro or finding out more about it, I’ve put a link into the show notes for you. It is an affiliate link. So, if you’re listening to this show and you want to check out Bonjoro, the way to say thank you to me for recommending it to you is to use the link in the show notes. That way it brings a little bit of affiliate income for me. It isn’t a major deal, but it all adds up. Also, it’s just a nice thing to do, isn’t it?

So, you get that in the show notes. If you’ve got any questions about anything, you can obviously ask me as well. You can tweet me @chrismarr101, or you can email me This is one of the things that I have come to myself, but also influenced by many other people as well, is that customer experience is potentially, going forward, one of the major factors that will differentiate your business from your competition.

I think this is so true now, right? You can buy all of the tools for your business, you can buy all the applications and software for your business, you can even copy people’s marketing. You can almost copy everything. But one thing they can’t take away from you is the personality in your business The values that you hold, the way that you behave and act A part of that really comes … An outcome of that or an outcome of all of that stuff is your customer service and the experience that you provide for your customers.

I feel like this is becoming more and more true as time goes on. So, let’s think about how we can use … I’d love you to … This is your challenge for this episode today is to think about how could you use personalized and very personable video in your business to enhance the customer experience, to give your customers a better first experience. Or it doesn’t have to be first, we’ll talk about that in a few minutes. But I give them a better experience with your business that makes it completely unique to any experience that they’ve had in the past when they’ve bought from see your competition, or someone else that does what you do or provides something similar that you do.

How could video help you to build a greater relationship with your customer? That’s what we’re really talking about here. Let’s look into why you would want to do this. Why should you use something like Bonjoro? Why would you use personalized videos to build trust, to build relationships, to build a much more … Not just any relationship but a highly personal relationship? Because video is very personable. Especially Bonjoro type videos . You’re literally using your … I use my iPhone for this. You can do on the desktop as well. I’m not entirely sure if you do it for Android devices.

But you’re on an app, you’re looking at your selfie camera. So you can really only see your head and shoulders, and you would send a video that’s maybe a minute or a minute and a half a very very short video not long at all to say hello. Your camera is going to be moving around and shifting and stuff like that. It’s supposed to be personable, and that is your personality, that’s what we want to get across.

It also acts … I feel like this is another big part of why use Bonjoro, why send personalized videos? Is that they are personalized. You’re sending one video to one person. This is not a mass video strategy. So, if you’re thinking, well how do I hack this? How could I just do one video and send it to 100 people? This is not the app for you. This is about you getting really close to your customers.

I think when you get a video from someone and they use your first name in that video, I think that obviously highlights that this video is just for me. You may also be thinking to yourself, that’s going to take me a lot of time. Well, not really. I did a workshop last week and leading up to the workshop, they had 30 people coming along and in 20 minutes I did 17 videos.

So, Bonjoro has taken a lot of the legwork away for you. So, all you have to do is literally record that short video and click Send. Bonjoro is doing the email for you, it’s sending it out for you, is tracking all the metrics. I’ll talk to you about that in a few minutes. The one thing that I think that’s still left to be said about why use Bonjoro is the fact that it’s unique. People wouldn’t expect it, and therefore it’s a surprise, right?

I’ve had a lot of feedback. I’ve had many emails from people saying that they loved the video. It’s just create a dialogue and a conversation with us. I think it’s such a great thing to do.

You might be thinking about, who could use this? I honestly can’t … I wrote down a whole list of businesses to the point where I got then and I was like, “You know what, any business could use this if you could just have an open mind about sending short videos.” You may think that that’s completely alien to us, and we didn’t do this, but this might be the fastest way for you to do this, is to get Bonjoro. You can also add your team to your Bonjoro account as well. So, you can allocate different tasks to different people. Kind of like a CRM. There’s a to do list, you click the to do, you record the video we send out and you could allocate that two different team members.

But I’m thinking hairdressers, professional client services, professionally personal trainers, IT service companies could use it. Shed manufacturers, car repair companies, marketing agencies, estate agents, legal services, dentists, the list goes on and on and on, solicitors. Anybody that has a customer, essentially. Any business that has customers could be using Bonjoro to send personalized videos.

It doesn’t cost that much. I’m not entirely sure what the pricing is now, but if you’re going to use it and use it well, it’s like everything right? Same with email marketing software, you may spend hundreds of pounds a month on it, but when you add up how many emails you’re sending and how much business is coming from it, it’s really a negligible cost. That’s the same with Bonjoro as well.

I feel like quite strongly about this that any business could use this. I’d like you to challenge me on that. If you’ve got a business and you’re thinking Chris, I just can’t picture how Bonjoro or how sending personalized videos would work for our company. Then challenge me on it. Tweet me @chrismarr101. Email me, let me know what’s on your mind.

This is how we use it, and also some ideas for how you might be able to use it as well. The obvious one is orientation. You get a customer for the first time. Someone signs up to a list, the buy a course, they book an appointment. Whatever it might be for your customers that first thing that you do, the first purchase, the first step they make, that’s a really obvious time to use Bonjoro, right? You say, “Hey, it’s Chris here. Thanks very much for signing up. It’s so good to see you blah, blah, blah. That could be your first step is then they get a video from you. And you’re like, holy cow, that’s actually the guy that’s I’m buying from. That’s amazing.

You can send one when someone has some kind of achievement. So, if you notice that they’ve achieved something, and perhaps they’ve won an award. They’ve given some money to charity, they’ve hired a new team member, they’ve just had a birthday or an anniversary, some sort of life event has happened for them, a wedding, you could send them a quick Bonjoro to one of your customer. It could be for a customer you’ve had for a long time.

You could send on exit as well. Say for example, you’ve not seen one of your customers for a while, or they’re slipping away from you, or perhaps they have left and you’ve noticed they’ve been buying the same product from the competition. You could send them a video at that stage as well at the exit stage. Of course, you could. It just keeps the relationship going, and they might be really surprised to hear from you. There’s no guarantee they’re going to come back to you, but it’s a nice way to end the relationship as well.

So, if you could do an exit, you could do it prior to an appointment. So, say someone’s coming in with their car, coming to get a haircut, it’s the first time at the dentist, it’s the first time at the solicitors, there’s a lot of nervousness and anxiousness or there could be … and one of the ways to dial that down would be to send them a video.

So, prior to that first in person moment, you could send them a video. That would be pretty cool I think as well. Loyalty is another way to do it. You could send videos when someone’s been with you for a year or five years or 10 years, just to say thank you. You could do it before one of your engineer goes out on site. So, say you’re a manufacturer or a wholesaler or a repair, or you’re part of the delivery team, you could send a Bonjoro out to your customer to say, “Hey, it’s Chris here. I’m going to be on site with you today. Really looking forward to meeting you.” Then when you get that first meeting, that introduction’s already been made. And I think that would be pretty cool as well. Gets everybody excited.

We used it, like I said, when we had people signing up for our workshops just to see hey … I think this is a big factor and people turning up to our workshops, was that I was making an effort to connect with them, and also get across how important it was for you to be there and be on time. In fact, I said to people in the Bonjoro to be on time. And almost everybody was early. It was the first time I’ve ever seen anything like that.

You may have a new service to promote. And that’s one way you could use Bonjoro is for that. Maybe you’ve got VIPs really important people, really important customers that you want to communicate at a different level, and Bonjoro could serve you there as well. It could be an engagement campaign. You simply want to keep in touch with your customers more regularly. And that there’s a certain time in the customer journey it makes sense to do that after three months, after two months, whatever it is, make sense to say, after that time, what we’re going to do is we’re going to send the Bonjoro out to our customers to keep in touch with them. Because at that stage, we’ve noticed that they slip away.

It can be very, very strategic, and it should be very strategic as well when you look at different times. So, for example, we do it when someone joins a 14 day trial in the membership, we send them a Bonjoro. When they convert into a full paying customer, we send them a Bonjoro. We also send them a Bonjoro if we feel like they’re slipping anywhere between the first three months. Then we book a call with them within the six months as well.

There’s lots of things that we do along the way, and it’s all deliberate to make sure that our customers not only stay engaged, but they’re getting as much value from us as possible. That’s really what it comes back to is, if you’re not doing this stuff and you’re allowing your customers to slip away, really you’re doing them a disservice as well as yourself and your team too.

So, as I mentioned I put an affiliate link into the show notes for Bonjoro. I’d really appreciate if you use that link. Whether you decide to pay for it or not, use the link, sign up, give it a shot. I’m pretty sure they’ve got a free trial option that you can use. There’s a couple of features that I want you to know about. Like I said it’s really easy to use your iPhone. You can use it on the move. But one of the things that’s really cool about it, is you can automate it, and automate the trigger.

For example, when a new member joins CMA, it creates a to do. It’ll say, Karen has joined as a new member. And I’ll know what that trigger was for. Or it might say someone has just downloaded your course, and I’ll be able to do a quick point on that. So, I’ve got some context, I’ve got the first name as well.

The automations worked really, really well. And it’s triggered through your email list typically. I think you can do it through a Zap as well if you want to trigger it through a Zap. You can also design and create different call to action videos. Just imagine it lands in your inbox, you can change the colors, they can change the color of the button, and there’s a call to action in every single video as well.

For example, it might be, “Hey, Chris, thanks very much for joining the Content Market Academy. The one thing that I don’t want you to forget is to book a call with me. There’s a link in this video for you to book a call and get into my schedule and pick a time that’s convenient for you.” That’s an example of something that we would have as a call to action.

But that might not be the same for someone that’s already a member and they’re slipping away for example. So, another video that we’ve got set up with a call to action is to make sure that they start the content success formula program, okay? They’re all set up in advance so that when I’m recording my videos, I can choose which call to action I want to send out, which I think is really, really cool.

The other thing I’ve already mentioned is that you can add in your team too. So, you can start to allocate different tasks to different team members and they can start to do all that for you. It’s so simple and easy to use. It’s really affordable. Obviously, if you use it, it’s even more affordable. But it’s also should really add value to your business, make it a better experience for your customers as well. That’s what it’s really all about.

The metrics are really interesting too. You get to see exactly who is opening your emails, clicking your emails, viewing those videos and also reacting to your videos as well. So, you know exactly what’s going on. The results by the way are pretty mind blowing in terms of the very high percentage. You’re into like 80% open rate for example. That’s pretty cool. I really like that transparency in the metrics, so you can see what’s happening.

Also, if you can see that someone’s not watched the video, they’ve just recently introduced a workflow which allows you to automatically set up, so that it automatically reminds people that you send them a Bonjoro. Honestly, some people that I’ve sent a second one to, open the second one. It could just be a timing thing. They get it, they don’t have time to watch it, they can see in their inbox, and it just falls down into the second or third page of their emails never to be seen again. So, you can do that too.

I’ve so far send 169 Bonjoros. I’m totally bought into this as part of our customer service. It’s in our Trello boards. It’s part of what we do now. We send Bonjoros at certain times, and it works very well for our workshops and things like that too. I’m sure we’ll use it for more and more as time goes on.

So, if you feel like you could do this in your business, you could use personalized video to enhance the customer experience, to communicate at a different level, a deeper level, a more personable level with your prospects and customers, then get on to it. Download the app, get the software, get involved, and give it a shot Send one to me. If you want to send a test one, send one to Just add me in manually and send me a Bonjoro.

I’d love to see what you come up with. I think the biggest thing here is looking at the … Like I started off with, is the whole customer journey. Thinking about all those little gaps, all those little moments that you could enhance, that you could create a better experience for your customers and your prospects through personalized video. And it creates that more meaningful connection, that more deeper connection with your customers. Ultimately, and this is the big one, it differentiates you from your competition, especially if you can do it consistently. To be honest, if you want to have a good customer experience, or put a good customer experience program into your business, then it has to be consistent anyway.

So, give it a shot. I’d love to hear back from you on your results. If you’ve already got it, I’d love to hear back again, on what you’ve been up to and how you’re using it and maybe share some ideas with each other. That’d be awesome.

So, tweet me at @chrismarr101. Email me, let me know what’s on your mind. If there’s any questions, thoughts, ideas, I’d love to hear from you. I hope you are enjoying the work that you’re doing, and don’t forget to be awesome.