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Content Marketing Strategy

12 module/60 lesson content marketing strategy programme

to guide you to success with content marketing

Weekly Live Coaching

Weekly coaching and direct access to Chris and the CMA team to help with your specific business growth challenges

Expert ​Advice & Support

Join over 100 forward thinking business people and marketers in our thriving and interactive online community  

Kenda Macdonald

Kenda Macdonald - Owner, Automation Ninjas

B2B Company based in the UK

"Since joining CMA I've launched a blog, a YouTube channel, a podcast, new lead magnets, new email series, Facebook and Instagram Live videos, and put together my content and SEO strategies. I'm really starting to see the fruits of that labour: My website traffic has doubled and I get leads from my website."

Do any of these problems sound familiar...?

The marketing we're doing

right now isn't working

No one knows who we are and we can't be found online

Our website sucks - It's not bringing in more customers

We don't understand how content marketing leads to sales

We're getting traffic to our website, but few enquiries

We don't have the time for

content marketing

We're spending too much time on content marketing

Our potential customers can't find us in Google search

We're spending too much of

our budget on advertising

We don't know where to start

with content marketing

Our SEO company isn't getting the results we want

We're doing content marketing but we don't know if it's working

We need better results faster from our content marketing

We want to be the leading authority in our industry

We're not making enough sales and our business isn't growing

We don't have a strategy and we're 'shooting in the dark!'

We need additional training and skills for our marketing team

We want to do more of our marketing in-house

Let's work together to put these problems behind you and get the results you are looking for.

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Lyndsay Cambridge - Co-Director, Jammy Digital

B2B Company based in the UK

"At CMA you're surrounded by incredibly talented, ambitious people who champion your business and push you to do things way beyond your comfort zone. This is all lead by Chris Marr, who's there, every week giving you actual actionable advice. Above all, CMA is a space where you feel part of something. People have your back. They're honest with you but they care deeply too. It's a community like no other"

What's included in the Academy?

Take a browse through what's included in the CMA Membership...

Marcus Sheridan's Content Success Formula

If you are serious about growing your business in 2019 and beyond, you need a different approach for educating your customers...

This is exactly why we're offering a proven process that will give you the tools and motivation you need to start creating a culture of content marketing within your organisation.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, small business, or a large sales & marketing team, The Content Success Formula Course provides the blueprint to success you’ve been looking for.

  • 12 modules
  • Action sheets for each module
  • 60 video lessons
  • Community support
  • Personalised certificate
  • Monthly Q&A

Direct Access to Chris Marr

Chris Marr is the founder and driving force behind the CMA...

His pioneering work has helped countless organisations grow through content marketing. His drive comes from a desire to help people break free from the world of interruption marketing.

Through workshops, events, coaching and, of course, a ton of freely available content, Chris has become a respected Content Marketing educator.

Like all educators, Chris is also a dedicated student. He’s interviewed and facilitated events with many of content marketing’s most notable thought leaders. The knowledge he’s learned from the likes of, Ann Handley, Marcus Sheridan, Chris Brogan and Mark Schaefer has been shared freely with the members of his growing community.

  • 1-2-1 private coaching call with Chris
  • Direct and private access to Chris 24/7
  • Live weekly and monthly coaching with Chris

Weekly Live Coaching

Keep up to date with marketing trends on our live coaching every single week...

Every week on a Thursday 9:30am you can join Chris and Nic as they round up the week in CMA and shares key resources, conversations and acknowledges CMA members for their outstanding content.

You can also join our live training on Facebook Live in our CMA  Facebook group (join the group here).

Throughout the year we also facilitate multiple 90 day challenges. This is a high impact coaching programme facilitated as part of your membership by Chris and Nic. This is one of the main ways that CMA members get better results, faster.

  • Weekly live coaching
  • Monthly live training
  • 90 day content challenge

The CMA Membership Squad

"The caliber of people push you to maintain and raise your standard.

You are among friends who encourage and look out for each other.

That's my kind of crowd."

- Ahmed Khalifa

The CMA Squad has been powered by Slack since inception in 2015. It's an incredible tool for facilitating a highly interactive community just like ours. 

Every single day there is learning to be done; whether you are asking a question or helping one of your fellow members solve a challenge - we're all in this together and no one gets left behind. 

Get direct feedback on your content and surround yourself with over 100 incredible people that push you to be the best you can be. 

CMA Live Presentations

We've hosted some of the world's best marketing and business speakers on our stages...

If you missed out on CMA Live you don't have to worry, we recorded all of these keynote presentations for you. As a CMA member you get access to these global marketing and business growth experts. Expect presentations from:

Ann Handley, Chris Brogan, Marcus Sheridan, Erika Napoletano, Mike Morrison, Amy Harrison, Amy Landino, Salma Jafri, Brian Fanzo, Doug Kessler, Mark Asquith, Janet Murray, Colin Gray, Karen Reyburn, Richard Tubb, Pete Matthew...and many more.

They are all ready to watch as soon as you join CMA.

Jack O'Brien - CEO, Terrace Physio Plus

B2C & B2B Company based in Australia

"The CMA has literally changed my perspective on so many things. Not only has it helped to grow my physiotherapy clinics AND online coaching business (both in unique markets, both by more than 2-3x!), but it has helped to shape my mindset. Coming from someone who had no background in marketing and being skeptical of sales, I'm now confident in the power of the philosophy and concepts of content marketing to not only grow businesses quickly and cost-effectively, but to establish trust, authority and positioning as market leaders. It has helped turn my businesses into valuable assets."

What actually happens in CMA?

Before you choose which membership option is best for you, take a look at these behind the scenes videos...

Peek behind the scenes... 

Your first 14 days...

Debbie Ekins - In-House Marketer, Eagle Leisure

B2C Company based in the UK

"CMA is without a doubt the best business decision we’ve made in years. After one year of membership our web traffic is up by 1254% (yup you read that right), with an average of 89% of that traffic coming directly from search. And our sales have increased 30%, with similar predicted growth over the next year. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. CMA has helped influence so many other business decisions thanks to the the teachings of Chris and the team, coupled with the expertise of the other community members. I can’t wait to see what another year of membership brings."

Who's the right fit for CMA?

Whether you're a B2B, B2C, charity, social enterprise or government organisation, CMA is a fit for you...

Company of One

Directed Learning

Peer Accountability

Measuring ROI

Continual Improvement

In-House Marketers

Marketing Support

Expert Feedback

Professional Development

Strategy Development

Managing Directors

Marketing Leadership

Strategic Decisions

Team Development

Business Growth

Alex Newton - In-House Marketer, Superfast IT

B2B Company based in the UK

"CMA has benefited Superfast IT massively. We now have regular in-depth content on our website which speaks to our customers on their level. There's never a problem too big or small for the community meaning you'll always get a quick response for any issues you have with your marketing. We have more visitors, leads and sales all thanks to the CMA and their ways of teaching."

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Private 1-2-1 with Chris

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This is a one-off special membership plan for businesses that are just getting started.

If your business is small right now and you have the ambition to grow, and your business is earning less than £10k in revenue per year, you can access CMA at a price that allows your business to grow. After 12 months you will move to the full membership plan.

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Member Spotlight: Real stories from real people....

Listen to real stories from real people that are doing the real work around the content and building their business. You’ll hear from different types of businesses at different stages - B2B, B2C, small, large and in between - so you can get a clearer understanding of what it takes to implement content marketing, and get an insight into what they’re really doing to get results.

Col Gray - Head Honcho, Pixels Ink

B2B Company based in the UK

"The support and guidance I get from not just the CMA team, but also the network of CMA members, pushes me and inspires me to create better and better content. The results of which are higher value clients, better awareness of my brand and being seen as an expert in my field."

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you'll have some questions, so here's the answers...

Is there a free trial option?

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Do you send anything out in the mail?

How do I cancel my membership?

I'm just getting started, is CMA the right fit for me?

How much 1-2-1 help do I get?

What is Slack?

I'm a member of similar memberships, is this the right fit for me?

How often is there new content?

What's the difference between the free Facebook Group and paid CMA Membership?

If you have any concerns or questions please contact chris@cmauk.co.uk

Your business will be better because of CMA

Leaders, In-House Marketers, Freelancers, Consultants, Coaches, B2B, B2C, small and large companies all fundamentally improved their business by joining CMA.

“The feedback from Chris, Nic and the CMA crew is invaluable. Even if you can’t get the content finished in a week, I would recommend submitting it just for that feedback, ideas and a fresh set of eyes. If you love organisation and holding yourself to a schedule then it’s perfect!” - Hannah Wilson, Tay MediSpa

“It’s a great way to shift what you think you know about content marketing to what it REALLY is and how much that shift will benefit your business.” - Tracey Tait, Business Coach

“It has been the kick up the backside I’ve needed for months to just do the work and create the content. You won’t regret the commitment!” - Murray Thomson, Power Yoga Plus

Marketing theory is all very well but it’s the blood, sweat and tears of producing helpful, structured content week by week that makes it real and pays off in terms of sales. I’m not a salesman but my content is selling for me. Thank you, Chris and Nic for being the catalyst that has made my company profitable. You are the secret sauce!” - Ramin Nakisa, Pension Craft

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