Marketing Leadership: Why in-house marketers must embrace leadership

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In order for you to be successful, others must be successful too.

This is something that I feel strongly about, and it’s especially true in companies and organisations. We were all born to work together.

That being said, in-house marketers often feel alone and isolated working in their own department. Your colleagues don’t really understand what you do, which can lead to feeling like your work is overlooked and undervalued.

There’s nothing you want more than to do work that has meaning, impact and purpose.

So, the question you have to ask yourself here is: who’s responsibility is it to change their perceptions? Do you wait for other people to change, or do you make the change within yourself? I’m sure you already know what the answer is 🙂

To achieve more success both personally and professionally, a significant percentage of the skills you must develop go beyond the specialist skills of a marketer. If you want to have more impact and create more work with purpose, you will have to bring the whole team together.

To do that you will need to develop your communication and leadership skills. Not only that, the most significant change you can make is to see your position as an in-house marketer as a leadership role. You are in the perfect position to bring the whole organisation together.

All that’s left is you deciding that you want to take on this responsibility. Are you ready to embrace your role as a leader in your organisation?


As an in house marketer, it can feel really frustrating a lot of the time, especially since you’re working alone most of the time, working in your own office, your own department, feeling isolated from the rest of the organisation. It can almost feel like people don’t care about what you do.

And that can be really, really difficult when you’re trying to bring everyone together, you’re trying to get lots of ideas for your marketing, and generally just trying to get support for your ideas and your role within the organisation. In other words, to get respect from your colleagues and your peers.

If you can’t change their perspective, well, it’s up to us to change ours.

One of the things that I think is really important for you to see is how your role within your organisation as an in house marketer is a leadership role. The potential is there for you to be a leader within your organisation.

I think more in house marketers should think like this.

Naturally what this means is that your skillset changes slightly, going from a technical or a generalist marketer project management strategy, those sort of things that you’re focusing on; into things like teaching, coaching, supporting, facilitating. Those communication skills are all associated with leadership roles.

As a marketer within an organisation within a larger organisation, you are the glue that brings all the departments together to help them understand how important marketing is. Not just in their role, but for the whole organisation to be a success.

So your job in the organisation now is to elevate others; understanding that your success as a marketer is actually pinned upon their success. In order for you to be successful, they need to be successful, too. So a big part of that for you is making them look good. Recognising others for their work, supporting them, understanding their goals, and supporting them towards achieving those goals.

Your job, as the marketer, is to lead all departments, is to bring them all together. It’s not about being famous, it’s not about being put up on a pedestal, it’s not even about the recognition. This is what marketing leadership is all about. The understanding that for the whole organisation to be successful, we all need to work together.

As a marketer, you are placed in the exact position to make that happen. So what’s it gonna be? Are we gonna stay frustrated and alone, working in our silos? Or are we going to put ourselves forward for this position, and bring everyone together, and help the whole organisation to be a success?

I would love to know what’s front and main for you right now? What challenges do you think you would have in this role? Do you think this is your calling and what you should be doing and save your organisation?

Jump into the comments section, let me know what’s on your mind, and I’ll see you in there.

Don’t forget to be awesome.

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