Why I say NO to every business networking invitation

  • Amanda Brown

    There’s networking and there’s NETWORKING. I know exactly what you mean about some networking events. They can be a real drain on your energy and your pocket. And you end up thinking after about six months why you kept repeating the same behaviour. (There’s neuroscience behind that!)

    However, some groups do offer value and sometimes in ways you don’t expect: a break in the day when you work alone, friendships, volunteers for charity work, recommendations for suppliers not represented in the room, humour, advice, a good cuppa and sometimes even cake…..

    ….and sometimes even some business.

    • Chris Marr

      The most important factor is who is in the room, and being able to identify that the event is a good use of your time. 9 times of of 10 it’s a total waste of time.

      I agree with the ‘added benefits’, however there are other ways to satisfy these without being in a room full of random people.

      I appreciate your thoughts on this Amanda, and keep following the blog as I delve deeper into my thoughts on this.