Terms & Conditions

“You’re not my real Dad! You can’t tell me what to do!”

Look, we’re all adults here, so let’s just get through this and and we can move on to the fun stuff. Cool?

OK. When you pay CMA money for a membership, the following terms are what we’re agreeing to.

Who am I doing business with?

An important question, and hopefully you already know this.

When you sign up for a membership with CMA you are officially a customer of Content Marketing Academy Ltd. When this happens you have officially reached the pinnacle of your life.

Chris Marr is the Director of CMA – an actual human being with feelings and stuff.

You can reach him directly by email at chris@cmauk.co.uk at anytime.

The business also has a registered address, this might be handy if you want to send the team something fun in the mail. We like ice cream and pizza, just in case you were thinking about it.

Here’s our full address:

Content Marketing Academy
Unit 22
10 Dock Street

Since you’ve already read this far down the T&C’s page, you’re probably the type of person that enjoys having a nosey around the Internet to see how legit a company is.

We’re not judging you, honest.

CMA is a registered company in Scotland – Company No. SC434238 – and also has a VAT number – GB 168478066

Go have a snoop around 😉

Who owns the content?

Still awake? OK, let’s talk about the do’s and dont’s of the content.

As you can imagine, there’s lots of content. Either CMA created it, or perhaps as a member you had something to do with it. We also curate a lot of content and have lots of guests join us. So who owns the content and what can you do with it?

Website content

On the website – https://www.thecontentmarketingacademy.co.uk/members – you will find a lot of different types of content – videos, images, audio and written content.

Where this content has been created by CMA, or has been facilitated by CMA – for example a guest webinar or live session – this content belongs to CMA.

This cannot be downloaded and distributed elsewhere without the permission of CMA. That’s partly the reason why you have to be a member to access the content, obviously 😃

You pay to get access. Those who don’t pay don’t get access. Simple stuff, right?

So…if it is on our website, we own it, unless it has been curated from somewhere else.

If you do decide to share exclusive CMA content with your pals we’ll have to do things that take up time and money. It’s a real pain in the arse to get our Solicitors to deal with this shit, so don’t do it.

Please thank you.

Slack/Forum content

It could get complicated here, but complex things suck so let’s keep it simple.

Slack is a private membership community where ‘content’ is being created all the time through conversations, collaboration, and sharing.

To keep it simple, this is the deal: don’t share anything from Slack without permission from the creator.

This is all pretty obvious if you are a human being with morals and feelings. That being said, if you are thinking about doing something bad, then CMA really isn’t the place for you.

If someone shares a YouTube video into Slack, or if CMA have curated content from other sources (blogs or YouTube for example), these will be credited and you can share from the original source with credit too.

CMA content should not be downloaded and distributed without permission.

If you have a question, or you are not sure about something, just ask – chris@cmauk.co.uk. Chris is not a dick, and he replies to his emails.

What happens when I cancel my membership?

This should be pretty obvious…

When you cancel your membership, you are no longer a member, and access to your membership will be suspended. You will not have access to Slack or the members area on the website. You will not receive special treatment. You are dead to us.

Kidding. You’re just not as cool as we thought you were. That’s OK though, we’ll get over it.

If you get to the end of your membership period, and your subscription fails to renew for some reason, someone from CMA will get in touch with you to let you know.

If you want to cancel your membership, you can do so automatically in the membership area of the website, or simply email chris@cmauk.co.uk.

After 28 days there is no possibility of a refund, and if you want to provide a case for getting your money back within 28 days, you can email chris@cmauk.co.uk. However, if Chris has spent any 1-2-1 time with you in the first 28 days a refund will not be given. Why? Because time is money and this is a business. See above.

Are my personal details safe?

Yip 🙂

We try to keep to keep the amount of information we have about you to an absolute minimum, just to make the challenge of data protection a lot simpler.

Typically we hold this type of information about you as a member

We will never give this information out to anyone, ever. Even if there’s a fire.

The team at CMA will have access to your personal details, and that’s because Chris can’t do everything himself. He’s just a man for god sakes.

Oh, by the way, see if you pretend to be someone else when you sign up, that’s not cool and CMA would prefer to not be involved anything illegal. That would be a dick move on your part.

Pricing Policy

(Updated April 2019 with new pricing structure and policy)

As a company we err on good behaviour. In other words, we assume that people will do the right thing. We also know that there are a small percentage pf people that take advantage of other people, and end up ruining it for everyone else.

If you are one of those people, then CMA isn’t for you.

Our pricing policy is based on trust. We trust you to choose the most accurate membership level based on the terms displayed on our website. This would be specific to your annual revenue and how long you have been running your business for.

When you join CMA you will be asked for the following details specific to your membership choice:

These details will be held privately and securely with the rest of your data and will be a record of the current status of your business.

There will be frequent checks (every  6 months) to help you to move to the more accurate tier based on these factors.

If you choose the the ‘starting’ membership level, this will expire after 12 months and you will be asked to move to the full membership plan.

Pocket money & affiliate links

Generally speaking there are affiliate links littered throughout all CMA content.

Simple example: CMA recommends a book for you to read, you buy it using a special URL, and CMA get’s a small % of the price you paid.

This is all pretty clever stuff, and it doesn’t impact you at all.

Now, the important thing is that you know that we use these types of links, and the money that we make from this is used to fuel Chris’ Johnny Cupcakes addiction.

Make sense? If not, email chris@cmauk.co.uk

The Don’t Be A Dick (DBAD) policy

(Updated April 2019)

Don’t be a dick. If you do dickish things, CMA reserves the right to refuse access and cancel your membership without any explanation or justification.

Paper work and other completely uncool stuff

If you need a receipt or an invoice or anything like that, just email cara@cmauk.co.uk and she’ll sort you out. Don’t email Chris, he will just email Cara, and that’s just a waste of time.

OK. Great chat. See you in there!

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